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Chapter 2631: Cause He’s Blind

What Lu Junning did simply harmed others without benefiting herself. No, actually, as long as it caused the Lu residence to lose profits, it would be beneficial to Lu Junning.

Lu Junning didn’t need her natal family at all. She relied on the general’s residence, so the Lu residence and everything else could go screw themselves.

If Lu Junning wanted to bring down the Lu residence, she had to maintain strong ties with the general’s residence.

Ning Shu drank the tea to cleanse her palate after dinner. To resolve this crisis, she had to throw away the explosives.

“Miss, why did Li Yu say he didn’t know the eldest miss?” Yuan Xiang asked, confused.

They were two people who had been engaged, and they even had a physical relations.h.i.+p. How could he say that he didn’t know her?

Ning Shu said nonchalantly, “Cause he’s blind.”

“No matter how blind you are, you can still tell by touch.”

Ning Shu: →_→

Ning Shu stared at Yuan Xiang with strange eyes. Can still tell by touch?!?

Yuan Xiang was a little confused and said, “The eldest miss and the fourth miss are very different in stature. How could you not tell?”

The fourth miss was still underage!

“He must have been blind, deaf, and oblivious obviously. It didn’t matter who’s who.” Ning Shu spread her hands and said, “Anyway, now that the fourth miss has married into the marquis’ residence, the rice has already been cooked.”

“But the eldest miss…” Yuan Xiang’s eyes showed sympathy, and then she said, “I wonder what kind of family you will marry into, Miss.”

Ning Shu rolled her eyes when she saw Yuan Xiang’s longing expression.

Ning Shu felt that it was a pity. Lu Mingxuan was just too impulsive. It would have been better if she had been fully prepared in advance and taken a knife to directly chop at Li Yu.

Weren’t you trying to steal a man from me? Then I’ll just give this guy a chop and see what you have left to steal! If he ends up breathing his last, you’ll be a widow for the rest of your life. If he ends up paralyzed, you’ll have to stay with a cripple for the rest of your life.

If he ends up disfigured, you’ll have to live the rest of your life with that ugly mug!

There was no point in strangling a woman to death. Even if she was strangled to death, it would have no effect on Li Yu. Li Yu could marry again.

Killing a man was much more painful for a woman.

Ning Shu felt that if she were Lu Mingxuan, in that situation where she was so sad and desperate that she wanted to die, she would drag Li Yu to the underworld with her.

That way you’d have someone to cus.h.i.+on your back, and it would also make the living person feel great pain.

In the middle of the night, when the surroundings were quiet, Ning Shu sat up in bed. She composed herself, then got out of bed and opened the wardrobe to retrieve her night attire.

Ning Shu put on the night attire, covering her face and even her head, leaving only her eyes exposed. She even wrapped fabric around her shoes.

This way, she wouldn’t leave footprints, and her footsteps would be quieter.

Ning Shu had secretly sewn this outfit herself. Now that she was skilled in needlework, making clothes was a trivial matter for her.

No matter how difficult it was, it wasn’t as challenging as embroidery.

After putting on her night attire, Ning Shu left the room and made her way toward Lu Yuanfan’s study.

The sky was very dark, with only a faint crescent moon, and no moonlight spilled down.

Ning Shu moved through the Lu residence and arrived at Lu Yuanfan’s study. She gently opened the door, causing it to emit a slight creaking sound.

Ning Shu entered the study with light steps and began searching.

Every government official had their fair share of dirty secrets. Lu Yuanfan, as the Minister of War, held immense power over the military, including control over provisions and military funds. It was highly unlikely that his hands were clean.

Lu Junning had stumbled upon evidence showing Lu Yuanfan’s involvement in the buying and selling of official positions, embezzlement of military funds, and even secret h.o.a.rding of weapons. These findings hinted at the possibility of a rebellion being planned.

Lu Yuanfan had kept these incriminating account books in his own house, which Lu Junning had noticed.

So Lu Junning presented this evidence to the emperor.

While an emperor could tolerate some level of corruption among his subordinates, rebellion was an absolute and unforgivable offense.

All the signs pointed toward Lu Yuanfan planning a rebellion, and the emperor would rather err on the side of caution by executing him rather than allowing him to go free.

Thus, Lu Yuanfan was beheaded, and the Lu residence dispersed.

The Lu residence completely collapsed.

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