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"That's right," Yun Luofeng narrowed her eyes and accepted all the spirit herbs without a hint of politeness. This can be considered returning something to its rightful owner."

Yu Xuanxian stood by Yun Luofeng's side and her huge eyes widened. Looking at Yun Luofeng's face that revealed a big smile, she felt that… her actions weren't much different than the Tianqi restaurant's shopkeeper. She seemed to be profiting from one's misfortune...

The shopkeeper's eyes were locked onto the spirit herbs in Yun Luofeng's arms and he roughly swallowed his saliva. Then, he sternly shouted, "So it turns out, both of you are co-conspirators! Men, arrest these two people who dared to steal spirit herbs from our Tianqi restaurant!" After he spoke, the shopkeeper glanced at Yun Luofeng with his head held high.

"You must've hidden other spirit herbs on you. Immediately hand them over and perhaps I might spare your life!"

Yun Luofeng glanced at the shopkeeper. "There are only instances where I stole from others, and no one has successfully extorted a single copper from me. Are you sure you want to try this?"

"Hmph!" the shopkeeper snorted.

My lord is the Tianqi Kingdom's third prince and she's only a commoner. There's heaps of woman like her on the streets that I can kill as I wish. However… on the account of her appearance, I can give her to the third prince as a gift.

"How dare you!" Seeing that these people wanted to deal with Yun Luofeng, Yu Xianxian panicked. She immediately shouted and furiously glared at the shopkeeper.

Only now did the shopkeeper notice Yu Xianxian's existence and he stared blankly for a moment. Not only was Yu Xianxian from the Lin Family, she also had the second prince's estate as her backing. Thus, she wasn't someone he could offend.

Right now, she was standing up for this woman. Could it be that they are acquainted?Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Heh, Yu Xianxian. I thought you were already dead. Why are you here? Did you recover?" At this moment an eccentric voice sounded and it gave off a very uncomfortable feeling.

Yun Luofeng furrowed her brows, and saw a feminine face when she turned toward the voice.

The man before her was dressed in brocade clothing but it couldn't conceal his physique that seemed to have been drained by wine and women. His face was hollow, pale without the slightest hint of color.

"Sister, he's the third prince," Yu Xianxian's heart tightened as she softly explained. Previously, she promised her brother-in-law to make a detour if she encountered the third prince. Unexpectedly, they had met him by chance.

Although this Tianqi restaurant was opened by the third prince, he rarely came to the restaurant as he frequented brothels instead.

"Yu Xianxian, why aren't you hiding at my second brother's place and dared to come out?" The third price feigned his elegant demeanor and flipped open his folding fan while revealing a sinister smile. "With your parents as the match-maker, your father has already arranged for you to become my concubine. Yet you're being so shady by staying in the second prince's estate. You think that I'm a pushover, aren't you?"

Yu Xianxian's heart tightened as her palms started sweating. Her small face was deathly white where there was unconcealed fear in her eyes.

Yun Luofeng's gaze was on the third prince and the warnings of Qi Su surfaced in her mind.

Although the civil and military officials within this Tianqi Kingdom supported the second prince to be the crown prince, the Emperor was biased and had supported the third prince.

Unfortunately… this third prince was mud that couldn't be shaped. Therefore, even after numerous years, neither of the princes had a.s.sumed the position of the crown prince. Furthermore, even Consort Qin's son was a result of this third prince's actions!

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