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Chapter 3644 - Nine Battles, Nine Victories

Nine Battles, Nine Victories


Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Someone still jumped out at this time?

Everyone turned to look at the source of the voice, and their hearts all jolted.

So it was this guy.

…The two prodigies of the Imperial Capital, aside from Hong Tianbu, there was also Ling Han!

Faced with multiple pairs of eyes, Ling Han was still slowly eating, as if those bold words just now had not come from his mouth.

Zhou Yang sneered, and said, “A mere Mystery Realm Tier is worthy of fighting me?”

Ling Han was unmoved, and said calmly, “Come, suppress your cultivation level to the Mystery Realm Tier. I will defeat you within ten moves, and if I need one more move, I will make an exception and take you as my G.o.dson.” F* * *, how could this guy be so mean?

Zhou Yang couldn’t help but fly into a rage, “Ant, are you seeking death?”

“Do you dare? Just say the word,” Ling Han provoked.

“I don’t dare?” Zhou Yang shook his head, and said, “I’m just disdainful.”

Ling Han pondered for a moment before retrieving the Heavenly Pattern Jade and shaking it. “I’ll use it as a wager. Whoever can defeat me at the same cultivation level can take this item away.”

“A Spiritual Power Spirit Tool!”

“Heavenly Pattern Jade!”

Zhou Yang, Zhu Sen, and the others all exclaimed in shock, looking envious.

They naturally knew what was what. Spiritual Power Spirit Tools were extremely rare, so even though it was only Two Star material, they were still tempted. In fact, even elites of the Core Formation Tier would treat them as treasures.

“I’ll go!”

“I’ll fight you!”

“No, I’ll go!”

Zhou Yang and the others were all in a rush to call out. They all wanted to exchange blows with Ling Han. How could a prodigy exist in a backward place like Celestial Sea Planet?

Thus, whoever made the first move would be able to obtain the Heavenly Pattern Jade.

Ling Han smiled faintly, and said, “It’s easy to challenge me. Show me a treasure of equal value.”

Hold on, when did it become challenging you?

Didn’t you f****** jump out on your own volition?

However, the Heavenly Pattern Jade was too valuable, so they had no time to bother about this.

“I have a three-hundred-year-old yellow ginseng here. It is very nutritious to the blood and Qi, and can save one’s life at crucial moments,” Zhou Yang was the first to say. He took out a ginseng, and placed it on the table.

“All right, let’s battle.” Ling Han nodded.

Zhou Yang walked over, suppressing his cultivation level as he did so. The Celestial Path aura immediately disappeared.

Now, he was only Mystery Realm Tier-level.

Ling Han clasped his hands behind his back and said, “Those who want to challenge me, line up. You must bring out something good. If there is nothing good, I will not accept a challenge.”

F***, you are really too conceited, aren’t you? We haven’t even fought, and you think that you have defeated Zhou Yang?

As the person involved, Zhou Yang was naturally the most furious. In this primitive place, someone actually dared to look down on him like this?

He humphed, “How preposterous!”

Zhou Yang leaped forwards with a single step, and he immediately charged toward Ling Han. He was already impatient, and he wanted to defeat Ling Han to avoid being annoyed.

Facts talked louder than words.

“I’ll let you have the first ten moves.” Ling Han parried casually, only defending and not attacking.

Zhou Yang didn’t know Ling Han’s strength, so he simply thought that Ling Han couldn’t fight back at all. However, Ling Han was still stubbornly refusing to admit defeat. He humphed, and his attacks became even more rapid.

After only a few moves, Ling Han was sure that Zhou Yang should be a one-star genius. However, now that he had suppressed his cultivation level to the Mystery Realm Tier, Zhou Yang’s battle prowess was close to two stars, which was very extraordinary.

It was no wonder that he could defeat all the Imperial Princes. Even the Eldest Imperial Prince, who was born with a Divine Physique, was no match for him. A one-star genius was indeed very strong, and added with the fact that he had grasped a profound celestial technique, even the Eldest Imperial Prince was no match for him.

Seeing that Ling Han was only defending and not attacking, everyone also felt that it was normal.

He was an extraterrestrial visitor. Didn’t he see that even the Eldest Imperial Prince and the others had been defeated? Then what was so strange about Ling Han being outmatched?

