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Chapter 3532: An ambush

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Tsk, he had just arrived at Ethereal Peak, and a creature was here to take him down a notch?

“Four-legged snake, you’re quite sneaky!” Ling Han said with a smile. He kicked his feet, and even with the energy of Stone wrapped around his feet, those sharp teeth still pierced through the energy layer and pierced through his shoes.

Thankfully, his feet were not injured.

The giant salamander did not speak, its eyes only filled with slaughter.

“En?” At first, Ling Han had thought that it was a member of the Demon Race, and had merely reverted back to its original form, but from the look of things now, it seemed to be a native beast of this place. It was indeed very strong, but it was filled with a wild nature, and did not have any kind of intelligence.

“I wonder if the meat of a lizard is delicious or not,” he mumbled, his fighting spirit gradually rising.

The giant salamander was very cautious, and this was clear from the fact that it was an ambush and not a head-on attack. Thus, when it thought that Ling Han was very strong, it naturally did not attack at the first instant. Instead, it was observing, as if it wanted to see through Ling Han’s weaknesses.

Ling Han laughed loudly and said, “Since you’re not going to come, I’ll do it!”

With a battle cry, he charged towards the giant salamander.

Peng! Peng! Peng!


He blasted out a terrifying force through the air, and it was also imbued with a high-level energy of Metal, which greatly increased its destructive power. However, what was shocking was that though the force of this punch could tear through the defense of the salamander, its effects were negligible, and only a few scales had been sc.r.a.ped off.

This was an extremely powerful defense.

Ling Han’s eyes roamed over the area. There was not just a single such giant salamander, but were spread out all over the entire beach. A great many people had been ambushed. Some did not have the ability to resist at all, and were directly devoured. Some were lucky enough to escape this calamity, but a considerable number were severely injured, and there was no small number that had lost limbs.

A great many people were absolutely no match for the giant salamanders. Even if they managed to escape this calamity, it was useless. Very soon, they were beaten to the point that they fled in panic.

Some people fled back into the sea, and directly caught up with the distant s.h.i.+p and sailed back. Some people did not manage to escape, and were caught and swallowed. In just a few minutes, more than half of the hundred people that had disembarked had died.

There were still seven people persisting, but the other salamanders did not dive into the sea to pursue them. Instead, they all gathered around, wanting to eliminate all the people on the beach.

Ling Han humphed, and drew his Two Star Sword.

Shua, a flash of sword light swept past, like a light that opened the sky and struck the ground in the boundless darkness. Pu, the neck of a giant salamander was instantly sliced in half, fresh blood gus.h.i.+ng out.

—Ling Han was indeed unable to unleash the full might of a Two Star Spirit Tool, but with the actual level of this sword, just how sharp was it?

He brandished his sword. Shua, shua, shua! Multiple flashes of Sword Qi flew. He was like a G.o.d of death, reaping the lives of these giant salamanders.

After seven giant salamanders died, the remaining giant salamanders fled in panic, not daring to face Ling Han’s sharpness again.

Ling Han sheathed his sword, and as his eyes swept over the surroundings, he saw that in that short amount of time, another three people had fallen victim to the vicious attacks of the giant salamanders, and had left this world forever.

“Many thanks!” The four people who were still alive walked over, and clasped their hands in thanks towards Ling Han. Without Ling Han turning the tide, they would definitely be in a dire situation.

This made them extremely dejected. How could it be that an Inscription Tier cultivator couldn’t even take the first step?

Ling Han raised his hand, his eyes focused on Ethereal Peak. He had just arrived, and he had already encountered the attack of the swarm of lizards. What dangers would there be after that?


In the distance, there was a figure that was presently rapidly flying over. He was astonis.h.i.+ngly fast, and dust filled the air behind him.

Hong Tianbu!

Ling Han didn’t find this strange. If it were him, he would also be standing guard here. This was called lying in wait.

“Ling Han!” Hong Tianbu had already arrived. He did not stop, and directly used the eye of that ancient beast. A ma.s.sive eyeball suddenly appeared in the air, incredibly ferocious, focusing on Ling Han.

Even if they weren’t directly targeted, the other four people were still affected. Multiple gray patterns appeared on their skin, and in an instant, they had become stone statues.

Ling Han also felt his body become stiff. His heart jolted. This was the eye of that Primordial Evil Beast that Hong Tianbu had obtained; it actually had the ability to petrify others!

The other had unleashed this deadly weapon the moment he arrived. Clearly, he did not want to give him any chance to escape, and wanted to kill him in a single stroke.

Ling Han channeled mystical power and Spiritual Power completely, especially Brother Monkey Cultivation Technique, which made him feel his body lighten and regain mobility.

Though he was still greatly affected, it was not that he could not move at all.

Imminent Skyline.

With a move of his feet, he immediately dashed 25 km away. As expected, he was still affected. Otherwise, he would have been able to cross at least 50 km with a single step.

However, this had also left the area affected by that eye. Ling Han immediately regained full mobility. He used Imminent Skyline repeatedly, and after a few times, he had already ventured deep into this large island.

Hong Tianbu faltered for a moment. He had never imagined that even after unleas.h.i.+ng his strongest trump card, he would still be unable to kill Ling Han.

“Pu!” He opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of blood. The ability to activate the eye of the Primordial Vicious Beast placed a heavy burden on him as well. Theoretically speaking, he should have only been able to channel it after he had advanced into Celestial Path, but who asked him to be freakish?

However, even the Petrification Technique that possessed a sliver of might of the Celestial Path was unable to completely imprison Ling Han. This caused Hong Tianbu’s expression to become slightly ugly. This opponent was really too hard to deal with. He still couldn’t kill him?

No, he definitely could not allow Ling Han to advance into Celestial Path. Otherwise, he would definitely become a great threat to him.

Hong Tianbu took out an alchemical pill and ingested it, suppressing the boiling blood in his body. He would definitely find Ling Han here and kill him, not giving his opponent any more room to grow.

Ling Han stopped. Using Imminent Skyline a few times in a row made him feel like he was about to explode. This was a secret technique that Celestials used in the first place. It was already very impressive that he could grasp and use it, and he still wanted to channel it continuously?

He rested for a while, and calmed the boiling of blood in his body. When his skin was no longer boiling hot, he stood up again, and released the babies and perverted pig.

“Yi, so this is Ethereal Peak?”

“Wu, it is indeed filled with the smell of formations.”

“There is a very ancient aura. It should have existed for countless years.”

The children all used a tone of age and experience, as they made their judgements.

Meanwhile, the perverted pig was completely uninterested. Spreading out his limbs, he sprawled out on the ground, looking like he would count it your victory if you managed to make him move in the slightest.

“Let’s go.” Ling Han set out with the children. Though he had used Imminent Skyline to run several hundred km in a single stroke, that mountain peak was still extremely far away, and it did not feel like he had drawn any closer.

Was this island really that big?

Ling Han expressed his doubt. Looking from the s.h.i.+p, it was only a few hundred km in radius, at most.

They advanced towards Ethereal Peak, and there were dense forests and bushes on their way. They all had sharp spikes, which were sharper than sharp swords. The slightest contact would definitely break their skin and cause blood to flow.

Thankfully, there was no poison. Otherwise, it would be terrible.

However, as they walked, Ling Han discovered that something was off. That was because they had clearly walked over 500km, yet the distance between them and that tall mountain had not shortened in the slightest..

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