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Chapter 3151  Thousand Swords Convergence

Once someone became a Forbidden Mage, they had control over how they used Forbidden Curses.

Mo Fan was most skilled in combat. His demonic physique gave him the advantage in hand-to-hand fighting. Combined with his immense magic power, he could practically destroy everything.

When Mo Fan delivered a punch, the Azure Dragon's shadow appeared. It was big enough to wrap around an entire country.

The Duke of Shadow realized how dangerous this power was. He instantly transformed into millions of bats and flew off in every direction.

These bats covered the sky like a dense cloud. It was impossible to tell which one was the Duke of Shadow.

At the same time, Mo Fan abruptly disappeared.

When the other Dark Kings finally spotted Mo Fan, they were surprised to see him hovering high above. He then dived down and fiercely struck his fists out. Soon, intense green flames crashed down upon the Dark Plane like countless stars. The whole thing resembled an apocalyptic scene.

As the fiery green stars fell, they arranged themselves into patterns like astrological signs. Surprisingly, these patterns mirrored the Azure Dragon's skeletal reflection in the thin layer of water on the ground.

When the Duke of Shadow looked down, he spotted the Azure Dragon's skeletal reflection in the water below. But when he looked up, he saw a ma.s.sive mouth swallowing the sky. It seemed like a primal dragon had emerged from the universe, and it was ready to engulf the Dark Plane as if it was devouring fruit.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

A deep sound, like a death knell, echoed throughout the Dark Plane. In the distance, the Galaxy of the Yin Energy G.o.d was in turmoil. The mountains crumbled into pieces, and the ancient dark city sank into the underground bone river.

The river of bones flooded the st.u.r.dy ancient dark city, and the locals were eventually submerged.

The "seats" of the other Dark Kings were destroyed, so they had no choice but to stand while they "ate."

Right then, the Cursed Queen stepped out of a barrier. When she saw the once-intact world crumbling, her face turned pale.

She suddenly realized that her recent backing down might have been her intuition warning her. It was telling her that the Evil Saint King was a mad person. While she might have a strategy to deal with him, she would be done for if he chose to attack her without restraint.

It was useless even if the Duke of Shadow transformed into millions of bats. To Mo Fan, he was just a cloud in the sky.

Mo Fan did not care where the Duke of Shadow was hiding. He did not bother to find out if the duke was using the Duplication Technique or Puppet Technique either. He only knew that the duke was there, so he blasted the entire area.

Eventually, the Duke of Shadow showed himself.

He looked like a sparrow struck down by lightning. Although he did not die immediately, the celestial punishment left him completely disoriented.

Nevertheless, he was the Duke of Shadow. His powerful Shadow Element was all about rules, manipulation, deception, and counterattacks.

He was like a medieval magician with a bag of tools for tricking and torturing people. His skills were impressive, but he was being confronted by a modern artillery expert. This artilleryman did not give him a chance to showcase his magic tricks and straightaway bombarded him with cannon fire.

There seemed to be a clear winner in this battle between the master of a single element and an expert in various elements!

It was terrifying! How could someone combine Fire Element Magic, s.p.a.ce Element Magic, Summoning Element Magic, and Earth Element Magic all at once and then unleash it like that?!

Mixing different elements could cause powerful reactions! It could turn regular Super Level Magic into something as potent as the Forbidden Curse when the elements kept intensifying!

Besides, Mages had fragile bodies. Was Mo Fan not afraid of blowing himself up?

"Not bad. You managed to survive that attack. A low-level king from the mortal world would've been burned to ashes," Mo Fan praised the shaken Duke of Shadow. Hearing this, the duke felt insulted again.

What did Mo Fan mean? As the ultimate master of the Shadow Element, how could he not have even the most basic of defensive abilities? After all, agility was the Shadow Element's strongest aspect.

He was incredibly agile, and he had flawless evasion skills!

"Don't think you're the only one who can heal broken limbs!" Despite having numerous holes in his body, the Duke of Shadow remained unaffected.

