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Chapter 1847: Yue Wu Ying!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“South? Gu Li?” Mansion Master Meng Qing frowned upon hearing the Mystical Sky Mansion’s elder’s words and looked at Gu Ci Yun. “Guardian Gu, do you know why Gu Li was headed south?”

“My son went to look for a friend before they head to the Upper Province together,” Gu Ci Yun answered. He did not say that Gu Li went to look for Ling Tian.

“Gu Li is fine, right?” Meng Qing asked.

“Thank you for your concern, Mansion Master. Gu Li’s fine.” Gu Ci Yun shook his head. If something happened to his son, he would not have been so calm as he currently was.

“Guardian Gu, can you tell everyone which friend your son went to look for?” Zhao Jin asked in his deep voice as his eyes glinted coldly.

“Guardian Zhao, it’s no concern of yours who my son looks for, right? Moreover, my son left before your son, Zhao Deng, did. Don’t tell me you think my son asks someone to kill your son?” Gu Ci Yun said mockingly.

“You…” Zhao Ji’s expression turned grave, but he could not come up with a retort.

What could he say?

Could he say that his son tailed Gu Li and something had happened to him?

However, as various expressions fleeted across Zhao Jin’s face, he gritted his teeth as though he had made up his mind.

Zhao Jin looked at Meng Qing and said, “Mansion Master, the reason my son left the Mystical Sky Mansion a few days ago was to tail Gu Li, Guardian Gu’s son!”

A commotion instantly broke out!

n.o.body expected such words to come out of Zhao Jin’s mouth!

Zhao Deng was tailing Gu Li? What was he trying to do?

Many people began to look at Zhao Jin with a peculiar gaze.

As expected, the moment Meng Qing heard Zhao Jin’s words, his expression turned grave immediately. “Guardian Zhao, you mean… something happened to Zhao Deng because he was tailing Gu Li?”

“Yes!” Zhao Jin nodded his head confidently and glanced at Gu Ci Yun.

“How ridiculous!” Gu Ci Yun smirked. “Zhao Jin, let alone the fact that my son is not as strong as your son was, and it’s impossible for him to kill him, even if my son killed Zhao Deng, he was the one who asked for it in the first place. I really don’t know where you get your courage from, to admit that your son was tailing my son. Please don’t tell me the reason Zhao Deng tailed my son was to watch my son’s silhouette from afar. My son’s orientation is normal. He doesn’t have that kind of hobby at all!”

The first half of Gu Ci Yun’s sentence sounded normal, but the second half of his sentence made everyone looked at Zhao Jin with an even more peculiar gaze.

They did not expect Guardian Gu to have such a sharp tongue!

What did he mean by his son has a normal orientation, and he did not have that kind of hobby?

Was he saying that Zhao Deng’s orientation was abnormal and had that kind of hobby?

Gooseb.u.mps immediately appeared the moment they thought of this.

“Gu Ci Yun!” Zhao Jin became furious when faced with everyone’s peculiar gaze. It almost sounded like a roar as he said, “The dead needs to be respected! Don’t you think you’ve crossed the line by dishonoring my son?”

“Crossed the line?” Gu Ci Yun smirked. “Zhao Jin, are you serious? You’re the first one to pull my son into this mess to wash away your own son’s wrongdoing. I’ve crossed the line, but you haven’t?”

“Enough!” Meng Qing snapped in his deep voice to calm things down.

“Guardian Zhao, why would Zhao Deng tail Gu Li?” Meng Qing s.h.i.+fted his piercing gaze to Zhao Jin.

“Mansion Master, I’m sure you know about my grandson’s death, right? Until now, all of the clues that my son, Zhao Deng, and I have gathered point toward Ling Tian! We want to find him, but we don’t have any news about him at all. For this reason, we had no choice but to make plans that revolve around Gu Li.” At this moment, Zhao Jin could not longer hide some of the matters. It did not matter since he had no intention of killing Gu Li after all!

As for killing Ling Tian, he naturally hid his killing intent in front of Meng Qing. “We just want to find Ling Tian through Gu Li so that we can ask him if he knew who killed my son… Don’t tell me it’s wrong of us to do this?”

When Zhao Ji reached the end of his sentence, he seemed miserable and wretched.

At this moment, even Gu Ci Yun kept quiet. He did not add insult to injury.

Although he felt Zhao Jin’s son and grandson only had themselves to blame, it was not suitable for him to voice out what was in his mind at this moment.

“Guardian Gu, Gu Li went to find Ling Tian, am I right?” Meng Qing looked at Gu Ci Yun.

“Yes.” Gu Ci Yun nodded. When he saw Meng Qing was going to further question him, he quickly added, “However, I’ve no idea where he went to look for Ling Tian. He only told me he’s going to look for Ling Tian to head to the Upper Province together. Perhaps, at this moment, they’ve already left the Lower Province and arrived at the Upper Province.”

Meng Qing nodded his head before he said, “With Gu Li and Ling Tian’s strength, they’re no match for Vice Mansion Master Zhao even if they join forces. In this case, it must be someone else who killed Vice Mansion Master Zhao! Guardian Zhao, I’ll give you the authority to be in charge of the investigation of Vice Mansion Master Zhao’s death and search the south. If you need anything, the entire Mystical Sky Mansion and I will give our best in helping you!” Meng Qing promised as he looked at Zhao Jin.

Meng Qing’s words undoubtedly meant Zhao Jin could investigate this matter without restraint. The Mystical Sky Mansion would support him.

