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Chapter 181: Sleeping in His Embrace (2)

Also, when she doesn't laugh and silently stares at you, those clear eyes that contained all things can cause the onlooker to fall deeply. When she closed them, her visage appeared peaceful and gentle. However, there was always a trace of unmelting sadness in her brow.

Gong Jue touched her eyebrow with a finger. This face…he had envisioned them thousands of times in his mind.

Her lashes were long, her face paler and more delicate. Her facial features gradually matured…Someday, no matter how smart she is, people will not be able to ignore her appearance. Because his sister Gong is beautiful enough to charm a whole city.

Gong Jue was glad that he didn't miss his encounter with her today. Sister Gong…she hurried from thousands of miles away just to save him, so how can he bear to miss meeting her?

It seems that in her heart…he was still the most important.

The very next day, Gong Yi Mo woke up, only to find herself in someone's tight embrace!

She looked sideways at Gong Jue and breathed a sigh of relief! Fortunately, last night wasn't simply a dream. Gong Jue truly was well and alive right beside her.

And Gong Jue…he's changed too…

He was almost 13-years-old. In fact, Gong Yi Mo was a few months older than him. But the tenderness of a youth seemed to have disappeared from this boy's body. His brows were becoming more delicate while his appearance seemed more seductively evil. He began to resemble the Regent's demeanor of later years.

But no matter how he changes, this was her child! Gong Yi mo nodded in satisfaction.

Underneath Gong Yi Mo bold stare, Gong Jue could no longer pretend to be asleep. He opened his eyes. Those eyes that were usually cold and heartless in front of his subordinates suddenly turned clean and innocent in front of Gong Yi Mo, just like the glittering snowflakes on the snowy mountain. Gong Yi Mo liked these eyes very much. They were pure black and white, like ink and jade.

Those eyes seemed helpless and dependent.



While she responded, Gong Yi Mo couldn't help but reach out with her small hand and pinch Gong Jue's cheeks. With a concerned smile, she asked, "Did you not have a good meal? Look how thin you've become, there's no meat!" However, in her heart, she couldn't help but but admire his skin. It felt so good to the touch! Weren't the harsh wind and sand in Xi Zhou supposed to make his skin rough?

Gong Jue helplessly lowered her hands and looked at her closely as he smiled.

"Why did Sister Gong come?"

Gong Yi Mo laughed in reply, "Of course, it was to save you, ah!"

Her intent made Gong Jue quite helpless.

"Sister, I'm not a kid anymore." Can't she see that his hand was big enough to wrap hers entirely?

Gong Yi Mo smiled: "You will always be a child in my eyes~"

It's so refres.h.i.+ng that she can finally say such words with an 'affectionate' face. It gave her a sense of accomplishment. Gong Jue laughed at her comment. He held her hand and sighed, then spoke with a deep voice,

"You know, I grew up."

Upon hearing him say so, Gong Yi Mo suddenly realized that they were still hugging each other, which didn't seem very appropriate…Just when she was about to pull away, Gong Jue pressed her down and said, "It's cold outside, and how long has it been since we saw each other? Tell me what's on your mind…"

When Gong Yi Mo saw that this grown up youth acted just like a child, she shook her head helplessly and continued to lie down. But right now, she felt unusual. Her back was currently against the wall while Gong Jue hugged her in such close proximity!

He had the faint scent of snow, very cold, but his breath was quite hot. This narrow s.p.a.ce suddenly felt as if it heated up!

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Rebirth Of The Tyrant: Regent Prince Is Too Fierce Chapter 181 - Sleeping In His Embrace (2) summary

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