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Chapter 3150  Going All Out

"You audacious servant! I'm Ibrahim, the Duke of Shadow! I gave you that power! How dare you insult me?! I'll take away your Shadow Element to show you who truly controls your power!" the enraged Duke of Shadow shouted.

At their level, they did not care about social niceties. After all, they rarely faced any rules that could restrict them.

Most Dark Kings acted like mischievous children, and they did as they pleased without caring about right or wrong.

Angering them did not always result in instant death. Instead, it often led to endless divine retribution and demonic torture.

The Eye of Shadow suddenly appeared on the Duke of Shadow's forehead, and it gave off an intimidating aura. To others, it seemed like he had just opened an eye on his forehead. But from Mo Fan's view, the Duke of Shadow's body had suddenly grown so tall that he could touch the stars!

It felt like there was darkness in the universe because of his tall figure. Mo Fan felt incredibly tiny in comparison. He was suddenly overwhelmed with an urge to wors.h.i.+p the duke.

Mo Fan started to gradually bend over, like a thirsty person in the desert groveling for water. Everyone could tell that a strong force was trying to make him kneel. However, he was fighting it with all of his strength.

Mo Fan started to gradually bend over, like a thirsty person in the desert groveling for water. Everyone could tell that a strong force was trying to make him kneel. However, he was fighting it with all of his strength.

So, this was the power of a Dark King? He did not even have to attack. A little show of dominance was enough to make others kneel.

As Mo Fan's body bent, the divine dark mountain in his Spiritual World began to fall apart.

The divine dark mountain symbolized his Shadow Element Forbidden Curse. Mo Fan was shocked that the Duke of Shadow could actually take away his dark powers!

In a corner of the royal court, Zhao Manyan watched the battle of the century in disbelief while he hid from the l.u.s.tful Dragon d.u.c.h.ess.

How was Mo Fan going to fight the Duke of Shadow?

The duke could easily take away his Forbidden Curse!

The Forbidden Curse was top-tier in the mortal world, but on the Dark Plane, it had to obey its master's will. The Duke of Shadow could take away any power or divine state at any moment!

Zhao Manyan thought that Mo Fan was about to kneel before the Duke of Shadow. Just then, he heard Mo Fan burst into laughter in the fiery streets.

His icy laughter showed his contempt for the Duke of Shadow.

"You only have two types of Forbidden Curses. Without the Shadow Element, you won't last three rounds against me. Laughing won't make you seem dignified. It'll just make you look like a clown!" The Duke of Shadow's tone was full of scorn.

"It seems that you have little knowledge about the mortal world." Mo Fan's willpower was strong. Not only did he refuse to kneel, but he slowly straightened his posture as well.

"I don't need to care about an insignificant world." The Duke of Shadow expressed his disdain for the mortal world.

"Times have changed!" A strange, dim light, which looked like a solar eclipse, began to glow around Mo Fan.

During a solar eclipse, it might appear as if it was nighttime, but it was actually just the moon blocking the sun. The sun's brightness remained the same.

Mo Fan had mastered all types of elements. Even if the Duke of Shadow took away his Shadow Element, he could create it again with other magic.

This new Shadow Element Magic was unlike anything that the Duke of Shadow bestowed upon people. If Mo Fan shared the magic he created through Fusion Magic with others, he would ascend to the divine state and become the Shadow King!

Right then, Mo Fan grabbed the Little Loach Pendant hanging from his chest.

Inside the pendant, the ten thousand Soul Essences forged in the Four Spirits Killing Fields suddenly turned into green flames. These flames lit up the entire Nether Ocean and formed a green-colored sun.

The immense energy was as ma.s.sive as the sky itself. It flowed from the pendant to Mo Fan's hands and body.

The second Mo Fan's body burst into green flames, the raging ghostly fire that engulfed the ancient dark city briefly went out!

In the next moment, the fire of h.e.l.l surged once more and quickly turned the ma.s.sive ancient dark city into an inferno. However, the fire this time was not blue and cold but green and hot.

"Whoa! He's going all out right at the beginning!" Zhao Manyan exclaimed from afar.

"Oh, my honey, there you are. Let me give you some love!" the l.u.s.tful Dragon d.u.c.h.ess roared excitedly. She then headed toward Zhao Manyan's hiding spot with powerful steps.

"You monster, that's it! I've put up with you for too long, but you won't stop! Looks like I'll have to deal with you once and for all!" Zhao Manyan realized that if Mo Fan was going all out, he had nothing to fear!

Mo Fan did not show any intention of holding back.

He wanted to take things step by step, but his opponent was one of the strongest in the world. If he did not transform into a demon right away, he would not last three rounds against the Duke of Shadow.

"This is interesting. It looks like the Evil Saint King does have what it takes to survive angel attacks in the mortal world," the King of Night and Day evaluated Mo Fan's abilities from the head seat.

