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Chapter 4691  Yu Luo He, the Master of the Life Creation Chart

The Thunderous Storm Sea, a perilous realm within the Divine Land, was notorious for its year-round storms and relentless thunderstorms. This treacherous environment deterred even the bravest of Dao powerhouses, making them think twice before venturing into its chaotic depths.

At this moment, in a cave hidden in the depths of the central region of the Thunderous Storm Sea.

The cave was simple, with only a stone platform inside.

At this time, a thin middle-aged man dressed in a dark blue robe with an ordinary appearance and a pair of piercing eyes sat on the stone platform. He held a strange disc in his hand that projected images in the air.

"Finally, I stabilized the world inside..." Yu Luo He sighed in relief. His eyes flashed coldly as he muttered, "Next, I can use the living beings in the Life Creation Chart to heal my injuries! Now that my Sacrificial Dao made progress, I don't have to be so cautious anymore!"

Previously, his Sacrificial Dao was not strong enough, so he had to set up many restrictions to control the living beings in the Life Creation Chart. One of the restrictions was the Fatal Heavenly Tribulation.

With the Fatal Heavenly Tribulation, even extraordinarily talented beings would have a hard time breaking past the sixth Dao level. After all, it would be difficult for him to control a large number of level-seven Dao powerhouses with the level of his Sacrificial Dao at that time. His Sacrificial Dao was a long way behind that of the previous master of the Life Creation Chart.

"The Life Creation Chart is truly a divine object... Even as a Dao Merging powerhouse, I can't ignore its 'rules' without destroying it."

Although Yu Luo He was the master of the Life Creation Chart now, he still needed to follow some rules until his Sacrificial Dao reached a certain level.

For example, he could not directly kill the living beings in the world within the Life Creation Chart. He could only exploit loopholes by using the Heaven Traversing PaG.o.da.

"The Life Creation Chart was damaged previously, causing the loss of many lives in the chart. Not only that, but many of them were also transported to the Divine Land…"

Yu Luo He felt a little distressed when he thought about that incident. If his whereabouts had not been exposed, he would not have been surrounded and ambushed by a group of Dao Merging powerhouses, forced into a pa.s.sive situation. Not only was the Life Creation Chart damaged, but he was seriously injured as well.

"What a pity! There were some high-quality sacrifices in that world, but most of them ended up being transported to the Divine Land…"

Yu Luo He felt even more vexed thinking about the sacrifices who had reached the seventh Dao level. Yu Luo He had just extended his Divine Consciousness when his expression changed drastically.

"This is bad! I sense a Dao Merging powerhouse!"

Yu Luo He did not expect to be found in such a remote place after hiding for so many years. It was also clear to him that the other party had come for him.


A terrifying sword ray descended into the sea, splitting it into two. The might of the sea seemed insignificant before the sword ray at this moment.


A thunderous explosion rang in the air as Yu Luo He left the cave, dodging the fearsome sword ray. His expression was extremely grave as he muttered, "The Limitless Sword Dao?! Is it Chen Ming Hao from the Myriad Mountains' Chen clan?"

A hint of wariness could be seen in Yu Luo He's eyes when he mentioned Chen Ming Hao. However, he was not wary of Chen Ming Hao since Chen Ming Hao was no match for him. The person he was wary of was Chen Jiu Xiao, a powerful Triple Dao Merging powerhouse.

Chen Jiu Xiao and Chen Ming Hao were also part of the group that ambushed him in the past.

"If it's Chen Ming Hao, then there's a high chance that Chen Jiu Xiao is also here!"

Yu Luo He's first thought was to escape. He had no wish to engage with the other party at all. With astonis.h.i.+ng speed, he quickly left the area, knocking away many marine creatures. Not only that, but many of them were also reduced to dust due to his power.

The sea surged as a terrifying force wreaked havoc in it.

"He runs pretty fast!"

A young man, shrouded by a dazzling and huge sword ray, arrived at the depths of the sea. His eyes gleamed with excitement as he chased after Yu Luo He.

This young man was naturally not Chen Ming Hao. Yu Luo He was unaware that another Dao Merging powerhouse who comprehended the Limitless Sword Dao had appeared in the Divine Land. After all, he had been hiding in this place.

Duan Ling Tian continued to chase after Yu Luo He, and the distance between the two also began to narrow. His eyes burned with desire now that the Life Creation Chart was within reach. He had very little doubt that the person in front of him was the master of the Life Creation Chart, Yu Luo He!

At the same time, while Yu Luo He was running away, he extended his Divine Consciousness again. To his surprise, there was only one person chasing after him. He searched again and confirmed that there was no second person in the area. He thought to himself mockingly, 'Alas, a man who has lost power has to suffer indignities. If I were in my prime, Chen Ming Hao wouldn't have the courage to chase me on his own!'

Previously, Yu Luo He managed to escape the ambush by the Dao Merging powerhouse thanks to his trump card. He no longer had a trump card. Moreover, he was injured now. If he fought Chen Ming Hao, he had very little chance of winning.

Seeing that he was about to catch up with Yu Luo He, Duan Ling Tian asked, "Back then, you were the one behind the heavenly texts in the Myriad Worlds and the Outer Boundary, right?"

Duan Ling Tian did not expect that one day, he would be hunting down 'heaven'. 

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