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Chapter 3533 - 3533’. At the foot of the mountain

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Ling Han thought to himself. Previously, the children had also said that there was the smell of an ancient formation here, so it could be explained why they couldn’t reach the end even after walking all over the place.

But knowing was one matter, and resolving it was another matter.

Ling Han and Second Baby both activated their ocular techniques, but they couldn’t see anything.

The mountain was still the same, and the waters were still the same. Nothing

had changed.

Obviously, it was not that there was no formation here, but rather that the two of them were too weak in cultivation level, and could not see through this formation.

Ling Han stopped. Since he couldn’t see through it, he could only search for a pattern.

He leaped onto a tall tree, and gazed into the distance.

He was a Formation Master, and his natural talent was extraordinary..


From another angle, he saw something different.

“This terrain, tsk, tsk, there is fire hidden in the water, and killing intent is hidden in the water. That is the head of a dragon, and the head of a phoenix? ” Ling Han murmured. Though he was not yet qualified to study Celestial Path-level formation patterns, he had seen descriptions of a great many formations on the Void Beast Skin.

Formations were an application of the power of heaven and earth. Thus, there were naturally formed formations. In other words, formations were naturally formed, but there were also postnatural formations that had been artificially laid out.

In truth, the postnatural formations were all imitations of the natural formations, or had been inspired by this, and developed.

Imitation was definitely easier than innovation.

Ling Han corroborated the terrain here with the formations in the Formation

Scroll, and nodded repeatedly. Realization dawned on him.

However, while he could see some clues, but to solve it?

No way.

This was a Celestial Path-level formation. Regardless of whether it was natural or postnatural, it was not something that Ling Han could resolve at present.

“Although I can’t decipher it, if I avoid these places, wouldn’t it be a safe path?” Ling Han murmured. After sweeping his gaze around, he found an entry point, then jumped down.

“Let’s go.”

He continued to set off with the children, circling back and forth. As expected, the effects immediately changed. He was getting closer and closer to Ethereal


However, night fell before they even reached the foot of the mountain.

“Yi, s.h.i.+fting Stars?” Ling Han was surprised. In this instant, an earth-shattering change took place on the island. He hurriedly stopped. If he continued, he would go astray.

They stopped to eat and rest, and when they were done, he still had to coax the seven toddlers to sleep, so tired that he broke out in a sweat.

As the pervert pig watched, he bared his mouth in a grin, as if he was rejoicing in Ling Han’s misfortune.

‘■d.a.m.n pig, believe it or not, I’ll make you into a roast pig tomorrow,” Ling Han threatened. It was said that the mouth that eats the food of others is softened.

This d.a.m.n pig had eaten so many meals of his, yet kept looking at him in disgust. He had never seen such a shameless pig.

The perverted pig humphed at him, completely unconcerned.

-To actually dare to drag Uncle Pig out of the pile of beauties in the Imperial City, Uncle Pig was already giving you face by not biting you to death.

The night pa.s.sed, and the sun rose as usual, casting down warm sunlight. Ling Han immediately began to cultivate. At present, he wanted nothing more than for there to be two, three, or even more sunrises every day, so that he could have more time to expand his meridians, and reach the peak stage of Three Inscriptions as soon as possible. He would advance all the way to Enlightenment Tier and Mystery Realm Tier.

He swore that after he advanced into Mystery Realm Tier, he would definitely beat Hong Tianbu into a r.e.t.a.r.d.

The seven toddlers and the perverted pig didn’t need to cultivate, and when Ling Han finished cultivating and prepared breakfast, they lazily opened their eyes—it was really like they were just waiting to have an easy meal.

After eating his fill, Ling Han observed the environment again. Strangely, the environment had returned to the same situation as yesterday evening.

Ling Han walked as per usual, getting closer and closer to the Ethereal Peak.

It was only noon and he had truly arrived at the foot of the mountain.

There were a lot of people here.

Ling Han focused his gaze. It was not a sea of people, but there was really quite a number. Furthermore, aside from humans, he also saw a great many members of Demon Race, such as those that had wolf heads, snake tails, but there were also “species” that he had never seen before.

For example, those that had two ma.s.sive pincers, their original form should be crabs, and there were also walrus men. Their bodies were rounded, and their skin was dark and thick, their unique traits incredibly obvious.

Sea Race!

Since these people had come to the foot of the mountain, why did they not ascend the mountain?

Ling Han didn’t act rashly. He didn’t know whether Hong Tianbu was lying in ambush on the sidelines, waiting for an opportunity to make a move. One had to know that this guy was also proficient in formation techniques, and even had the eye of a Primordial Beast. At the current stage, it should be even more awesome than Ling Han’s eye technique.

He climbed to a higher place to take a look. There was a very wide mountain path ahead of these people, but now, not a single person was climbing it.


Ling Han soon found out the reason. Hong long long, a ma.s.sive ball of rock rolled down from the mountain, bringing with it an incomparably powerful impact, as it crashed over heavily.

Multiple characters glowed faintly on the stone sphere, exuding a frightening killing intent. Even at such a far distance, Ling Han still felt a strong chill, not wanting to be touched by the stone sphere.

These people did not ascend the mountain at the foot of the mountain, obviously fearing that they would be crushed to death by the stone ball.

But couldn’t they climb up from other places?

No matter how steep the mountain was, it shouldn’t be too difficult for cultivators.

It shouldn’t be so easy. Otherwise, the people here weren’t idiots, so how could they not have thought of it?

He observed for a while, and saw that the interval between the appearance of the rolling rocks was indefinite. Sometimes, one would appear every three minutes, but at other times, it would be as long as ten minutes, without any kind of rhythm.

Ling Han decided to challenge it. Since he had already come here, he couldn’t give up without trying, right?

He took a cloak to cover his head, and had the babies and perverted pig enter into the Essence Nurturing Gourd. Then, he walked forwards.

After walking into the crowd, Ling Han discovered that these people were actually forming a team.

“A Mystery Realm Tier elite will be leading the team. There’s one more person needed now, and cultivation level of Enlightenment Tier is required.

“Mystery Realm Tier elites will keep watch, we’re recruiting one. He is required to be proficient in formations. The cultivation level can be appropriately lowered, starting from Extreme Bone Tier.”

“The team of eight Enlightenment Tier elites led by the a two-star genius, and recruiting two other Enlightenment Tier team members.”

Many people were calling out, and many were observing. There were also some who were discussing, appearing extremely lively.

Ling Han was a little embarra.s.sed. What was going on here?

“Friend, what’s going on here?” he asked the person beside him with a smile. “Are you blind? Can’t you see for yourself?” That person was very impatient, and pointed ahead.

Ling Han frowned, but did not flare up. He walked to the starting point of the mountain path.

Logically speaking, with so many rolling rocks continuously cras.h.i.+ng down, this place should be filled with rocks, but in truth, there was nothing here at all. After the rolling rocks arrived at this position, they suddenly disappeared. There was a stone tablet erected there, introducing the method to ascend the mountain.

As it turned out, one had to take a kind of “vehicle” to ascend the mountain. It was like a wooden raft, that could glide on the mountain path. There were also weapons on the wooden raft, that could destroy the impact caused by rolling rocks.

A wooden raft could only carry ten people at most, and the might of the wooden raft weapons would depend on the total strength of the “crew”..

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