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Chapter 214: Can't Go Against Her Wishes (1)

He felt as if he had just told a good joke and smiled coldly before drawing even closer. Her eyes conveyed a sense of tenderness and danger.

"Why are you afraid of me? I'm your closest little brother."

Gong Yi Mo gasped from the tense atmosphere and looked at him seriously, "If you listen to me, you'll let me go and order your men to stop."

Gong Jue's eyes turned red, and his hand suddenly gripped Gong Yi Mo's face. His actions scared Gong Yi Mo, but he only tilted his head and looked at her with a strange smile.

"Heh… What is he to you? For you to beg forgiveness for him?"

That light tone cause Gong Yi Mo's hair to rise up! But after she returned to her senses, she was enraged by his actions!

Her face turned cold and sternly ordered, "Gong Jue, you better let go of me!"

He hadn't heard her call his name for a long time. Hearing it come from her mouth, Gong Jue pleased.

"No… You haven't answered me yet."

He was extremely stubborn and continued to press Gong Yi Mo. This kind of him really made her afraid! Gong Yi Mo pushed him and found that he wouldn't budge. Unbeknownst to her, his martial arts had far surpa.s.sed hers!

Gong Jue smiled coldly, but his eyes darkly swept over her body. That look seemed to penetrate through her as they scanned past her!

"You tell me… why should I let him go? Why should I help him? Him too, Gong Che too. These few years, why did you help Gong Che?"

The more he spoke, the less he could maintain the smile on his face. His voice full of anger suddenly rose as he loudly questioned!

It turned out that these cups of vinegar have been brewing in his heart for a long time. Whenever he heard news that she did something else for Gong Che, he would feel so much hatred he wanted to kill people!

Especially when they came back from the Chaotic Valley. While Gong Yi Mo was in a coma, he heard about how she was forced, how she sacrificed for Gong Che, and of how she escaped by "dying" in an explosion. He felt that his entire heart was being fried in a pan! He hated that he couldn't shake her awake and question why she would do so much for Gong Che, and also hated that he couldn't rush to the capital and kill them all!

But looking at her injured and in a comatose state, Gong Jue held back. Even after she woke up, he didn't say a word. He thought that he could restrain himself, but it turned out that he couldn't!

Gong Yi Mo was his! Her whole person was his! No one can touch a finger of hers– not even the Crown Prince!

Seeing Gong Yi Mo panic and glare at him coldly, he sneered and threatened in a low voice once again!

"Speak! Why did you help him? Do you like him?!"

"Gong Jue!"

Gong Yi Mo suddenly shouted. Just when Gong Jue thought she would furiously retort, just when she was about to give him a piece of her mind, she suddenly started crying!

Her big eyes were full of tears, except she firmly held them in and refused to let them fall.

Once she cried, Gong Jue's boiling anger came to an abrupt end like a stop b.u.t.ton was pressed. As soon as his rage subsided, he blinked his eyes and suddenly felt at a loss.

Gong Yi Mo's large eyes full of accusations coldly glared at Gong Jue. She pouted, but couldn't stop herself from crying or yelling!

"You! You have no conscience! b.a.s.t.a.r.d! …I indeed helped Elder Brother Crown Prince fix the ca.n.a.l, but it was also for you!"

She fiercely wiped her tears away with her arm and refused to look at him any longer, "I just thought that you could use some more pocket money in the future! I wanted to open our stores throughout the North and South! Otherwise, do you think I'm short on money?!

"If I didn't have to care for you, how carefree I would be living!”

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