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Chapter 223: Gong Che's Anxiety (2)

Gong Che had recovered his composure. Although he still seemed somewhat feeble and his smile tender, no weakness can be found within his gaze or between his brows. There was a coldness in them.

Gong Jue was sensitive enough to sense his brother's hostility. He narrowed his eyes and smiled in return.

The young man had a devilishly charming appearance that was even more attractive when he smiled. Gong Che somewhat loathed him. They say that young girls all liked good-looking men. If Mo'er stayed by him for a long time, Gong Jue could certainly charm her…

Since Gong Che loved Gong Yi Mo, he a.s.sumed that everyone in this world would be out to steal her from him. Of course, he considered Gong Jue as one of his enemies, but this young man succeeded in taking her by a stroke of luck!

“Crown Prince, you don't have to be so formal. I will pay my imperial grandmother a visit to give her my greetings, so if you will excuse me.”

Gong Che replied naturally, “It's alright. I'm also planning to visit our imperial grandmother to discuss our father's birthday banquet. Let's go.”

After saying these words, Gong Jue wouldn't reject his company. However, he noticed that Gong Che's smile was unusual. The Crown Prince appeared calm and peaceful when they first met, but for some reason, his entourage could feel a surging pressure emanating from him! They all bowed their heads without daring to say a word.

Eventually, the princes dismissed the entourage, and together, the headed towards the He Xi Palace where the Empress Dowager resided. One prince looked serene while the other appeared rather cold. With their own unique fas.h.i.+on, the two of them walking together was instantly eye-catching.

Gong Jue was tactful enough to notice that something seemed out of place here. Everyone in the palace was very respectful towards Gong Che, and even showed a hint of fear. Previously, Gong Che was famous for being a nice and easy to talk to, so no one was afraid of him. It seems that he has changed…

Gong Che was also surprised. Gong Jue was young but his merits were great. After tomorrow, everyone in the imperial capital would know that he's a top figure now. Gong Che wasn't afraid of whether this guy can surpa.s.s him. But…he wanted to be the most admirable man in Gong Yi Mo's eyes…

As he thought of the woman that he had always missed, Gong Che couldn't help but chuckle as he asked, “Mo'er, is she alright?”

The intimate way he referred to the girl caused Gong Jue to ball his fists. Instantly, his murderous aura burst out, making Gong Che feel cold. After a long pause, Gong Jue sneered.

“Whether she's doing well or not, none of that has anything to do with you, right?”

Hearing a hint of Gong Yi Mo's state, Gong Che was so excited that he didn't pay attention to the other's rude way of speaking. His eyes brightened and his tongue slipped.

“Where is she? In the imperial city?!”

Gong Jue looked at Gong Che's excited face and replied with a smirk, “Do you think you have the right to see her? After she had done so many things for you for more than a year, the emperor eventually forced her to suicide! And what have you done? What right do you have to see her?”

He put no effort in being polite. Gong Che was stunned. Gong Jue's eyes glanced at the jade ring on his finger and spoke coldly.

“If you can't protect her, Your Highness, please don't bring any more trouble to her. After all, what she has in her possession is something that everyone is greedily seeking after. Because of this, she was forced to fake death in order to escape!”

Gong Jue continued, “You have eyes focused on you from every side. If you meet her, you will put her in danger. If I were you, I wouldn't do that.”

After saying so, Gong Jue no longer looked at him, and instead walked away, leaving Gong Che stunned on the spot.

Gong Jue wasn't wrong. It was him who…thought so simply. If he impulsively went to see her, Gong Yi Mo's faked death would all be in vain. His father…and his other brothers with their evil ambitions would skin her alive!

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Rebirth Of The Tyrant: Regent Prince Is Too Fierce Rebirth Of The Tyrant's Pet: Regent Prince Is Too Fierce Chapter 223 summary

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