With a casual shake, he transformed into a shadowy form. After a few seconds, he returned to his solid state with a completely healed body.

Mo Fan frowned.

The Duke of Shadow could heal himself too.

Had all that effort Mo Fan put into attacking him earlier been pointless?

"Mo Fan, as long as the Duke of Shadow has magic power, he can keep healing himself," Mu Bai reminded.

"Oh, so we need to drain his magic power first?" Mo Fan asked.

"Do you see that vertical eye of his? That thing can keep giving him magic power," Asha'ruiya, who had already betrayed Mo Fan, added.

Among the higher-ups on the Dark Plane, the Duke of Shadow's abilities were no secret.

Even so, the Duke of Shadow was displeased. He was fighting against Mo Fan, yet someone from his side had revealed his secret to his enemy. "Wen Tai, keep your people in line!" the Duke of Shadow snapped.

"Just focus on yourself. If he's skilled in all elements, he could combine them in different ways to create the deadliest Fusion Forbidden Curse against you," Wen Tai replied.

His words sounded like a warning to the Duke of Shadow, but he looked terrified when he heard them.

Meanwhile, Mo Fan's eyes lit up.

Wen Tai was right. In theory, the Light Element was supposed to counter the Shadow Element. But ordinary Light Element Magic would not affect someone as powerful as the Duke of Shadow. In that case, Mo Fan could create a unique Light Element Forbidden Curse!

It was similar to using insecticide. If bugs were immune to regular insecticides, he could buy all the bug poisons available and mix them to find the most effective combination against the bugs!

However, Mo Fan would not dare use this level of magic in the mortal world. Even a Pseudo Forbidden Curse would draw complaints from everyone, let alone the Fusion Forbidden Curse and Forbidden Curse of any element.

Fortunately, the Dark Plane was huge.

Additionally, his opponent was a Dark King with a nearly immortal body. It made him the perfect subject for experimentation.

Having mastered the Demon Element, Mo Fan was skilled in all elements. He could also create Forbidden Curses with Fusion Magic.

Although Mo Fan had only recently learned the Light Element, he did not need to rely solely on it for destructive power.

If he used the Lightning Element as the core and wrapped it with the Light Element, would the energy explosion produce lightning or light? Mo Fan did not know, but he was not bothered by it. As long as it could kill the enemy, it was worth a try!

Mo Fan wasted no time and began creating the Light Element Forbidden Curse.

A powerful Light Element spell he remembered was the Divine Judgment.

Light charms surrounded the ma.s.sive Divine Judgment Swords that descended from the sky, and they could suppress all evil spirits.

So, he decided to create a deluxe version!

"Divine Judgment!"

Mo Fan cast the spell at an incredible speed. It felt like thousands of machines were printing his Spiritual World's Star Constellation and Star Palace on a super-fast a.s.sembly line simultaneously.

First, he decided to create the Light Element Pseudo Forbidden Curse.

The Pseudo Forbidden Curse involved stacking many Super Level spells with Mo Fan's enhanced Star Sons. While others' Super Level Magic only had three levels, Mo Fan could elevate his to the eighth or ninth level. Then, he merged these spells and infused them with thunder, fire, and other destructive forces to complete the Pseudo Forbidden Curse.

Of course, all Pseudo Forbidden Curses relied heavily on Dimensional Magic.

Mo Fan added the s.p.a.ce Element Seal, used the Chaos Element to increase the speed, and modified it with the Shadow Element.

Nothing was off-limits for Forbidden Curses; he added a little of everything.

After some experimenting, Mo Fan finally created a powerful one!

At first, only a ma.s.sive Divine Judgment Sword appeared next to him. Usually, the Divine Judgment would drop straight down from the sky, hit the ground, and create a shockwave.

However, Mo Fan's Divine Judgment was different. It hovered horizontally beside him, like a floating light battles.h.i.+p where someone could stand.

As Mo Fan chanted the Seal spell in his mind, more and more Divine Judgment Swords quickly appeared. They formed a neat line beside him.

