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C232: Rebuild His Body

During this period of time, Fang s.h.i.+s.h.i.+ used Spirit Gathering Pill to absorb the Heaven and Earth aura.

Now, the inner core of the Python Dragon was emitting even more true energy with a swoosh. The inner core of the Python Dragon had a slightly yin attribute, and it was extremely compatible with the Fang s.h.i.+s.h.i.+'s Pure Yin Body.

A few hours later, when she completely refined the Orb, her cultivation level shot up and she rushed into the fifth stage of the Qi Refining Stage like a rocket.

Fang s.h.i.+s.h.i.+ opened her eyes, which were overflowing with color, she could not hide her joy, and anxiously said: "Tang Zheng, my cultivation has increased again, to the fifth stage of Qi Refining Stage."

Tang Zheng smiled and patted her shoulder: "Congratulations." But when his gaze swept across her forehead, the green was still there, causing his heart to skip a beat.

Her cultivation had increased so much, but she still hadn't refined any Python Dragon's poison. It seemed like the poison was really strong.

Ye Yuan looked at her enviously, not knowing when he would be able to cultivate. In truth, Ye Yuan's fighting strength was already extremely strong, but this was obtained through his years of fighting with beasts in the forest and his potential as a member of the Witch Clan.

He did not have any true energy in his body, but with the support of true energy, this power of the Witch Clan would burst out with bright light.

The sky had already turned dark, the three of them were surrounding the bonfire, Ye Yuan was focused on roasting the meat, the meat was obviously the meat of the Python Dragon, the quality of the meat was extremely delicious. It smelled of barbecue.

Tang Zheng felt that it was much more delicious than the pork and beef that he had ever eaten before. Furthermore, he could feel that when the roast meat entered his stomach, the spirit energy that was being emitted from the roast meat was completely absorbed by his body.

No wonder the Witch Clan wanted to use the Python Dragon's flesh to refine body.

In the middle of the night, the elder brought over a hundred clansmen to the Sacred Land and set up camp at the foot of the mountain. He also sent out several groups of people to patrol the area.

After everyone fell asleep, Tang Zheng began to cultivate. Since the spirit energy in the Sacred Grounds was more abundant, then he would naturally not let go of this opportunity.

In the darkness of the night, bits and pieces of red light were constantly being absorbed into his body. When dawn arrived, everyone discovered a surprising scene.

All of the soil, trees and things within fifteen meters around Tang Zheng turned from red to green. Tang Zheng was also shocked, could it be that it was because he had absorbed the red light?

As he could not figure out the reason and he could not leave the Sacred Land, he decided to cultivate while letting the egg absorb his true qi.

This time, after his power had greatly increased, there was a qualitative change in his zhen qi. Even after the huge egg had absorbed the zhen qi, there was actually a change as well.

Some of the mysterious patterns on the surface of the giant egg had actually cracked open, forming tiny slits, as if the giant egg was about to break its sh.e.l.l.

After the Elder heard the news, he was very shocked and also extremely happy. He swore that the day of the restriction breaking was not far away and that the Witch clan would finally regain their freedom.

Immediately, the Witch clan's enthusiasm rose to an unprecedented level, and their patrols became even more diligent. The surrounding area of the Sacred Land underwent an unprecedented change, and the Sacred Land, which had been quiet for countless years, became extraordinarily lively.

In these few days, fierce beasts constantly attacked the holy land, but they were not Demonic Beasts s, and were all blocked by the Shaman Tribe. The elder also a.s.signed many people to protect the holy land, and they could not afford to lose.

When Tang Zheng was free, he asked about the forbidden grounds. The elder said with a stern expression that the forbidden grounds were the most dangerous place amongst the Ten Thousand Huge Mountains, and there were indeed many Demonic Beasts present.

According to the legends of the Witch Clan's ancestors, a very ancient and powerful person was buried in the forbidden grounds. Those Demonic Beasts were there to keep watch for him.

The ancestor of the Shaman Tribe had warned his descendants that they absolutely could not set foot in this place.

When the elders heard that Tang Zheng wanted to go to the forbidden grounds, they immediately advised him, and started complaining to him too. How could such a vicious place like this be told to the envoy?

Hearing that the forbidden grounds were dangerous, Tang Zheng hesitated, but the most important thing right now was to remove the restrictions.

However, the poison in the Fang s.h.i.+s.h.i.+ had not been cured yet. The elder had thought of many ways to temporarily control the poison as well.

Every time Tang Zheng looked at the green on her forehead, it was as if his heart was pierced by needles.

Tang Zheng once again entered the stone hall. The temperature was still very high, but Tang Zheng wasn't as uncomfortable as before.

When he covered the egg with his hands, true energy was absorbed by the egg like a tidal wave. His expression was very serene, without the first time he panicked.

The light rays from the patterns on the egg increased dramatically, and the cracks were gradually expanding.

