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Chapter 2092: Yun Luofeng Has Come (6)

Translator: Iris8197  Editor: Rock

“Miss Long, you must be kidding me. Of course, you looked exactly what you look like now.” Qin Tianlao smiled and defended himself.

However, hearing this, Long Luo couldn't help laughing. “Elder Long Yan, you know that we ancestor dragons can't take human form if we are injured! Since I met Miss Yun, I have been recovering from my injuries. I appear in human form now because I've recovered. But how could he see me in human form back then?”

The little girl raised her chin high and stared at Qin Tianlao with disdain.

Long Yan's body flashed and he changed into an old man standing in front of the little girl. He frowned and stared at Qin Tianlao with cold eyes.

Long Luo continued, “I know your son fell for this Miss Mu Qingfei, and your Qin Family placed her under house arrest. Miss Yun's disciple is her daughter, so she came here to look for her. To deal with Miss Yun, you tried to manipulate the Ancestral Dragon Tribe, right?” The little girl's face was beaming with an innocent smile. Her voice was so cold and harsh that Qin Tianlao looked even paler.

“Elder Long Yan, how dare your Ancestral Dragon Tribe bully people like this?! She is clearly having an affair with that dragon, and she splashed dirty water on me to protect him!” Qin Tianlao rolled his eyes and snapped.

“Shut up!”


Long Yan bellowed angrily and punched Qin Tianlao hard, making him back up a few steps.

“Our Miss will never lie! Qin Tianlao, how dare you manipulate me like this!”

With that, Long Yan looked around at the other people present with his angry eyes, who all trembled under his murderous glare.

Even though they were monarch-G.o.d level spirit cultivators…

They couldn't resist the second most powerful master of the Ancestral Dragon Tribe.

“Elder Long Yan, it has nothing to do with us. It was all Qin Tianlao's idea. He told us that he found an ancestral dragon, and if we caught it, we could force it to spit essence blood and greatly improve our strength!”

“We were also swindled by him! Elder Long Yan, let us go. You should punish Qin Tianlao, the b.a.s.t.a.r.d!”

They all tried to put the blame on Qin Tianlao…

Long Yan ignored them and turned his eyes to Little Bug and the others. “I'm sorry for what I did just now. Thank you for saving our Miss and our Ancestral Dragon Tribe will repay you for that.”

The Ancestral Dragon Tribe was among the most powerful forces on this Continent, so Long Yan thought that these people would surely accept his apology!

“You injured Little Bug. How can you solve it with just an apology?” Under Long Yan's haughty gaze, Yun Luofeng gave a faint smile and stroked her chin, and her squinted eyes glowed dangerously, “Can I beat you up and then just apologize to you?”

Long Yan's face changed, “Little Girl, you should forgive and forget! I did make a mistake, so I'm not going to argue with you.”

“Oh?” The smile on Yun Luofeng's face spread, “You're in the wrong. What makes you think you have the say? ”

Long Luo, standing at the side, bit her lip tightly and glared at Long Yan. She took sides with Yun Luofeng, so she was also angry about what Long Yan said.

“You…” Long Yan took a deep breath and gritted his teeth, “what do you want?”

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