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Chapter 2725: No Child Can Be Innocent or Cute in That Kind of Place

With a silver needle between her fingers, Ning Shu tore off Cheng Fei’s white hair one by one.

Cheng Fei’s expression never changed, but occasionally, his facial muscles would tremble. It was clear that Ning Shu was definitely not going with a light touch.

“When I was about four years old,” Cheng Fei started. “I was abandoned at the gate of the orphanage. I remember a woman’s voice telling me to not move and stay there.

“But I was never able to see her come back. The head of the orphanage took me back to the orphanage, where there were many other children who were just like me. They looked at me with wary eyes. They always stole my food, too.

“Don’t think that all these orphans are innocent and cute. No child can be innocent or cute in that kind of place—not at all. If they appear to be, it’s only because someone who could potentially adopt them has come, and they had to smile innocently and show off how lovely they were.”

Ning Shu listened to Cheng Fei’s words quietly as she pulled out his hair.

“My adoptive parents later adopted me, but they only did it because they were after my heart.”

“So you killed them?” Ning Shu interrupted.

Cheng Fei shook his head. “No. Do you know what I actually thought back then?

“I hoped that my sister’s heart could last just a little longer. Just until I grew up. And then, I could get emanc.i.p.ated from my adoptive parents,” Cheng Fei said.

Ning Shu: I don’t believe a single word you say.

Cheng Fei really did get everything he wished for. He wanted to get free from his adoptive family, and then they died.

She also made a wish that something bad would happen to Cheng Fei, but how come he was still completely fine?

Truly, man proposes, G.o.d disposes.

A person could plan things out, but whether it actually worked or not was up to the heavens.

Ning Shu kept a cold face the whole time Cheng Fei reminisced about his past.

Sure, sure; he was the most pitiful guy ever. So Ai Yun’s family wasn’t pitiful, so Ai Yun should just let him fossilize her?

Could it be that since Cheng Fei had experienced all this, everything he’d done and everything he wanted to do was justified?

What about Ai Yun? Ai Yun was innocent but got murdered and fossilized, and had to offer up her soul to ask for a counterattack.

Did he deserve forgiveness simply because he had gone through a lot?

No matter how much Cheng Fei tried to justify his actions, he wouldn’t be able to. At the very least, Ning Shu was indifferent to his attempts.

His actions couldn’t be justified just because he was handsome and traumatized.

“You think I killed my adoptive parents?” Cheng Fei looked at Ning Shu and asked.

Ning Shu shrugged but did not reply.

Although there was no evidence to prove it, it didn’t mean that Cheng Fei didn’t actually do it.

Ning Shu was too lazy to continue pulling out Cheng Fei’s white hair. She took out a doc.u.ment from her bag and said, “This is the divorce agreement. Sign it.”

Cheng Fei took the doc.u.ment, looked at it, and then said, “Do you really think that I will agree to a divorce?”

“How can you not?” Ning Shu said with a smile on his face.

Cheng Fei put the doc.u.ment on the bench. He crossed his arms and calmly said, “Marriage law stipulates that spouses have a mutual obligation to support each other. In case of severe illness, loss of labor capacity, or difficult living conditions of one spouse, the other spouse with the ability to support should take the initiative to undertake the obligation of support.”

Ning Shu nodded. “Such legal provision does indeed exist. However, don’t forget about its premise—that is, whether the feelings between the husband and wife have broken down.

“You want to take my life and fossilize me. Do you think we still have feelings?”

“Of course we do,” Cheng Fei said.

Ning Shu: …

Suddenly, another patient grabbed the divorce agreement from the bench and ran away.

Cheng Fei spread his hands. “Looks like I can’t sign it.”

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Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder's Record of Counterattacks Chapter 2725: No Child Can Be Innocent or Cute in That Kind of Place summary

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