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Chapter 2025: Scavengers

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

Mo Fan had not used his magic, so Ya.s.sen’s Aura did not target him. However, he had to admit that Ya.s.sen was strong. He had completely nullified their magic!


“You better think twice before you talk, or you’re only going to bring more shame to yourself,” Mo Fan did not mind giving Xing Hui another blow when he saw the man was so angry that he was struggling to speak properly.

Mo Fan turned around and wrapped his arm around Mu Ningxue’s slim waist before strutting away.

Scolding the wildest dog and hugging the prettiest woman. Nothing feels better than this!

The campfire was set for another cold night.

The Scar of Tianshan Mountain was too cold. Those people with weaker cultivations were showing symptoms of frostbite.

The temperature of their bodies was too low, so their blood was having difficulties circulating. The symptoms were worse than alt.i.tude sickness. Many people had red patches on their bodies.

The patches often took up a large area, like the whole chest, an arm, or a leg. They would struggle to walk if their legs were frostbitten.

They found themselves in such a harsh environment after escaping from a deadly species. The Scar of Tianshan Mountain was indeed a no man’s land!

“Ya.s.sen, we are bringing a huge group to the Snow Heaven Gate. Are we really going to share the petals of the Tianshan Sacred Lotus equally with them?” Senior Hunter Klope said.

Ya.s.sen’s team had two Senior Hunters. The rest of the team were Seven Star Hunter Masters with a certain variance in strength.

Having an outstanding cultivation would not necessarily solve every problem in a harsh environment. A Senior Hunter was willing to bring a Healer with them, even if the Healer was only an Intermediate Mage. However, the Healer had to know how to defend themselves to a certain degree.

The others who were not Super Mages had special capabilities to help them overcome certain dangers. However, the two Senior Hunters were mainly focused on the fighting.

“We’ve already lost many men on the way here. We have a huge advantage in knowing the precise location of the Tianshan Sacred Lotus, but have you even thought of the possibility that we won’t even make it? If so, I would rather share it with them equally,” Ya.s.sen said.

“Sharing equally…

“You still don’t understand what I’m saying. Seriously, do I always have to explain everything? I’m telling you, it’s going to rain soon, and there’s a stall renting umbrellas nearby. You shouldn’t keep staring at the sky to see if it’s raining. You should rent the umbrellas, and at three times the price to the people who didn’t want their branded clothes getting wet,” Ya.s.sen said.

“What does that have anything to do with this?” Klope asked blankly.

“Seriously, your comprehension… forget it, no wonder you only fool around with hookers instead of finding an actual companion,” Ya.s.sen sighed.

“There is nothing wrong with hookers. They just leave after I pay them.”

“Knowing where to find a delicious cake isn’t enough. We can’t afford the huge cake ourselves. We should tell the others so we all chip in to buy it, and we all have a chance to taste it…” Ya.s.sen hinted.

“Just do whatever you want, then. You make the calls.”

Ya.s.sen shared the location of the Tianshan Sacred Lotus with the alliance. Everyone was shocked.

“I was explaining it to Klope just now. To be honest with you, I don’t have a choice. It’s normal for us to keep something good to ourselves, but I know better than anyone else that not a single team here can claim it on their own, so I have decided to share its location with you. I hope we stop the meaningless infighting and focus on how we can acquire the Tianshan Sacred Lotus with the remaining manpower we have. I don’t care if you’re planning something or you have ulterior motives that you can’t share with others. Even if we do end up fighting one another for it in the end, you must remember one thing: no one will benefit from it if we don’t find the Tianshan Sacred Lotus first!” Ya.s.sen exclaimed.

Ya.s.sen had made it very clear. The groups were only allies on the surface, but tearing at one another before they found the treasure was the most stupid decision possible!

Mercenaries, Hunters, renowned clans, explorers; they had all come to make a profit. They all had to admit that Ya.s.sen had helped to raise their morale after sharing the location of the Tianshan Sacred Lotus with them.

They had been losing men along the way, but didn’t that mean that those who were alive were able to share more of the loot?

The alliance was still very strong when they worked together, and the journey was a lot smoother. The species they encountered after the Frosty Ancient Eagles were not as united or so large in numbers.

The weakest creatures in the Scar of Tianshan Mountain were Commander-level creatures. On the other hand, the alliance mostly consisted of Mages in the Advanced Level and above. They had no problem getting rid of a small group of Commander-level creatures!

“Look out, three powerful creatures are heading our way. The scent of blood must have attracted them!” Nanyu was using her Sound Element to warn the alliance about any approaching danger.

“Are they coming at us?” asked.

“They should be observing us, but the people at the rear should be more careful. They will pick on those who are stranded and trapped first… I can’t tell how strong they are, but they are at least Great Commander-level creatures,” Nanyu informed them.

“I hate the kind of demon creatures that roam around the edges!”

“Even the weasels here know that when two dogs are fighting for a bone, the third is going to run away with it.”

There were two kinds of demon creatures in the Scar of Tianshan Mountain. The first kind would keep pursuing them recklessly once they trespa.s.sed into its territory. Those creatures mostly lived in packs. They had to ensure their status and reputation in the Scar of Tianshan Mountain, so other species would not dare to provoke them.

The second kind was the cunning type. They would not involve themselves in a battle easily. They liked to roam around the edges of a battlefield, and only made their moves when they were confident of winning the fight. Otherwise, they would keep watching until they finally gave up.

These scavengers were a huge threat. Humans were not welcome on Tianshan Mountain, so it was easy for blood to be shed, which would attract many roaming species to them.

They had cleared obstacles, killed countless demon creatures, and advanced by stepping on the remains of Commander-level creatures. They thought they had cleared a path. Little did they know that a huge number of scavengers had set their eyes on the group.

The scavengers were like the flies that kept flying around a person’s face in summer. You could not shake them off, and they would maintain a safe distance from you.

That being said, flies did not attack humans. It was more appropriate to describe the scavengers as vultures. They would circle in the sky and wait until the fights were close to an end or their prey were worn out before diving on them to clean up the mess!

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