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Everything was as clear as day now.

Maxin was slightly dazed at first when Puppeteer ordered him to look for Lin Sanjiu from the ma.s.s of floating bodies in the sea, but now he knew why. Zeus Lin must not die. If he was dead, then Lin Sanjiu could not be saved anymore, and everything they had done until now would be for naught.

Nevertheless, there were only corpses bobbing up and down in the sea, and Puppeteer was telling him that one of them was Lin Sanjiu?

"Hey, dude, you haven't realized it yet, have you?"

Grabbing the male corpse by his neck, the highest G.o.d said with a lopsided grin, "This Zeus is a traitor. When I set off the tsunami, that guy wearing a leather jacket protected him. However, when he realized that this Zeus was going to die regardless of his protection, he ordered him to do something that all of you have been wanting him to do."

Zeus Lin did not want to die. And if he wanted to save himself from death, he had to take out the [Human Traffickers Roster] so that when his life was in danger, the leecher inside the pocket folder could replace him.

Just as Zeus had planned, the male corpse wearing Lin Sanjiu's choker in the highest G.o.d's hand was a leecher while Zeus Lin himself was absorbed into the roster. It was just that they had no idea whether Lin Sanjiu had regained her body or if she was still a Zeus.

Maxin wanted to sigh. If it weren't for his bad condition and foggy mind, he would've thought it through already and gotten the corpse faster than Zeus.

"Unlike Lin Sanjiu, this leecher cannot store Special Items on his body," Puppeteer suddenly said, his voice soft and soothing to the ears. It drifted along with the fleeting sea breeze above the ocean. After a short pause, he began to speak again, sounding like a storyteller narrating a story. "So long as he did not lose the roster, we can just find it and open it. Then will we know if the one who survived is Zeus or Lin Sanjiu."

Maxin gulped hard.

"Bingo." The highest G.o.d smacked his knee and said mirthfully, "Rest a.s.sured. I can tell you that the roster is still on this corpse. Although I'm not very happy with these Zeus, I have to confess that they indeed put on a good show."

After that, he stretched his arm and patted the head of a Zeus floating near him, looking like a lovely dad giving a compliment to his dear son.

"I didn't expect them to leave me a conundrum. Well, to be honest, I don't know if I will see Zeus or Lin Sanjiu after I open the roster. If it's Zeus, then I will have to punish him. But if it is Lin Sanjiu…"

The highest G.o.d raised his chin, his smooth and powerful mandibular muscles glistening in the sun. His body evinced the glow of excellent nourishment, and his fair skin was smooth as if it had been polished. All of them found it hard to not stare at his well-proportioned body. "If it is Lin Sanjiu, then I will keep her inside the roster as a leecher!"

He c.o.c.ked his head, allowing his mane of golden hair to flow radiantly in the air. "It's quite boring when you are watching a game alone without anybody to talk to. I could use her as my personal digital pet."

Maxin turned and stared woodenly at Puppeteer, but the man clad in black remained silent. He even gave people the impression that he had not moved from his location for a long time.

"Oh, here it is." The highest G.o.d went straight for the belt without thinking twice and pulled out an A4-size pocket folder. There was a label "For Human Traffickers" affixed to the s.h.i.+ny surface of the pocket folder. The pocket folder seemed to be made of waterproof material, as it was still dry even though it had been soaked under the sea for such a long time.

Lowering his head, the highest G.o.d fiddled through the pocket folder.

As if to torture the two men in front of him, this man of unrivaled handsomeness began to look from the first page. The moment he flipped open the pocket folder, he exclaimed, "Oh! It is a female leecher!"

Maxin's heart skipped a beat, then the highest G.o.d sighed.

"It is a female leecher, but it seems that she has been staying inside the pocket folder for seven months already." As he spoke, he raised the pocket folder for them to see. Using the dim sunlight as their only light source, both of them could see that there was a chubby girl inside the plastic sleeve. Her eyes kept rolling around, and she looked like a depiction. Since they were pretty far away from the highest G.o.d, they could not see the leecher's expression clearly. Close to the footer of the page, there was a label full of words. Perhaps it was the description of the leecher.

