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Chapter 3645 - Just a single punch

Just a single punch


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This should be the last one.

Ling Han sighed internally. No one was an idiot, especially those extraterrestrial visitors that had been sent here. All of them were descendants of their clans, the prized sons of their sects, and all of them were extremely intelligent.

He had fought nine battles and claimed nine victories. Though these were all very “difficult” victories, they would still be seen through.

-Pretending to be a pig to eat a tiger, and deliberately setting a trap.

“There’s only one?” Ling Han deliberately looked around, “I don’t mind if you guys have a few more, five then. How about all of you attack together?” No one answered.

“Ten?” Ling Han relaxed the conditions again. “I’ll fight ten by myself. If I lose, you guys leave the treasures behind. If you win, you can take the Heavenly Pattern Jade.”

Instantly, a few people were itching to give it a try, but in the end, no one responded.

Sigh, what a bunch of cowards. They were scared just like that.

“Even with ten of you, you wouldn’t dare; I really overestimated you guys!” Ling Han shook his head, his expression filled with mockery.

Seeing how arrogant he was, while the extraterrestrial visitors almost exploded in anger, the people from the Dark North Nation were all indescribably excited. This was what it meant to be f****** prOud!

Sure enough, the t.i.tle of the Twin Prodigies of the Imperial Capital wasn’t for nothing.

It was fine even if Hong Tianbu left. They still had Ling Han, who could sweep aside all opponents at the same cultivation level.

However, the expressions of Empress Ma, the other consorts, the Eldest Imperial Prince and the others were all extremely unfriendly. The enmity between them and Ling Han had become very serious, so they naturally could not bear to see Ling Han act so mighty.

It was fine whoever could redeem the pride of the Dark North Nation for Ling Han, but it definitely couldn’t be Ling Han. Instead of having him redeem the pride of the Dark North Nation, it would be better to lose face.

“Brat, you still haven’t defeated me yet!” Zhu Sen said calmly. He was filled with confidence in himself. If Ling Han’s abilities were the same as what he had previously displayed, his chances of victory were a.s.sured.

Ling Han crooked a finger. Zhu Sen took out a One Star Celestial medicine. He was quite satisfied with that. After advancing into Celestial Path, he would begin concocting Celestial pills, and naturally needed Celestial medicines as the main ingredient.

“Brat, you are too arrogant!”

“He’s just lucky and won by a narrow margin. What’s there to be proud of?”

“If Brother Zhu makes a move, you will definitely lose.”

The extraterrestrial visitors all called out. Originally, there had not been any relations between them, but now, they were united against a common enemy. Zhu Sen was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with confidence as he strode toward Ling Han. Boom! Fiery flames erupted from his body, and it was as if they were heaven-reaching flames.


Ling Han was stunned for a moment. If he used Spiritual Power to communicate with high-level energy, it would only be able to entwine the high-level energy around his hands and feet. At most, he would still have the opened apertures, so mystical power would be released from the apertures, and his whole person would be like a porcupine.

The current Zhu Sen was completely different. His whole person was wrapped in flames, yet did not hurt him in the slightest.

Realization dawned on him. Zhu Sen was an Innate Divine Physique.

“Mystical Power of Flames,” Ling Han said with a smile.

Zhu Sen said proudly, “I am an eighth grade Divine Physique!”

Even though it was only eighth grade, the Innate Divine Physique was extremely rare. Even if only a ninth grade Divine Physique appeared, it would still alert the heaven and earth. Thunder would rumble, and an eighth grade Innate Divine Physique would definitely be even more powerful.

No wonder he dared to step out and issue a challenge even though he clearly knew that Ling Han was a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

The Innate Divine Physique was stronger when encountering others.

Ling Han cracked a smile, and said, “So what if you have an Innate Divine Physique? I can defeat you with a single punch!”

Arrogant!” Zhu Sen said with a cold chuckle. He leaped over like a G.o.d of flames.

Ling Han was finally getting serious. Boom! The apertures of a complete cycle lit up at the same time, forming a screen of light around him. Then, he threw a punch at Zhu Sen.

With his current strength, he had already used a Mystical Power, so what need was there for him to use other techniques?