The Duke of Shadow frowned when he realized that Mo Fan was not bound by the origins of magic!

In all of human history, only a handful of people had been able to create magic. Others merely built upon preexisting magic.

However, the King of Night and Day was not surprised by this. He knew that Mo Fan was not the founder. Feng Zhoulong was the one who had bestowed Mo Fan with Fusion Magic.

Their fight had extended to the Dark Plane. With that said, the King of Night and Day enjoyed gossip from the mortal world, and he would even set up chess games.

The King of Night and Day continued to watch with interest. He did not plan on interfering with the battle between the Duke of Shadow and Mo Fan. In fact, he looked forward to seeing what impressive feats Mo Fan would deliver.

"Wen Tai, you organized this dinner. Now that the food is attacking one of us, what are you planning to do?" the Cursed Queen expressed some dissatisfaction.

When Mo Fan targeted her earlier, the other Dark Kings did not say a word! Since when had the Dark Kings been so agreeable?

"Well, let's treat it as pre-dinner entertainment. Even when I was alive, I never liked boring parties. Our Greek heroes often treated us to exciting battles," Wen Tai explained.

"Public opinion of us Dark Kings has always been negative. Maybe we need to consider if we've been too focused on purity and have neglected elegance as well as wisdom."

"A barbarian who becomes a Dark King stays a barbarian. But a cultured and wise person who becomes a Dark King remains cultured and wise."

"I find this quite interesting. Let's see how the Duke of Shadow deals with the Evil Saint King."

The other Dark Kings all agreed not to interfere.

They did not usually team up anyway. Most of the time, they were wary of each other. They had only gathered there because the balance of power on the Dark Plane might change due to the Evil Saint King and the True Soul King.

It did not matter to them who became the next Duke of Shadow. They only cared about remaining powerful.

They did not care whether the Evil Saint King or the Duke of Shadow would become food for them today.

They just wanted to eat.

While the other Dark Kings chatted, the demonized Mo Fan stepped forward to confront the Duke of Shadow.

The Duke of Shadow was indeed in his physical form, and he could freely change his body. He could choose whatever body he deemed most suitable to face his enemies.

The Duke of Shadow was likely once a half-human. His pale face and large fangs suggested connections to many creatures like werewolves, vampires, and harpy witches from the West. He probably created them using his blood and imagination.

Seeing Mo Fan extend his claws like a demonic wolf, the Duke of Shadow transformed into the towering Shadow Wolf King.

He roared to provoke Mo Fan, and their claws clashed. The Duke of Shadow was elusive, and Mo Fan could not get close enough to injure him. So, Mo Fan quickly switched to his Soul Shadow form and summoned the Black Dragon Soul he had acquired earlier.

The Black Dragon Soul gave Mo Fan dragon horns on his forehead, which made him look like a war G.o.d who descended from dragons. He could even breathe fire like an actual dragon!

The Duke of Shadow transformed again too. Besides the terrifying vertical Eye of Shadow and the innate divine power of his shadowy body, he had a pair of wings on his back and h.e.l.lish horns on his head.

After a fierce struggle, the Duke of Shadow gained the upper hand. He swung a ma.s.sive black shadow ax, and each strike caused the ground to tremble. The ancient dark city split into two and revealed a scorching bone river below.

Seeing that Mo Fan was being struck down into the bone river below, the Duke of Shadow smirked. He even appeared somewhat satisfied as he glanced at the other Dark Kings. It was as if he was trying to show that he was not the weakest among them.

Meanwhile, Mo Fan climbed out of the river of flowing bones. He checked his body and realized one of his arms was missing. However, he did not seem too concerned.

With just a thought, green flames took the place of his missing arm. As the flame burned and tempered, a brand-new arm quickly formed.

So long as the green flames were not extinguished, Mo Fan could be reborn from them. Hence, he was not worried when his body got injured.

Nevertheless, Mo Fan realized that relying solely on the Black Dragon Soul was not enough. He needed to borrow another source of power.

"Azure Dragon, give me some of your power!" Mo Fan said to the Azure Dragon within the pendant.

The Azure Dragon had just had a feast. It might be a little hard to wake it up for battle, but transforming his Demon Element again was not a problem.

After the Black Dragon Soul faded away, the Azure Dragon's shadow appeared behind Mo Fan.

The shadow transformed his body as if it were being remade. Clear Green Dragon symbols appeared on his body, and the dragon blood coursing through his veins was hot. The powerful green flames within the ancient dark city also spread across the barren lands outside the city walls.

Soon, the land turned into a sea of green flames. Mo Fan stood at the center, and he was bathed in a miraculous light!

Even though he appeared human, his skeletal reflection was of an ancient Azure Dragon. The light that his divine eyes emitted was so intense it could pierce through the vast mountain ranges. He was unstoppable!

Feeling the power of the Azure Dragon's soul, the flames of the Forbidden Curse began to flicker within the depths of Mo Fan's eyes.

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