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Chapter 1790, Divine Bird

Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain &Dhael Ligerkeys

“What’s going on?” Yang Kai exclaimed, standing on the spot, looking at the horizon with trembling eyes.

That was the place where the sound came from every time the Seven Coloured Radiant Peac.o.c.k breathed, where the Divine Bird lived!

Yang Kai had always been curious about how strong this Seven Coloured Radiant Peac.o.c.k Divine Bird was, but until now, he remained clueless.

However, judging from the power of the Seven Coloured Radiant Light it breathed out, this Divine Bird was at least as strong as a Third-Order Origin King! Perhaps it was even stronger than that.

He had thought about going to see what this Divine Bird looked like, but had not acted on this impulse; however, now it seemed something had changed with the Seven Coloured Radiant Peac.o.c.k.

[Could some blind fool have provoked it?]

Yang Kai thought this might be the case and paid silent tribute to this poor soul. Anyone who provoked the Seven Coloured Radiant Peac.o.c.k would definitely die without burial.

“No, that’s not right!” Yang Kai’s expression changed once again because he noticed that although the movements coming from the depths of the medicine valley were obvious, there was not any fallout from combat. Clearly, the Seven Coloured Radiant Peac.o.c.k had not been provoked. As a brilliant light covered the sky, a ma.s.sive figure flew up from the ground and blended into seven coloured radiance before soaring off into the distance!

“It flew away?” Yang Kai frowned, making a guess.

The next moment though, excitement filled his face!

The Seven Coloured Radiant Peac.o.c.k had always occupied a certain location deep inside the medicine valley, so there was no doubt some incredible treasure there which had attracted its attention. In other words, the greatest treasure of this medicine valley should be located there!

Now that the Seven Coloured Radiant Peac.o.c.k had left, wouldn’t it be the perfect opportunity to go search its nest?

Once he had this thought, Yang Kai could not suppress it and his desire to go explore grew stronger rapidly. After struggling with himself for a moment, Yang Kai grit his teeth and flew off quickly.

At the same time, in a certain place in the medicine valley, Zi Long stood in place, his eyes flas.h.i.+ng with fanaticism as he stared towards the disappearing seven coloured streak of light, shouting in an excited voice soon after, “The time has come. I did not expect we’d be so lucky! Just ten days after our arrival, the Divine Bird has decided to leave its nest. Hahahaha, what a Heaven-sent opportunity!”

Zi Long had always been very calm and composed, but now he couldn’t contain his excitement, as if he had encountered a once-in-a-million-year opportunity.

Xu Wei wore a confused expression.

However, Zi Dong immediately understood and asked joyfully, “Can we obtain the Immortal Tree now?”

“Immortal Tree?” Xu Wei’s eyes bulged instantly as he stared at Zi Dong in amazement, asking with shock, “Young Master, did you just say Immortal Tree?”

He obviously also knew about the existence of the Immortal Tree, and what the Immortal Tree represented; however, he had only heard of it in rumours and was not even certain a supreme treasure like the Immortal Tree really did exist.

However, just now, he was certain he heard the words ‘Immortal Tree’ from Zi Dong’s mouth.

Combining all he knew, Xu Wei immediately deduced that the place where the Divine Bird made its nest was also where a supreme treasure like the Immortal Tree would be growing.

“What does it matter to you?” Zi Dong casually glanced over at Xu Wei coldly. His mood had been disturbed just now and he had accidentally exposed some important information, but that did not matter much now. In any case, all three of their group would be travelling together, so even if Zi Dong did not say anything about the Immortal Tree, Xu Wei would figure it out himself soon enough.

Xu Wei looked at him and did not dare to ask more.

“I don’t know if I can obtain it, but this is undoubtedly an excellent opportunity!” Zi Long took a deep breath, “Let’s go. If my guess is right, others will also be rus.h.i.+ng over.”

“Then, they’re courting death!” Zi Dong coldly snorted.

The Immortal Tree was a Heaven defying treasure that only Purple Star was qualified to possess, and only he and his father were qualified to refine. Sharing the benefits together, this father and son duo would become immortal and indestructible. In time, they would cultivate to the peak of the Martial Dao and dominate the Star Field. How glorious would that be?

Anyone who dared try to s.n.a.t.c.h the Immortal Tree from them deserved to be d.a.m.ned!

Elsewhere, Ni Guang and Xue Yue were also flying towards the Divine Bird’s nest.

“Uncle Ni, how long will the Seven Coloured Radiant Peac.o.c.k be gone?” Xue Yue asked as she followed Ni Guang.

“I don’t know,” Ni Guang shook his head. “The Divine Bird will leave its nest every once in a while, but as for how long it is gone, it all depends on its mood; nevertheless, this is a rare opportunity. Even if we cannot obtain the Immortal Tree, we must take away the Immortal Source Liquid! Although it is not as precious as the Immortal Tree itself, it is still one of the Three Great Divine Waters, a true miracle medicine!”

“Will Zi Long also appear?” Xue Yue frowned.

