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Chapter 149: Su Lan

Ning Shu never imagined that the original host's younger brother would actually be such an idiot. Could it be that this was due to the storyline? There had to be at least one good person within the enemy ranks? Well, at least a person that counted as good to Su Meng.

Ning Shu looked at Su Lan. He looked like a little fresh meat with a very clean temperament. He was nowhere as wild and as cool as the male lead, Xiao Yan.

Tsk tsk. This was the successor to the Su family? In the future, the responsibility of the Su family was going to fall to Su Lan, this love-struck idiot.

>Little fresh meat is an internet buzzword in China used to describe handsome young males. It is most commonly used for celebrities, particularly a rising star.

"Su Lan, apologize to your sister." Madame Su saw that her daughter seemed irked. "She's your older sister, how could you believe whatever Su Meng says?" Madame Su loved her son a lot, but her daughter was also a chuck of flesh from her body. She was starting to loathe Su Meng even more since Su Meng was the cause of her children fighting.

Su Lan furrowed his brows and said obstinately, "In this incident, Sis was the one who was in the wrong. Everyone is very sad that she lost her child, but it's not right for her to try to frame someone for it."

Ning Shu rolled her eyes and inwardly laughed at how ridiculous this was. She walked to Su Lan and stood straight in front of him. She wasn't as tall as him and had to tilt her head back to look up at him, but her gaze still caused Su Lan's heart to tremble for a moment. Her gaze was very cold and indifferent, which caused Su Lan to feel a bit fl.u.s.tered.

Ning Shu knitted her brows as she looked at Su Lan. "Were you present at the scene? Did you know how the incident occured?"

Before Su Lan even had the chance to reply, Ning Shu slapped him so hard his head was forced to the side.

Su Lan turned back to glare at her with fury in his eyes.

Ning Shu's slap stunned everyone present. Su Bo's expression immediately turned ugly when he saw that his daughter had hit his son. Moreover, his daughter had already gotten married so she counted as belonging to another family, yet she was now sticking her nose in his family matters and even went so far as to slap his son!

Su Bo gave a cold humph, but Ning Shu didn't feel much of anything in reaction. In life, one must save oneself before the Heavens might save them. Ning Shu had a very bad impression of Su Bo, this parent. There was no way she could set about completing this task from the Su family when the head of the household was an old-fas.h.i.+oned inflexible man and the younger brother had long fallen to kneel beneath the Mary Sue halo. If this family collapsed, they brought it on themselves.

Only Su Ran and Madame Su were able to resist the Mary Sue halo to a degree since they were women. However, due to this, in Su Lan's heart, he viewed his older sister and mom as bad people.

Madame Su stared blankly at Ning Shu for a few moments before she said, "What are you doing? You're currently hurting your family while allowing your enemies to celebrate."

Ning Shu laughed lightly. Ignoring Su Lan's anger-filled glare, she lifted her hand and gave him another slap. "You're already an adult, yet you can't tell right from wrong at all. Without the Su family, you'd just be trash."

He was nothing but a brat that lived like a prince by relying on the Su family. Once Xiao Yan destroyed the Su family, this little prince would have to go eat dirt. A person like Su Lan who was always a beat slow and looked like a complete uke was definitely perfect material for being topped.

Ning Shu looked down on brainless people like Su Lan the most. He wouldn't even know it if women played him. There was probably no need for Xiao Yan to even make a move, Su Lan would probably be happy to offer the Su family up with both hands in order to dissolve the hatred left by the previous generation and make up for all that the female lead had suffered.

The Mary Sue halo sure was powerful.

"What right do you have to hit me!? Su Ran, you're so selfish and heartless! It serves you right that no one loves you! Your life is so meaningless and your heart is malicious too." The other half of Su Ran's face was starting to swell.

Ning Shu: How did such a stupid person manage to get born?

She smiled and lifted her hand to give him another slap. Ning Shu suddenly realized that she had fallen in love with the sensation of slapping faces. The two halves of Su Lan's face now formed a very bright and fresh contrast.

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Chapter 150: Let's Get Some Soft Little Sister Currency

"I'm hitting you to tell you that I don't need anyone, and I need your love even less. I'm hitting you because you were slandering me." Ning Shu blew on her hand. "What the heck is this? Don't forgot, Su Meng is your cousin. With the way you're acting, people would think you've fallen in love with her."