Yet, that was not enough. With a loud command from Mo Fan, the line of Divine Judgment Swords split into two, then into four, and then into eight…

Countless Divine Judgment Swords instantly surrounded Mo Fan. It was the Divine Judgment Matrix!

This matrix was interconnected. Faint Thunder Emperor Formations could be seen responding to each line of Divine Judgment Swords to create the Thunder Law Seal.

The densely packed giant swords looked like towering peaks, which Mo Fan wielded as his weapons.

"What?! Thousand Swords Convergence?! You're a mage, not a swordmaster of the Light Element!" Zhao Manyan, an experienced Light Element Mage, was astonished!

At this moment, Mo Fan looked like a Light Element swordmaster. He gave off such a fierce, oppressive aura that even the Dark Kings found it unbelievable.

Mo Fan looked at them arrogantly and confidently.

He could create the same powerful attacks as those in cultivation novels. So, what else could he not do?

He had surpa.s.sed the fundamental rules of magic. The difference between magic and divine skills was merely in the name.

Since G.o.d found it too dim and wanted more light, the Thousand Swords Convergence would light everything up!

The Divine Judgment Matrix: Thunder Law Seal was complete. With a wave of his hand, Mo Fan sent it flying out.

At first, he did not intend to include the Chaos Seal because his spells usually targeted a broad area instead of a single part.

However, because the Duke of Shadow was skilled in various evasion techniques, Mo Fan added the Chaos Seal to the Divine Judgment Matrix: Thunder Law Seal. This addition would enhance its tracking ability, so the matrix could effectively target moving enemies instead of just bombarding a fixed area.

The Duke of Shadow was undoubtedly skilled when it came to evasion. Even though the Divine Judgment Matrix: Thunder Law Seal was such an intense attack, he managed to avoid it.

The Duke of Shadow flew high, hid underground, vanished into the clouds, and merged into the shadows. He even tried to hide in Mo Fan's shadow. But being a Shadow Element Forbidden Mage, Mo Fan blocked off that last escape route.

Also, the Divine Judgment Matrix destroyed anything it encountered. It would not vanish just because its target evaded it. The swords would change direction and move together in a precise formation, like a fleet of s.p.a.ces.h.i.+ps.

With that said, the Duke of Shadow was incredibly skilled. Even when the Divine Judgment Matrix changed direction, he could quickly create illusions to confuse it. This made the matrix, which was not fast enough, search for him like an angry swarm of bees.

Shortly after, something made all the Dark Kings stand up and watch.

The Divine Judgment Matrix created various rifts for dimensional hopping. They seemed to be heading toward the Galaxy of the Yin Energy G.o.d, but they vanished soon after. Unexpectedly, they emerged from underground and soared toward the Duke of Shadow, who was hiding in the clouds.

As the Duke of Shadow flew down and merged with the dark ground, numerous Divine Judgment Swords crashed down like torrential rain. They pounded the ground until it became a vast ma.s.s of emptiness, and the Duke of Shadow had nowhere to hide.

Magic that could change direction and track targets was already impressive. But the fact that the Divine Judgment Matrix could open portals to chase its target and even teleport when left far behind was absurd!

The Divine Judgment Matrix continued to flicker on the Dark Plane. It swept across the place like a roaring sword, fell like a rain of swords, formed a storm of light swords, and transformed into a group of shadowy that suddenly appeared behind the enemy.

The Duke of Shadow was powerful, but he was being chased relentlessly, like a loser.

It was not that he could not fight back. It was just that he had never faced such a situation before.

Mo Fan had employed a clever strategy. If he could not defeat his opponent directly, he would wear him down!

As for whether this magic was draining, it was not in the slightest.

It was just stacking one spell on top of another so that each spell would be much stronger than it would be individually.

Even though the Divine Judgment Matrix appeared to consist of several thousand Super Level spells, Mo Fan had only used a few Dimensional Magic spells. So, the energy consumption was not as high as others might a.s.sume.

Once he activated the Demon Element, he would master all magic elements and be able to use them as he pleased!

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