"You have experienced four near-death experiences even though you have been a leecher for just seven months? What a poor girl," the highest G.o.d exclaimed as he waved his hand at the girl before flipping to the next page. There was a tiny corpse on the next page.

"Ten years old, one more month and he would have been a leecher for a year. Manner of death… unknown? Well, seems like taking care of a digital pet is not an easy task." He pinched the corpse and threw it behind him.

Looking at the highest G.o.d's carefree demeanor, Maxin was so anxious that he wished he could smack the highest G.o.d in the head so that he could speed up.

As if he sensed their impatience, the highest G.o.d slowed down his movement even more.

"A man? Pa.s.s. Hmm, an elderly woman? This is actually pretty entertaining. The folder itself is like a self-sustaining community, there are so many people inside… Ah, this man is so hot!" The highest G.o.d squinted his eyes. "Oh, that's a mirror, my bad. Okay, let's move to the next page… Hey, why are there some cosmetics in here?"

Time ticked by excruciatingly slow. The highest G.o.d continued to blabber on and on and on. Maxin did not know how does Puppeteer felt, but he was on the verge of exploding.

Not every page contained one leecher. When the highest G.o.d finally reached the last page, he raised the roster high and buried his head into it.

After two seconds, he raised his head and offered them a wide grin.

"Guess who I saw?" the highest G.o.d said, his big dewy eyes sparkling. "Was it Zeus or Lin Sanjiu?"

Maxin did not want to guess at all. To rescue Lin Sanjiu, he had spent too much time and energy, and had experienced so many life-or-death situations that he was drained. He just wanted the highest G.o.d to quickly reveal the mystery and get this over with as soon as possible.

The moment the highest G.o.d finished speaking, the two hitchhikers on his shoulders shuddered. Just as he pressed their heads down, he caught something in the corner of his eye and froze. The words escaped his mind, and he forgot what he wanted to say.

The highest G.o.d seemed to not have realized anything. With a gleeful grin plastered on his face, he waited excitedly for the two men's answers.

A tiny, unwholesome hand belonging to a child stretched forward silently from his back. There were patches of purple-red colors on the back of its hand. The hand stopped and hovered just below the highest G.o.d's armpit. Then, it flicked its two fingers.

A blackened fingernail shot out like a bullet and hit the folder out of the highest G.o.d's hand. After the folder was freed from the highest G.o.d's clutch, it continued to travel across the sea at high speed towards Puppeteer.

'When did Puppeteer— It seems that the highest G.o.d is not as powerful as he seems—'

The two thoughts flitted across Maxin's brain, and before they could fully take shape, they were shattered by the sudden change of events.

The folder stopped abruptly in the air. Like a gaping mouth, it fluttered weakly above the ocean as it fought against two different pulling forces.

"You surprised me," the das.h.i.+ng G.o.d giggled. He did look like Zeus now. He spun his head, and the child's corpse fell into the ocean with a plop.

"When did you take control of the corpse? I did not see you move around. Anyway, I have to confess that you people who came from another world are indeed full of tricks."

Unlike the highest G.o.d, who seemed to have an easy time, Puppeteer's muscles were all pulled taut. His jacket chattered loudly and his forehead was full of cold sweat. Under his head of black hair, the red glitter around his eyes flickered incessantly.

The pocket folder fluttered like a leaf caught in the autumn wind. It did not move forward but slowly inched towards the highest G.o.d instead. The highest G.o.d yawned and stretched his two legs as he drawled, "Why don't you just give up? There is no way you can win against me."

Ji Shanqing on Maxin's shoulder budged as if he was waking up from his unconscious state. When Maxin lowered his head to look at the grand prize, he heard Puppeteer sneer.

"Then I don't want it." His voice was as gloomy and cold as always.

Before they knew it, Puppeteer let go of the pocket folder. When the pocket folder was returning to the highest G.o.d, a gush of waves rammed into it from below.

The folder was shredded into countless pieces. As the Special Item was destroyed, several figures were thrown into the air.

As Maxin stared at the few figures in a daze, Ji Shanqing had fully awakened and raised his head as well. The black in his eyes enlarged, and the figure in the sky got bigger and bigger.


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