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Published at 18th of July 2019 04:20:04 AM Chapter 1827: 1827

Fengyun Continent was different from other places in that women partic.i.p.ated in politics if they had the ability .

His Majesty was unconscious, and Consort Qin was the only woman bestowed with the t.i.tle while the other women were merely imperial concubines and n.o.ble ladies 1 . On top of that, the only prince inside the palace was mothered by Consort Qin, so she naturally obtained the power . Of course, this did not escape connection with the Qi Family's help!

"Father Emperor . " Mu Xuexin slowly walked toward the bed . Her eyes unconsciously reddened as she looked at the weakly breathing man on the bed . "Don't worry, I will definitely find a way to save you even if I exhaust my life!"

Consort Qin was derisive toward this . "Your Highness the Princess, it's useless regardless of what you say . If you are truly capable, then bring a physician that can cure His Majesty here . "

Mu Xuexin icily glanced at Consort Qin but did not say anything and left .

She originally wanted to return to the Princess' Estate to rest but deeply frowned when she reached the doorway and saw the approaching figure .

"Fourth Princess . " Qi Mo caught sight of Mu Xuexin at first glance . His eyes were undisguised as he looked straight at the graceful and delicate girl in front of him, wis.h.i.+ng nothing more than to jump her and eat her clean .

"Why are you here?" Due to Consort Qin, Mu Xuexin was angered as soon as she saw a member of the Qi Family . Of course, Qi Su and his sister were the exceptions!

"What is Your Highness the Princess saying? I'm your fiancé, why do I need a reason to come see my fiancée?" Qi Mo greedily evaluated Mu Xuexin and harshly swallowed, a lascivious smile spreading on his feminine face .

His gaze was too candid—so candid that rage shot out of Mu Xuexin's heart .

"How impudent! Who permitted you to claim to be this princess' fiancé? This princess absolutely won't be married to you!"

Qi Mo snorted and grasped Mu Xuexin's hand with one hand while his other hand aimed for her chest .

This move caused Mu Xuexin to be completely enraged . She mercilessly stomped on Qi Mo's foot and took advantage of the moment that Qi Mo retracted his hand in pain to fling her hand toward him .

With a slap, the whole world turned tranquil .

Qi Mo was taken back . He did not expect Mu Xuexin to actually hit him .

His temper rose as well, and he viciously glared at her . "Mu Xuexin, do you really think I wouldn't dare to do anything to you simply because you are a princess of the Imperial Family? Didn't you use to ride roughshod over everyone precisely because your father the Emperor spoiled you? Let me tell you, the current Imperial Family is Consort Qin's domain! If the Emperor dies, then Consort Qin's son will logically become the next emperor!"

Mu Xuexin's eyes widened and her body trembled from anger . "You… you are impertinent!"

"Impertinent? So what? It's not like your father the Emperor will ever recover! The imperial physicians have determined that he won't stay alive for more than a few months! But a kingdom can't lack a ruler . I will be the little Emperor's cousin in the future, and you will scamper to curry my favor!"

It was unsurprising that Qi Mo would say that . His little male cousin was the Emperor's only son, so he was the next in line to be the emperor .

As soon as the Emperor died, the Imperial Family would be under the Qi Family's control .

"Father Emperor won't die! If you curse him again, I won't spare you!" Mu Xuexin's face was deathly pale, and her body was trembling as though she would fall over at any second .

Qi Mo sneered . "Mu Xuexin, I reckon you still don't know that Consort Qin has already bestowed you as a concubine to me . You will be nothing more than a little concubine of mine from now on! Do you still think you are the high and mighty Princess? What right do you have to run your mouth off in front of me?" Imperial concubine and n.o.ble lady are t.i.tles for court ladies, consort > imperial concubine > n.o.ble lady

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