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After spending 150 million possession coins, Rogen was satisfied with what he got that time.

Looking at the system balance again, Rogen nodded.

"90 million possession coins."

There were still 90 million remaining, all of which remain and can be used next time.

Next, Rogen's plan was very simple, practicing the Dragon Elephant Prajna, combining the internal strength of each level, and creating the strongest method suitable for his own practice.

As long as his own physical quality and internal strength reach a certain level, his combat power would inevitably be able to step up again.


At this time, Rogen shouted.


Rogen turned back and wondered.

"Are we still going to the North Blue?"

After thinking for a moment, Rogen nodded.

"Go to the North Blue, and at the fastest speed!"

East Blue, South Blue, where he has been, the marines would surely make a strict investigation. Having experienced this world himself, he knew very well that the Marines were not such a fool at all because of its meticulous thinking and sophisticated experience. They have a large number of people and great strength. They were very strong in the places where he has been, and they will deploy their troops to make strict checks again.

Considering the actual situation, the so-called most dangerous place is the safest place. During that time, Rogen naturally would not be very stupid to go to the marines.

"If we don't delay, it is estimated that we can reach the North blue in about a half year!"

Jason scratched his head.

Rogen frowned when he heard this.

"Half year?"

"Can this time be reduced?"

Jason was stunned and then raised his eyebrow, thought about it for a moment and said.

"If we can change to a faster s.h.i.+p, we would be able to reach The North Blue in four months!"

“Can it be shorter?”

Rogen was wondering again.

Rouge's belly, he's afraid that she can't wait for so long!

Giving birth on the board? Rogen didn't think of such a thing, but if she did it in the South Blue, it would be even worse. The Marines weren't stupid to not monitor pregnant women and babies who speak out during this period.

On second thought, Jason shook his head and said.

"No, unless we pa.s.s through the Calm Belt!"

"Calm belt!"

Rogen's eyes condensed.

He clearly knew about this unique area of the One Piece World, this is a region without wind. Without the wind, the boat would be unable to sail, and also there were a lot of sea kings.

"Yes, we are very close to the Calm Belt, and the distance would be very short by entering the Grand line through the Calm Belt, and then we can reach the North Blue by the Grand Line."

Jason answered.

"The s.h.i.+p won't be able to sail, and also we don't have Kairōseki to avoid sea kings!"

Mumbling, Rogen knew the difficulty of this matter.

Basically, it is an impossible event.

"Yes, our s.h.i.+p is simply not able to support such a voyage, captain, unless we can fly. Otherwise, if we did not pa.s.s through the Calm Belt, we must give up!"

Jason shook his head and said that with a serious tone.

He was very clear about the danger of the Calm Belt, so Rogen wasn't recommended to choose this one.

"Unless, we can fly!"

Rogen was slightly frozen, but his eyebrows were opened.

"How long will it take to get through the Calm Belt and enter the Grand Line?"

"Only entering the Grand Line?"

Jason was stunned and then reacted.

"A month at most!"

They were very close to the Grand Line. It won't even take then a month to get through the Calm Belt.

Rogen's face showed a smile, which is much easier to do.

If he remembers correctly, among the unique skills, he has previously exchanged, just one could fly.

"The White Phoenix!"

Mumbling, Rogen had a faint smile on his face.

"Jason, turn around, let's go to Urgot Island!"

“Ah? How can I get there?"

Jason asked with a blank face.

“Because there are birds, there are big birds!”

Rogen said.

On his way to Baterilla Island, Rogen heard stories of Pirates saying that there were huge and fierce birds, for the White Phoenix weren't a problem at all.

As long as they could fly pa.s.sing through the Calm Belt, that would be easy.

The Dragon Root quickly turned the bow and sailed towards the island of big birds.

The island wasn't far from their location, and even from the chart, it takes less than five hours to get there.

Walking on the deck, Rogen saw Rouge with the little master together watering on the orange tree. He couldn't help but reveal a faint smile.

'After a lot of hard work, we finally got results, didn't we?'

Wait until Ace born, and then watch him grow up to a suitable age, live a leisurely life, and then teach him to be a good son.

Such a life, Rogen was looking forward to, and he likes it.

'Very beautiful, isn't it? '

Sitting cross-legged on the deck, he closed his eyes and began meditating, conceiving the practice of internal strength. There are countless exercises work in his mind, about the impact of the meridians, the methods of Chi operation, constantly circulating, a series of fantastic ideas were thought continuously up by him, but constantly overturned.

Soon, four hours pa.s.sed, and they already saw an island in front of them.

Urgot Island, here we are.

Slowly opening his eyes, Rogen's eyes had some insight, a period of insight, he was thinking, he probably had a structure about internal work in his mind.

“There are many acupuncture points in the human body, such as stars in the sky. Every time an acupoint is impacted, the energy in the body will expand and become stronger.”

“Running energy and impacting these acupoints will make me able to gain strength different from ordinary people and to sublimate my physical quality.”

According to the meridians and acupoints, almost all the exercises are involved. Rogen's natural clarity, internal forces, and Chi cultivation were closely related to these human acupoints. The meridians and acupoints of the human body are connected in series, presenting regular or irregular patterns, just like the constellations in the sky. In the darkness, these acupoints s.h.i.+ne, instilling a steady stream of energy and running the entire body.

Rogen's idea at the moment was to run these acupoints and connect them together to form a huge and complicated map so that the acupoints in his body s.h.i.+ne like the bright stars in the sky at night.

“I have to deliberate and ponder over it carefully.”

The Dragon Root was already near the coast of the Island.

Jason made a little modification on Rouge's appearance and on him to disguise, and then everyone walked off the boat.

Just as they walked in the island, there was a sudden scream in the town.

“Look, there is a lot of paper.”

“What is it? Does the seagull sprinkle newspapers in the sky?”

“It's the newspaper bird that actually comes so much."

When Rogen and others heard it, they immediately turned and looked.

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