"What the h.e.l.l are you making up!?" Su Lan hastily shouted, his face pale. "You're so dirty-minded!"

"Who are you yelling at?" Ning Shu once again gave Su Lan another slap.

Su Bo stood up and shouted, "Enough! How much trouble do you want to cause?"

Su Bo's gaze s.h.i.+fted between Ning Shu and Su Lan before finally stopping on Ning Shu. "After getting married and becoming a wife, you should be working hard to serve your in-laws and your husband. How could you make an unreasonable scene over every little thing? Did a dog eat all the etiquette we taught you?"

"Dad…" Ning Shu didn't even want to call him dad anymore. In any case, he wasn't her actual dad and she has always been the type to treat people as they treated her. There existed no baseless love in this world, nor any reasonless hate.

Hence, with the exception of Madame Su, Ning Shu detested the Su family.

"Before I leave, I'll just say one last thing." Ning Shu pointed at Su Lan with disdain. "With the successor of the Su family like this, the Su family would be better off being swallowed by the Xiao family. In any case, with the way he's acting, it's like Su Meng is his family. He doesn't have any feelings towards me, this older sister, so towards you two elders… tsk tsk…"

"Su Ran, you malicious woman! Have you gone crazy?" When Su Lan heard what Ning Shu said, he immediately refuted. "You said that I don't treat you as an older sister, but do the words you're saying now reflect any concern for me, your younger brother?"

"I indeed don't view you as my younger brother," replied Ning Shu indifferently. "Because in your heart, only Su Meng is your actual sister. In that case, of course I wouldn't think of you as my younger brother."

Ning Shu lifted her hand and Su Lan immediately shrank back, thinking that she was going to hit him again.

What behavior! The words 'spare tire supporting male lead' were practically written on his forehead.

"In the future, it's best if you don't bother me again. Otherwise, I'll hit you every time I see you," said Ning Shu mildly. There was no point talking logic with brain-dead people like this, otherwise they'd use all sorts of faulty logic to defeat you with disbelief.

However, if you wanted to ask why these men were all standing there obediently and allowing Ning Shu to hit them, this was because Ning Shu would retreat to a safe location after each hit. If the man was willing to drop his pride, he could naturally run through the house chasing after her. However, it was clear that Su Lan wasn't that type of person and couldn't do that kind of thing.

In addition, Su Lan's reflexes were pretty slow. Even after Ning Shu hit him, he would only glare at her angrily after being stunned for a moment.

So Ning Shu viewed him with even more disdain.

After leaving the Su family home, she gazed up towards the sky. She couldn't work on this task starting from the Su family this time, so she had to find a new opening. The good thing was, the Su family wasn't the only force she could collaborate with.

Moreover, right now, Ning Shu felt like making the Su family suffer a little. She was a person, not an emotionless machine. She had her own feelings, so during tasks, she would also exhibit her own preferences.

The original host's wish was to protect the Su family and prevent the Xiao family from taking it over. If she made the Xiao family collapse, it naturally wouldn't be able to take over the Su family anymore. Originally, Ning Shu wanted to join hands with the Su family, but the Su family clearly looked down on her, this daughter that had already been married off.

So there was nothing else to discuss with the Su family. She probably wouldn't visit the Su family home again.

Ning Shu decided to sell the stock certificates that the Su family gave as a dowry and the Xiao family gave as a present to their daughter-in-law. Once she exchanged them for some dependable rmb, she could start attacking the Xiao family's business.

Note from author: Some friends think that the school doctor and Li Wen are the same people. Author-nim can only kneel in respect to the power of those friends' imagination. A sharp-tongued, fussy, OCD, unrestrained and very free person, and an unreadable, extremely intelligent, maybe emotionless maybe not person with facial nerve paralysis would actually be the same person? That'd truly be a tempo that was heading towards dissociative ident.i.ty disorder.

#comment: The way people refer to rmb (ren2 ming2 bi4 - the people's currency) sometimes on the net  is ruan3 mei4 bi4: soft, younger sister, currency. Witness da truth!

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