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Chapter 140: One Against Ten Thousand

“You guys go over there! Search carefully! That spy won’t be able to escape!”

“Put out the fire, hurry! Bring water over!”

“Why isn’t this fire going out?!”

Chaos ensued in the camp. There were shouts, firelight, and hurried footsteps everywhere. Many entertainers were killed in the soldiers’ anger, their bodies left on the ground. There was a dead woman lying face-up on a haystack, her eyes unwilling to close in death due to her grievances. If she could still see, she would know that her murderer was hiding in that haystack.

Gong Jue wiped away the powder on his face. His movements were slow and his eyes carefully followed the search team that was drawing closer and closer.

He was wearing the same black armor as the enemy, but his hair was still done in a woman’s fas.h.i.+on. He couldn’t move too much because the armor on his body made too much sound. However, he also couldn’t move slowly because they were already right in front of him.

At last, as the group drew closer, he leaned down and saw them separate to search. He waited until all of them were looking elsewhere before quickly running out! He sent a sword backwards into the body of the woman on the haystack! Blood splashed on him and someone turned around. He smiled darkly, his blood-splattered face made it hard to tell what he looked like.

“I wanted to see if she was pretending to be dead!”

The soldier stopped looking at him after hearing his explanation, minding his own business as he searched the haystack. If Gong Jue was just one second slower or faster earlier, the others would’ve seen that he had come out of the haystack. Of course, if that were the case, he also had a solution.

He was daring to the extreme and followed the others in search of the spies.

There were more than 10,000 soldiers guarding the supplies, and Gong Jue even saw a few teenagers the same age as him.

But he didn’t want to gamble so the blood on his face and the darkness of the night were his best protection.

They searched for a long time but couldn’t find anyone. Someone looked at the burning grain with a crying face and yelled, “Are those people dead or something? Why is the fire not going out?! The general is going to arrive soon! If it goes on like this, none of us are going to escape!”

Someone whispered, “I heard that wine was used to set the fire…”

“How is that possible? How can wine be set on fire?!”

“It is indeed wine. A few days ago, an entertainer gave a formula to make wine stronger. It was especially delicious to drink and the generals liked it very much in particular. After a few days of drinking, the guards died at the hands of one person… because they were drunk…”

“That is the case! I also drank some of that wine yesterday, and it is very strong! The generals were all very satisfied. I wanted to make a lot of money on this wine once I return to the city, but I never thought this would be the cause of our disaster today!”

“Who knew that wine could be burned? It’s totally unheard of!”

Following behind them, Gong Jue also revealed an expression of pain. However, in his heart, he was quickly calculating if there were any loopholes.

He caught that woman earlier and asked if she wanted to make a deal with him.

Gong Jue told her that as long as he can return to his country and she to Lou Ye, he will tell her a way to make a fortune!

That is, by using distilled alcohol!

You must be aware that Lou Ye and the Great Yu were the same: wine was mostly created using fruits and rice and the alcohol percentage was low. Since these heroic men often drank wine like water on horseback, most people in Lou Ye wouldn’t get drunk until they consume thousand cups!

But this young man said there was a way to make wine especially strong! If this was true, then it would be very popular in Lou Ye!

The woman also had some schemes in her heart. If this person in front of her really had a way to make wine stronger, she can always lead him in then expose him later. If his method was false… then she will directly send him to the guards. Whichever route she chose, it would be a great accomplishment!

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