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3301 Resolved

The perverted pig pounced over, yet when he discovered that he had only caught a bone in his mouth, he couldn't help but feel enraged.

'Are you f****** born in the year of the dog? You actually managed to gnaw on the bones so cleanly, that not even a single shred of meat can be found.'

Yet Ling Han was shocked. She was actually the one who had planted the Weapon Nurturing Tree?

Impossible, that Weapon Nurturing Tree had been planted for at least a few dozen years, and her age didn't match at all.

"I just thrashed that lazy dog, and now, it's your turn!" The young girl waved her hand, and her belt loosened, actually turning into a whip.

Hearing the words 'lazy dog', Ling Han was sure that this young girl was not just spouting nonsense. Otherwise, she should not have known that the Weapon Nurturing Tree was guarded by a demonic dog of Extreme Bone Tier.

Pa, the young girl raised the whip, and instantly, a loud bang rang out from the whip, overflowing with a terrifying aura.

This was the aura of Extreme Bone Tier, and it was possible that it was at the level of Fourth Extreme or even Fifth Extreme.

At this moment, Ling Han finally believed that the lazy dog was raised by the young girl. The Weapon Nurturing Tree had been planted by the young girl, and in fact, this wasn't a young girl at all. She just looked relatively young.

"Senior, I have been impolite." He clasped his fists.

"How have you been impolite?" The young girl paled in confusion, and looked Ling Han up and down. "You're not disheveled, so what do you mean by 'impolite'? That's right, brat, don't interrupt. I'm here to slap you!"

This young girl's ability to understand was very problematic.

Ling Han sighed, and said, "I also didn't know that the Weapon Nurturing Tree was planted by Senior. That's why I plucked a few. How about this? I'll compensate Senior, all right?"

No wonder the academy didn't give him any trouble. As it turned out, it was this young girl who had planted it. Naturally, the owner would come personally to collect the debt.

The young girl glared at him, "Could it be that you don't know how to read? I planted a plaque at the foot of the mountain with a warning."

She was the one who had written the warning sign.

Ling Han sighed, and said, "Senior, name a price. I'll definitely try my best to compensate you."

"Compensation is one matter, but you stole from me, so if I don't beat you up, I won't be satisfied!" The young girl cracked the whip loudly.

The perverted pig retreated quietly. Faced with such a situation, he naturally ran without any loyalty. He only pitied his roasted mutton, b@stard.

Thoughts streaked through Ling Han's mind, and he said with a smile, "Senior, you're an Extreme Bone Tier elite, while I'm only a First Change. It's not good for you to bully me like this, right? Why don't we suppress our cultivation level and battle at the same cultivation level?"

The young girl sneered, "I have come to thrash you, not to compete with you. Why should I suppress my cultivation level and have a fair battle with you?"

"Then it would naturally be because Senior is frank and upright, and would not take advantage of a junior." Ling Han flattered her. He had no wish to be thrashed madly, and he knew himself well. This young girl's cultivation level was at least Fourth Extreme, and there was absolutely no way he could match her.

Hence, if the other was willing to suppress her cultivation level for a battle, he would have nothing to fear.

The young girl thought seriously for a moment, then said, "In a battle of equal cultivation levels, I am no match for you. I am not doing it!"

'F*ck! You're far too stubborn!'

Yi, this seemed to be a little similar to someone.

Ling Han probed, "You're just a little girl whose hair hasn't even grown completely, and you keep calling yourself this lady. Aren't you embarra.s.sed?"

"It's not fully grown?" The young girl looked confused. She turned around, pulled down her pants for a look, then said, "It's clearly fully grown!"

'Fine, I understand now!

Ling Han asked, "What relation does senior have with Ge Qiuling?"

Previously, he had only seen such a stubborn young man. If it was claimed that there was no relation between the two of them, Ling Han would not believe it even if he was beaten to death.

The young girl couldn't help but be startled, and asked, "You know that little b@stard?"

"Ge Qiuling is my friend," Ling Han said with a smile.

The young girl c.o.c.ked her head and considered for a while, then said, "Ge Qiuling is my son."

Ling Han gritted his teeth. If these two people stood together, anyone would think that they were siblings, right? He could only nod, and say, "Senior has really taken good care of yourself."

The perverted pig looked at her in disdain. This wasn't about taking good care of herself, but about how abnormally tender this little girl was.

Yet the young girl said seriously, "I have cultivated the Crimson Son Chaos Heaven Scroll, so the change in my appearance is extremely slow. It is the same for even my body."

So that was how it was.

Ling Han nodded internally. It was not just her appearance and body. No matter how he looked at it, even her temperament was the same. She did not even know how to tell lies.

"Since you're the friend of that b@stard, I don't think I can slap you anymore." The young girl hesitated, but she had ran over angrily, so to just leave like that seemed a little inexcusable.

She sighed, and said, "Then those few Weapon Nurturing Leaves will be my gift to you for our first meeting."

"Thank you, Senior." Ling Han clasped his hands and bowed. He had to admit that those Weapon Nurturing Leaves had helped him greatly. First, he had suppressed Hu Yang, and then they helped him obtain the honey and thousand-year Vermillion Fruits.

"I'm leaving." The young girl was very decisive, and tied the whip back to her waist. Then, with a leap, she leaped over the wall and left.

"Senior, I still don't know your name?" Ling Han asked loudly.

"Ge Qiuyue." The young girl's voice was heard from afar. Ge Qiuyue?

The corners of Ling Han's mouth twitched again. Was she so focused on cultivation that she could not even come up with a good name?

Ge Qiuyue and Ge Qiuling; who wouldn't think that they were siblings?

With this kind of mother, it was no wonder that Ge Qiuling had developed a personality like that.

Though he was a little too straightforward, this kind of character was definitely much better than something like a hypocrite. At least, when dealing with this kind of person, there was no need to worry that he would be betrayed.

Ling Han breathed a sigh of relief. He had initially planned to use the Shuttle Steps to flee. At two times the speed of sound, Ge Qiuyue definitely wouldn't be able to catch up to him. However, while he could flee for a while, he wouldn't be able to flee for the rest of his life. Thus, it was best to resolve this peacefully.

However, he could be considered to have owed the Ge Clan a great favour, so he would just return it to Ge Qiuling.

He roasted another lamb leg and shared it with the little perverted pig. The next morning, after he finished cultivating, he took a few pieces of honey and sought out Ge Qiuling.

Ge Qiuling was baffled. However, this was given to him by his Big Brother, so, as a lackey, there was naturally no reason not to accept. Thus, he accepted it without hesitation.

Ling Han thought for a moment, then went to the Alchemist a.s.sociation.

He was a High Level Alchemist, but before the headquarters could confirm it, Huju City was destroyed by the beast tide. Now that he had come to the Imperial Capital, he naturally had to settle this matter as well. After all, having the ident.i.ty of a High Level Alchemist would make things much more convenient for him.

He hailed a cab, and very soon, he arrived at the Alchemist a.s.sociation - if he travelled on his own, his speed would be considerably faster, but firstly, there was no need, and secondly, if he travelled like this in the Imperial Capital, who knew how much damage he would cause. He would definitely be hunted down.

"Alchemist a.s.sociation, no uninvolved person is allowed to enter!" Ling Han walked up the long flight of stairs. Before he even entered, he was stopped by the guards.

He smiled, and said, "My name is Ling Han, and I am an alchemist here."

The guard was skeptical. Though he did not dare say that he knew all the alchemists here, Ling Han was really too unfamiliar.

He pointed to the side, and said, "Then scan your fingerprint."

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