However, you were so high-profile just now, and now you have been slapped in the face. Doesn’t that hurt?

This was also a humiliation to the Dark North Nation.

If Ling Han unleashed his might, he would be able to insta-kill Zhou Yang with a single move. However, if he did that, who would dare make a bet with him?

Wouldn’t that mean that there was no profit to be earned?

Thus, Ling Han’s action was naturally a long-term plan to catch a big fish.

—If the seven babies were here, with their understanding of Ling Han, they would definitely have long since known that Ling Han had begun to play tricks.

After several hundred exchanges, Ling Han finally started to unleash his might, defeating Zhou Yang with a slight advantage.

“Thanks.” Ling Han walked over and picked up the three-hundred-year-old yellow ginseng. He then wore an arrogant expression as he said, “Is there anyone else? Is there anyone else who can fight? What extraterrestrial visitor? He can’t even withstand a single blow.”

Hearing these words, Zhu Sen and the others were all enraged. This brat was really too arrogant, wasn’t he? He had only narrowly defeated Zhou Yang with a single move, and that was completely luck. What was there to be proud of?

“Everyone, step aside. I’ll deal with this brat.” A man in black walked out. He took out a piece of green metal and placed it on the table, “This is one star material, Tragic Green Metal. Is it enough?”

One Star ingredients naturally couldn’t compare to Two Star ingredients. Moreover, the Heavenly Pattern Jade was a Spiritual Power Spirit Tool at that, which was far more valuable than ordinary Two Star ingredients.

Ling Han didn’t mind. In any case, it was just earning some extra income.

“Not enough, but it doesn’t matter. In any case, you will definitely lose,” Ling Han said challengingly.

“You are really quite arrogant.” The man in black rushed over, and launched a fierce offensive.

Ling Han was still the same as before. He didn’t win with a single strike. Instead, he continued to battle with his opponent, giving the others the illusion that their strength was more or less equal.

After several hundred exchanges like this, Ling Han finally strengthened his offensive, defeating the man in black.

Two consecutive wins!

This time, everyone had a whole new respect for Ling Han.

In terms of the first battle, Ling Han had only been lucky. The two consecutive wins were enough to prove that was not the case.

This was not a stroke of luck.

Ling Han put away the Tragic Green Metal as well, “Sigh, can’t you send out a decent opponent? Sigh, they’re not even enough for me to fight.”

This was too arrogant, too arrogant.

“You’re nothing but a p.a.w.n from a backward place. Where do you get such arrogance from?” Another extraterrestrial visitor stepped out. He put down an alchemical pill, “This is the Three Transformations Pill, a Pseudo One Star alchemical pill. It can stimulate the evolution of level of being, and is greatly beneficial to you.”

Ling Han couldn’t help but feel disappointed. Although the effects of the Three Transformations Pill were what he needed, he had already ingested the Five Elements Karmic Pill. There was actually no meaning to ingesting an alchemical pill with a similar effect.

Otherwise, wouldn’t it be better to concoct two Five Elements Karmic Pills?

Forget it. If he didn’t use it himself, he could give it to others.

“Barely.” Ling Han waved his hand.

‘F*ck! You’re starting to look down on me?’

“Come battle.”

The battle began, and Ling Han still followed the old rules. He dragged out the battle for 300 moves before finally defeating his opponent.

Three consecutive wins.

Ling Han became more and more arrogant. To him, attracting animosity was really too easy. He only needed to act as he was.

One after another, extraterrestrial visitors leaped out. They could not bear this provocation; it was too infuriating.

One person came, and one person lost. There was no one that could defeat Ling Han.

Nine battles, nine victories.

This time, those extraterrestrial visitors were all dumbfounded. Nine battles, nine victories. Though they had all barely won, it was enough to ill.u.s.trate the problem.

Ling Han was very, very strong, though he was very arrogant, causing others to grit their teeth in hatred.

“Anyone else?” Ling Han said with a smile. He swept his gaze around, but no one answered. Now, everyone had to consider whether they were stronger than the previous nine people. Otherwise, if they went up, they would only be delivering a defeat, and be humiliated in vain.

“I’ll go.” After a long time, Zhu Sen walked out..

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