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Chapter 216: Morality and Ethics (1)

He was just too cute!

Gong Yi Mo restrained her urge to laugh. It took all her willpower to only let out half a laugh. She protected her authority as an elder sister and coldly snorted.

"If there's a next time, I'll really ignore you!"

"There won't be a next time, I swear!"

Looking at Gong Jue seriously vowing with his face all tensed up, Gong Yi Mo couldn't help but smile. Even though her eyes still had some leftover tears, Gong Jue was smart and didn't bring it up.

The two reconciled. This argument truly….came quickly, and disappeared quickly…

When Gong Jue walked out of Gong Yi Mo's room, he let out a sigh of relief. He didn't know why he couldn't control himself earlier, revealing such a side of him to Sister Gong. He clearly… always restrained himself very well. But now, there was an uncontrollable feeling, especially when he sees Sister Gong being nice to someone else. It was getting harder and harder to control…

Since it was late, Gong Jue didn't expect the old madam to not be asleep. When he walked out of the room, he noticed her silently watching from the door.

In order to conceal Gong Yi Mo's ident.i.ty, they always said that she was the niece from the old madam's mother's side of the family. Thus, the princess could live in this wing. Gong Jue bowed slightly and smiled.

"Grandmother, it's so late, why aren't you sleeping?"

The old madam Li Ru barely managed a smile. She glanced at Gong Yi Mo's room and smiled.

"Old people have light sleep. I heard some noise and came out to see…"

Gong Jue saw that there wasn't a single servant around her and naturally wouldn't point out her lies. He smiled faintly, "Is there anything Grandmother would like to say?"

The old madam hesitated for a moment before nodding, "The snow looks pretty tonight. Does Your Highness mind accompanying this old woman on a walk?"

Gong Jue tried to read her as he grinned, "Allow this grandson to go get an umbrella."

The old madam nodded her head. She watched Gong Jue's fading back and sighed.

After Gong Jue ordered people to guard Gong Yi Mo, he took an umbrella and came out. He thought it wouldn't be good for Gong Yi Mo to hear the words his grandmother needed to say to him, so he ordered people to guard her.

The pair of grandparent and grandchild thus walked along all the way to Mei Courtyard. The old madam didn't speak, or perhaps she was deep in thought about how she could best voice out her thoughts.

She glanced at her grandson who was already taller than her. One side of her was happy at his success. If her daughter in heaven was watching, how content would she be seeing such an excellent son?

But on the other hand, she was worried.

She had long heard that her grandson was raised by the princess. However, the princess had never been a mother before and was the same age as His Highness. There would… be some things she didn't notice…

"Your Highness, what plans do you have for the future?" She spoke and asked an irrelevant question.

Gong Jue smiled, "Return to the capital."

The old madam was shocked, "You will return?"

Gong Jue shook his head, "I don't think it's possible in the short run. I gained some merits and returned alive. I was delayed due to Sister Gong's injuries, but now, she's almost fully recovered. I believe it's time to return."

Actually, Gong Jue was going to return to the capital and then come back. However, Gong Yi Mo was injured so he changed his mind.

The old madam thought for a moment with her face tensed. She hesitated before stating her order.

"If that is the case… why don't you let the Princess stay here?"

When her words fell, Gong Jue's eyes snapped over, causing the rest of her words to get caught in her throat!

Gong Jue saw that he scared her and changed to a smile. Except, his smile was resolute.

"Where I am, she is."

Her words caused the old madam to stop. Standing in the snow, her face was serious.

"After a few more days, Your Highness will be thirteen, correct?"

Gong Jue nodded his head. He hated that he was growing too slowly.

The old madam paused and stared at him, quietly asking: "Then does Your Highness know that in the Great Yu, men need to search for a fiance at thirteen and marry at fifteen?"

translator Kitty Jiu:

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