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Chapter 161: Opposition on Longteng River (2)

The large s.h.i.+p slowly came to a stop 20 to 30 meters away from the gate. Many people came down from the s.h.i.+p and knelt in front of the Emperor. However, the gate was closed with no hint of opening.

Gong Sheng dead stared at the s.h.i.+p like a tiger. Some people had not yet come down!

Only when almost everyone was down did someone carry Gong Che down. Thankfully, after these few days of healing, Gong Che had already pa.s.sed the danger zone. Once he woke up, he could recuperate fully.

Gong Sheng looked at Gong Che. Even though he was far away, his pale face couldn't be hidden. Moreover, with Changxi following them the whole way, they couldn't possibly disguise him. With that said, was Gong Che really almost and heavily wounded?

Emperor Gong Sheng's eyes narrowed. Why did the report say that Gong Che was not injured heavily?

How many more schemes were hidden within?

He thought no more about it, his eyes still dead set on the s.h.i.+p!

There was still a certain person that hadn't come down!

That s.h.i.+p sure was tall: its mast was even higher than the city walls! Now that it was close, people could see in detail just how spectacular and beautiful the boat was! Emperor Gong Sheng had to admit that he envied it slightly. Even his Dragon s.h.i.+p wasn't as magnificent!

At this time, Changxi had already arrive by Gong Sheng's side. But there was still one more! Gong Yi Mo had not yet come down!

As if colluding with his thoughts, a pale white figure appeared but didn't disembark, merely remaining on the plank. Since the s.h.i.+p was very tall, Gong Sheng could clearly see how weak she was. That pale white face barely had any color, her cold eyes staring straight at him.

Changxi looked at this kind of Gong Yi Mo and readied himself to protect the Emperor at any time. On the way here, he really couldn't figure out what she was hiding. Ever since she awakened two days ago, other than thanking the people for their help once, she didn't say another word.

After listening to the vigilant Chang Xi's report, Gong Sheng felt his heart ache. He had no idea that his son, Gong Che, was truly on the verge of death. During that child's moment of crisis, he still ordered such a decree, forcing his daughter to cough up blood!

He really couldn't imagine that someone as tough as Gong Yi Mo would one day cough up blood!

She was the one who dared to murder and demand for rewards in front of him at the age of ten! She was the one who dared to use her merits in exchange for the life of the Liu family even in front of his fury!

She even dared to gloriously send Gong Jue off to Xi Zhou, and this time, to carve up a path for Gong Che within his moment of peril! And yet, such a girl could also be beaten to the point of coughing blood?

Gong Yi Mo stood alone on the deck, the wind blowing against her frail yet straight body. She held a beautiful carving in her hand and lightly smiled at the one on the city gate.

“Long time no see, Your Majesty.”

They seemed to be separated by a thousand mountains and rivers. She was clearly so close, yet so far away.

Gong Sheng still remembered how she used to sweetly call him Imperial Father, trying various ways to make him happy and then mischievously asking him for a reward. Now, she was standing on her own side, coldly calling him 'Your Majesty.' Gong Sheng was pained in his heart, but his eyes remained cold. He wanted to see just what she was going to pull.

“This audacity! You dare to not kneel when you see the Emperor?!”

A person around the Emperor quickly reacted and pointed out.

Gong Yi Mo was too lazy to even look at him, “The Emperor once told me that I don't have to kneel in front of anyone. What trash are you? Is it even your turn to speak?”

That official was stunned. He wanted to scold her and say that she was only a peasant, and yet couldn't he– an official– say anything about it? But after seeing the Emperor's reluctant expression, he sighed and backed down.

“Mo'er.” Gong Sheng pointed to the scholars and civilians below the city gate unhappily.

After kneeling, these people all firmly guarded both sides of the s.h.i.+p, as if they were afraid he would fly into a rage and harm others.

“You brought these people and even took this s.h.i.+p back, what are your intentions?”

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