When Tang Zheng's Innate Qi was completely absorbed, the expected rebound did not appear, the lines of light becoming stronger and stronger, the huge egg actually started to rise, and revealed its true form from the boiling lava.

Tang Zheng had exhausted all of his Zhen Qi, and when the huge egg was sent up into the air, he was already standing upside down, but he accidentally lost his balance and fell straight into the magma.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Tang Zheng turned pale with fright. He subconsciously screamed, but he was powerless as he watched himself fall into the lava.

But at the critical moment, he was still able to maintain his calm. He took out the War Soul Sword, and the yin aura instantly enveloped his entire body.


Whoosh. A large amount of lava sputtered out, and Tang Zheng was immediately covered by the boiling magma. His entire body was covered with the fiery red magma, and the destructive heat immediately drilled into his eight extraordinary meridians and eight extraordinary meridians.

Immediately, screams filled the stone hall.

Tang Zheng had never experienced such a smell before, the surging heat almost made him melt as the surface of his skin became boiling hot red.

If the Yin Qi on the War Soul Sword did not protect him, he would have died instantly, as he was melted away by the lava.

However, it was obvious that the Miasma could not last long, and he could not swim to the sh.o.r.e in the lava, so he could only keep jumping up and down to prevent himself from sinking to the bottom and dying from suffocation.

At this moment, the huge egg had already risen above the pond. The light was getting more and more intense, almost blinding everyone's eyes. The lines were rapidly spinning and the cracks were also gradually deepening.

Tang Zheng did not have the mind to pay attention to the huge egg anymore, because he was already on the verge of death, and the Pure Yang Energy in his body had also exploded due to the heat, it was simply an internal concern and external problem.

Within his dantian, the remaining pure Yin energy began to take effect. Not long later, it had completely merged with the Pure Yang Energy, and was finally able to suppress the Pure Yang Energy, allowing him to avoid the danger of his body exploding and dying.

But the key point was that the magma had already broken through the defense of the Yin Qi, causing the War Soul Sword to become restless.


Suddenly, Tang Zheng let out a heart wrenching scream. The Yin Qi had finally dissipated, and his body was directly in contact with the magma.

Although he had cultivated the Chaotic Vajra Spell, he had not even reached the first stage of the copper skin. How could his body resist the magma?

Tang Zheng saw clearly that his skin had already melted and his blood vessels were exposed. A large amount of fresh blood was poured into the pool, fusing together with the magma.

"My life is over."

Tang Zheng subconsciously looked at the giant egg. All of this was caused by this guy, d.a.m.n it, what the h.e.l.l are you?

Suddenly, a white light appeared in the red light surrounding the giant egg. The white light was extremely bright and instantly covered the red light. Even the fiery red magma had a trace of white light seeping out of it.

Tang Zheng only had enough time to see the white light before he lost consciousness.

The patterns on the huge egg also rose into the air, shooting straight towards Tang Zheng's forehead, entering into the center of his forehead. It quickly rotated, and the light instantly covered Tang Zheng's body.

Tang Zheng's skin and muscles had almost melted completely, to the point where his internal organs could be seen pulsing. Seeing the lava about to melt his internal organs, at this moment, that ray of light immediately stopped the magma from harming him.

From all directions, streams of red energy gathered towards Tang Zheng and was quickly absorbed into his body by the light ray.

The originally melted skin and muscles actually grew back bit by bit, and his body was currently being remodeled.

If Tang Zheng could see this scene, he would probably faint from shock yet again.

At this moment, the Chaotic Vajra Spell in his body began to circulate by itself, seeping into his newly grown skin and muscles.

His new skin was glowing red, it was indestructible, he had actually reached the first copper skin stage of the Chaotic Vajra Spell. Furthermore, his Copper Skin Realm was even more powerful than the ones he obtained from following the rules and training in the Chaotic Vajra Spell.

From the ancient times till now, there had probably never been a person who could cultivate Chaotic Vajra Spell like him, where his body was almost completely melted and then reconstructed to grow.

This was because other people didn't have opportunities like him. The light that surrounded him was not ordinary, and was far from something a single person could obtain.

After an unknown amount of time had pa.s.sed, Tang Zheng's body was once again completed. It was now completely naked, and the red light on his skin had slowly faded away.

This time, his skin was no longer snow-white. Instead, it was bronze, a true bronze. Compared to those obtained from sunbathing, it was even more perfect and flawless.

Light slowly wrapped around him as he slowly rose up from the magma. He was like a sleeping baby, and his face finally no longer showed any signs of struggling in pain. He laid flat on his back in the air, and then slowly flew towards the sh.o.r.e.

When he landed on the sh.o.r.e, the light disappeared and the mysterious pattern on his forehead entered his skin. It slowly disappeared until it was completely invisible.

The giant egg above the pond was completely enveloped in white light. A cracking sound could be heard as the white light suddenly filled every inch of the stone hall. A voice could be heard amidst the white light.

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