The flames surged over, yet they were completely unable to penetrate the starlight Screen. However, Ling Han’s fist was unstoppable, and a terrifying power surged. Peng! It was like a great mountain was crus.h.i.+ng down, penetrating Zhu Sen’s defenses and striking his chest.

Then, Zhu Sen was sent flying.

“Ah!” Zhu Sen roared in fury. His body was in midair, but a terrifying aura was surging within his body. That was the Celestial Path-level oppressive might that could crush mortals.

He released the suppression of his cultivation level, and became an elite of Heavenly Dao Foundation again.

This was too despicable. A native from a backward place had actually sent him flying with a single punch.

Humiliating, this was too humiliating!

There was complete silence.

Though everyone had already guessed that Ling Han had been s.c.r.e.w.i.n.g others over all this while, deliberately making it seem as if he was locked in a stalemate with his opponent, and his motive was to trick them into making a bet with him, they had never imagined that once he went all out, Ling Han would be as strong as this.

An eighth grade Innate Divine Physique! Moreover, he had used the Mystical

Power, yet he had actually been sent flying with a single punch!

-If Zhu Sen had not released his Foundation Building cultivation level in time,

this punch would have been enough to half-kill him.

He was too strong.

How could there be such a powerful Mystery Realm Tier?

If Ling Han advanced into Celestial Path, just how powerful would he be?

That’s right. There were indeed a great many prodigies that had disappeared among the after leaping over the Celestial Gate, but there were a great many prodigies that had maintained their standards, and continued to be freakish. And with Ling Han’s present standards, even if he had been slightly weaker when leaping over the Celestial Gate, half of a hundred feet tall tree was still much taller than a ten feet tall tree.

This kind of freak… just the thought of it was terrifying.

He should just kill him to get rid of future trouble.

All of a sudden, practically all the extraterrestrial visitors were filled with killing intent, as they all stared at Ling Han.

Princess Bixiao was extremely anxious. Though her battle prowess was extraordinary, she would only be able to block one or two cultivators of the same cultivation level, at most. After advancing into Celestial Path, the gap among prodigies had actually shrunk. Furthermore, among these extraterrestrial visitors, which one of them was mediocre?

Meanwhile, the Imperial Princes all smiled slightly. It was not appropriate for them to make a move on Ling Han, but there was no rule that stated that if others made a move on Ling Han, they would still have to step out and resolve the matter.

Die, this kind of prodigy that would steal their limelight.

They didn’t care. In any case, their old man was a Spirit Transformation True Lord, so how could it be that the Dark North Nation needed a Mystery Realm Tier to support it?

Ling Han stood proudly, a faint smile on his face, appearing extremely calm.

He wasn’t confident in his own strength, but he was confident that Chen Fengyan definitely wouldn’t allow outsiders to behave atrociously in the Imperial Capital. Moreover, he was his uncle!

As expected, the great formation of the Imperial Capital was activated. A light figure took human form, and said calmly, “Cultivators of Celestial Path are not allowed to make a move on mortals. Anyone who disobeys will be killed!” His voice wasn’t loud, yet it was filled with a domineering aura. Even heaven and earth had to obey his commands!

Zhu Sen was just about to attack, yet he forcefully suppressed his urge.

This shadowy figure was far too powerful, so much so that even he felt apprehensive.

Formation Spirit?

No, it wasn’t that simple. It shpould be a combination of a Formation Spirit and the will of a Spirit Transformation True Lord.

“Greetings, True Lord Chen!” The extraterrestrial visitors all clasped their hands in greeting, their expressions solemn.

This was a Spirit Transformation True Lord, and even in the universe, this was considered a great elite. Who dared to disrespect him?

This wasn’t something like Empress Ma, only someone related to Chen Fengyan. Instead, it was a True Lord that was manifesting his intent, and it was as if they were facing Chen Fengyan.

The shadowy figure raised a hand, “You all have come to search for fated opportunities. I have the capacity to accommodate the whole world, and will not do anything to you, but if you harm my citizens, I will not spare you.” “Yes.” The extraterrestrial visitors all obeyed. No one dared to talk back to a Spirit Transformation True Lord. That would be courting death..

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