The reason Zhao Jin had made an appearance today was for the sake of these words from Meng Qing. Otherwise, he would have long gone and investigated this by himself.

He knew very well that even if he had the entire force of the Zhao Clan to investigate the cause of his son’s death, it would not be as effective as the force of the entire Mystical Sky Mansion.

Now that he had heard the words he wanted from Meng Qing, he would spare no efforts in investigating the south.

Days after days continued to pa.s.s before he finally arrived in the vicinity of the Azure Cloud Mansion.

“Guardian Zhao Jin of Mystical Sky Mansion requests to see the Mansion Master of Azure Cloud Mansion.” Zhao Jin cupped his hands together in front of his chest and bowed in the air as he hovered in the air. His tone was humble and polite.

If one paid close attention, one could see the layer of sweat on his forehead. It was apparent even the Guardian of Mystical Sky Mansion felt wary against the Azure Cloud Mansion.

Actually, Zhao Jin did not intend to enter the territory of the Azure Cloud Mansion, but when he made one round around the Azure Cloud Mansion, he still did not encounter any clues.

The moment he thought of how the Azure Cloud Mansion’s Black Armored Army usually guarded the Crouching Dragon Lake, he thought they might have some clues regarding his son, Zhao Deng.

For this reason, he braced himself before he entered the Crouching Dragon Lake and announced his intention to meet the Mansion Master of Azure Cloud Mansion.

He wanted the Mansion Master of Azure Cloud Mansion to ask the Black Armored Guards guarding the Crouching Dragon Lake if they had seen his son, Zhao Deng.

“I’m Guardian Zhao Jin representing the Mansion Master of Mystical Sky Mansion to look for Mansion Master Duan!” Zhao Jin stood straighter when he recalled the promise made by his Mansion Master.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Soon after, ten Black Armored Guards appeared.

The Decurion, who was the leader, looked at him instantly and asked, “You’re Guardian Zhao Jin from the Mystical Sky Mansion?”

“Yes.” Zhao Jin nodded. “You must be the Decurion, right? The reason I came is to look for Mansion Master Duan on behalf of the Mansion Master of Mystical Sky Mansion… Please pa.s.s this message on.”

The Decurion nodded. “Please wait here for a moment.”

Zhao Jin agreed and did not act arrogantly just because the other party was only an Eminent Saint Stage Martial Cultivator.

As the saying went, ‘You have to be humble when you’re trapped in a difficult situation.’ Since he had a favor to ask from the Azure Cloud Mansion, it would not be worth it if he offended the Azure Cloud Mansion over some petty matters.

“Guardian Zhao Jin from the Mystical Sky Mansion wants to see Lord Mansion Master on behalf of the Mansion Master of Mystical Sky Mansion?” Even the Black Armored Army’s Decurion was not qualified to meet the Mansion Master of Azure Cloud Mansion. For this reason, the person who first received this news was Rong Yuan.

“Isn’t Zhao Jin Zhao Deng’s father?” A sneer appeared on his face as he recalled this tiny fact.

After giving out his order to the Black Armored Army’s Decurion, the Decurion turned to leave. “Bring him to the Central Main Hall to wait.”

Just as the Decurion turned around to leave, Rong Yuan’s voice resonated again and entered his ears through Voice Transmission. “Tell your subordinates to keep their mouths shut about Zhao Jin’s visit to the Azure Cloud Mansion!”

The Decurion came to a halt in the air. After replying in a respectful manner, he began to leave. “Yes!”

Although Rong Yuan did not hold any position in the Black Armored Army, from the Commander to the ordinary guards in the Black Armored Army, all of them were extremely respectful toward him.

“Please follow me, Guardian Zhao.” After the Decurion returned, he looked at Zhao Jin and gestured to Zhao Jin to follow him.

“Thank you for the trouble.” Zhao Jin nodded before following him to the Azure Cloud Mansion’s Main Mansion. Not only that, but he was also brought into the Central Main Hall by the Decurion.

Currently, there was no one in the huge Central Main Hall at all. Zhao Deng stood quietly without moving at all as he waited.

It was not that he did not want to move, but this was the Central Main Hall of the Azure Cloud Mansion. If any of his actions accidentally offended the Mansion Master of Azure Cloud Mansion, his trip here would only be in vain.

15 minutes went by.

Half an hour went by.

An hour went by.

The Mansion Master of Azure Cloud Mansion still had not arrived. However, Zhao Jin did not dare to grumble as he stood there obediently.


About two hours went by before the great doors to the Central Main Hall began to move. After a while, it was tightly shut.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

At the same time, the windows in the Central Main Hall began to close one by one as well.

At this instant, the entire Central Main Hall fell into darkness. It was so dark that one could barely see one’s hands.

“Is this how the Azure Cloud Mansion welcome their guests?” Zhao Jin’s grim voice resonated in the dark. His voice that lacked confidence seemed to tremble slightly as well.

“Tsk! tsk! Stop thinking so highly of yourself! Do you think you’re qualified to be a guest of the Azure Cloud Mansion?” Another voice responded in the dark. The voice was so soft that the gender of the speaker remained unknown.

“Who are you?!” Zhao Jin’s voice contained a hint of panic at this moment.

Subsequently, one could suddenly see a bright flash appearing out of nowhere, gradually revealing Zhao Ji’s figure.

“Yue. Wu. Ying!” The soft voice resonated again, emphasizing each word.

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