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Chapter 1666: Dao Seeking G.o.d Art

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

This was the final day before the Blue Lightning Immortal Well opened. The biggest square, Blue Lightning Square, was full of people. There were more people than usual.

People who had some inside knowledge knew this time was different as three of the big ten immortal kings of Zong Piao Heaven came. This included Su Huan immortal king, Kai Feng immortal king and Ping Zhou immortal king.

There were few immortal kings in Zong Piao Heaven yet three came this time. Clearly something was about to happen.

Ye Mo was sitting in a spirit rest tower on the side of the square, drinking. His only purpose here was to wait for the immortal well to open and then leave.

He was also watching the leaderboard trying to ensure that he wouldn’t be falling below top 50. He asked other people and knew that the heaven immortal leaderboard was very stable.

But now, Ye Mo realized it was utter bulls.h.i.+t. His rank went from 30 or so down to 41st. Now he was 47th. If things continued like this, he would definitely end up below 50.

Luckily he prepared three million contribution points of beast cores, but Ye Mo didn’t use them now. He would use it as soon as he went below 50.

Ye Mo had been sitting in here for half a day but he didn’t ask about what was happening. It had nothing to do with him.

However on a table not far from him, a few immortals’ discussion caught his attention. One of them spoke of his name.

“It seems that even if that Mo Ying didn’t cheat I wouldn’t be able to get into the top 50. I was 51st but now I’m 63rd,” a white faced abstruse immortal tertiary stage said with great disappointment.

Three other people sat on his table. An extremely pretty and seductive female immortal, she was abstruse immortal tertiary stage too. The other two was one long bearded and the second dark skinned, they were all abstruse immortal tertiary stage.

“Yeah, the heaven immortal leaderboard has never been so strange. It’s the last few days but the rankings are so volatile. Look, even Xu Ji who was first is now 27th. ” The female immortal frowned.

“Something is probably going to happen in the immortal city right?” the dark skinned abstruse immortal said.

“But what has that got to do with the leaderboard?” the long bearded abstruse immortal shook his head.

“Hua Mountain, look at the notice…” the dark skinned abstruse immortal pointed at the notice board next to the leaderboard.

Ye Mo saw the notice too.

“After the opening of the immortal well this time, the top fifty of the heaven immortal leaderboard will be representing Zong Piao Heaven to go to Yuan Le Heaven and partic.i.p.ate in the dao seeking compet.i.tion…”

“Isn’t Yuan Le Heaven the number one heaven domain of the middle heaven domains? It’s said to be equivalent to a grand heaven domain….”

“I heard that the dao seeking tournament was the top 50 of the abstruse immortal rank, why did it become contribution rank this time?”

“Is there a difference? Which of the top fifty on the contribution leaderboard isn’t from the abstruse leaderboard? But Yuan Le heaven is too strong, it’s said that even if you could go before, rarely could people enter dao seeking tower.”

“how can the Yuan Le heaven not be strong with the dao seeking tower? Even some grand heaven domain immortals want to go to dao seeking tower. If you enter dao seeking tower, it would be you would definitely become great immortal and have 10% extra chance of reaching immortal king.”

“No wonder so many people want top 50 this time. I want to go to Yuan Le Heaven’s dao seeking tower. I’d be willing to pay any price.”

Ye Mo didn’t expect this turn of events.

He knew Yuan Le Heaven of course, it was said that it was on par with ordinary grand heaven domains. It was the most powerful middle heaven domain.

Ye Mo only knew it was powerful but not why it was powerful. Now it seemed to be due to that dao seeking tower. He would go ask someone what it was later.

“In order to ensure that the prodigies of Zong Piao Heaven aren’t left out, the contribution leaderboard from 51st to 100th can challenge the top fifty. Each person only has one chance to challenge. If the defender loses, he would lose his spot to the challenger. The defeated don’t get any opportunity to challenge again. A successful defender will not be challenged again. But a challenger who succeeds needs to accept one more challenge if challenged…

The eventual top 50 can cultivate in the immortal well for half a year before representing Zong Piao Heaven in the dao seeking tower tournament…”

Ye Mo saw his rank go down to 53rd, but he wasn’t worried. He just needed to be in top 100.

“No wonder the leaderboard changes so fast, they all want to go to Yuan Le Heaven,” the female immortal said.

Then she thought of something and said to that white faced abstruse immortal, “Zhenghong brother, you still have a chance. As long as you’re in the top 100 you can challenge the 50th. You can challenge that Mo Ying guy…”

“Hehe, Mo Ying, look his name has fallen below top 50 already,” the long bearded abstruse immortal said.

The white faced abstruse immortal laughed. “I didn’t expect I still had a chance. Let these people cheat, I’ll greet them on the battle stage.”

Ye Mo didn’t care about what they said, he walked up to an abstruse immortal middle stage and saluted with his fists. “Friend may I ask what that dao seeking tower is?”

The abstruse immortal looked at Ye Mo in confusion wondering why someone didn’t know what the dao seeking tower was but he quickly said, “There are nine levels to the dao seeking tower. It’s said that immortals can create their own dao art and G.o.d art. The laws of the universe are gathered in the dao seeking tower, immortals can easily combine all they’ve learnt into their own G.o.d art.”

“Yea, it’s because the dao seeking tower is so insane and all the prodigies in Yuan Le Heaven can go there that Yuan Le Heaven is stronger than other heaven domains. But luckily there’s a dao seeking tower tournament every thousand years. Otherwise, the other heaven domains would only be getting worse and worse,” one abstruse immortal said.

The first abstruse immortal shook his head. “Although Yuan Le Heaven’s power is directly related to the dao seeking tower. It’s cultivation resource and immortal spirit chi isn’t something other heaven domains can compare with.” They didn’t become the number one middle heaven domain due to luck.”

Ye Mo quickly asked, “Why are there nine levels of the dao seeking tower?”

The abstruse immortal said, “The nine levels are based on each person’s understanding of dao. Usually, hollow immortals can only stay at level one. If a hollow immortal can reach level two, he would be a prodigy amongst prodigy. abstruse immortal usually stay at level three rarely can one reach level four.”

“Can the immortals of Yuan Le Heaven go to dao seeking tower at any time?”

“Of course not. Only a few rare prodigies can go in or once you satisfy some requirements.”

“What’s the requirements?”

“That I don’t know, but I only know it’s not easy. Although there’s 50 from Zong Piao Heaven going there, but it would be extremely lucky if one or two of them can even get in.”

Hearing this, Ye Mo realized that the dao seeking tower was pretty much made for him.

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