“He will definitely not let this opportunity pa.s.s. We are prepared to collect the Immortal Source Liquid, so how could Zi Long not be prepared as well? However, when we reach that place, who can obtain what will depend on their own ability. At that time, you must be careful as I may not have the spare capacity to look after you.”

“I understand, Uncle Ni. You can rest a.s.sured,” Xue Yue nodded and looked ahead, wondering if that guy would also be attracted by this movement. If they could converge, it would increase their odds of success.

Two thousand kilometres away from where Ni Guang and Xue Yue were, Gui Zu was wrapped in his black Qi as he stared towards the direction of the Divine Bird’s nest. After a long silence, he grinned with interest and muttered, “Good, let us go take a look. Yang Boy definitely won’t miss this kind of chance to join in the fun, and it’s about time I met up with him. The treasures that can be collected in this place are becoming fewer and fewer anyways.”

The three Second-Order Origin Kings were attracted by the Divine Bird’s movement and flew towards the direction of its nest one after another. At the same time, many First-Order Origin Kings became interested and also planned to partic.i.p.ate in this treasure hunt.

Although most people did not know about the existence of the Immortal Tree and the Immortal Source Liquid, their thinking was the same as Yang Kai. They all felt that the place where the Divine Bird nested must contain extraordinary treasures, so none of them were willing to miss such a rare opportunity.

Suddenly, all the people in the medicine valley began converging towards a single point.

At the centre of the medicine valley, there was a large flat piece of land where no trees or weeds grew. There was only a one-metre tall, verdant sapling, with leaves blowing in the wind.

This young sapling looked weak and frail, but its leaves and trunk seemed to contain an infinite vitality. This vitality was so strong that it was visible to the naked eye, forming a visible halo around its frame.

Only seven leaves grew on the saplings, and on a few of them was a drop of dew. These drops of dew were round and flawless, showing a creamy white colour while exuding a refres.h.i.+ng fragrance.

There were only three drops of dew in total.

These drops were the rumoured Immortal Source Liquid, an incredibly rare and precious treasure that formed on the leaves of the Immortal Tree! It was rumoured that the Immortal Source Liquid had Heaven defying properties that could even save someone from the brink of death. As long as a person had not truly died and their body had not been damaged beyond repair, they only needed to take a single drop of Immortal Source Liquid and they could completely recover.

Among the Three Great Divine Waters, Immortal Source Liquid could be considered the most valuable because it was a life-saving treasure.

Suddenly, a figure appeared on the horizon and soon landed on an empty part of the flat ground. Judging from the speed of this man and the Saint Qi fluctuations coming from his body, he was a First-Order Origin King.

Meng Tong!

The Origin King with no deep background and had cultivated by himself to this point!

“There’s no one here yet!” Meng Tong glanced around and realized that he was the first to arrive, feeling slightly ecstatic as his small eyes scanned the surroundings and quickly landed on the Immortal Tree not far away.

“What’s this?” Meng Tong stared at the Immortal Tree in amazement, unable to identify it.

Although he could not recognize the Immortal Tree, he could tell how extraordinary this young sapling was. Not only was this sapling clearly a priceless treasure, but even its leaves and the drops of dew on them were treasures!

“d.a.m.n it, why is it surrounded by Seven Coloured Radiant Light? How vexing!” Meng Tong cursed in anger.

The Divine Bird had indeed left, and Meng Tong was the first to arrive here, but a ten-metre radius around the Immortal Tree was still covered in a dome of Seven Coloured Radiant Light.

Anyone who wanted to obtain this treasure would have to pa.s.s through this Seven Coloured Radiant Light barrier.

Meng Tong did not dare to take risks with his life and scratched his head in frustration as he couldn’t come up with any good ideas.

*Shua shua…*

The sound of strong wind came from nearby and Meng Tong’s face sank as he realized that someone else was approaching. Turning his head, he saw three streaks of light flying over, and a moment later, the figures of Zi Long, Zi Dong, and Xu Wei appeared.

Meng Tong frowned as he put some distance between himself and Zi Long’s group before his eyes landed on Xu Wei’s severed arm and his eyes shrank as a tinge of regret filled his heart.

He did not know what happened to Xu Wei to cause him to lose an arm, or why Xu Wei would act together with Zi Long and his son, but he knew that he wasn’t this group’s opponent.

It seemed he had missed this Heaven-sent opportunity, causing Meng Tong to sigh heavily while cursing the existence of the Seven Coloured Radiant Light dome.

If not for this barrier, he would have s.n.a.t.c.hed the Immortal Tree away rather than just stand here in a daze.

“What an excellent opportunity!” Zi Long landed and his eyes lit up as he shouted.

He had not expected that when he arrived, only Meng Tong would be here, and from the look on Meng Tong’s face, it was obvious he didn’t know what to do.

Since he was basically the first one here, Zi Long would naturally not waste time and immediately tried to approach the Immortal Tree.

“Brother Zi, you’re quite quick!” At that moment though, a voice that caused Zi Long to frown rang out and he couldn’t help freezing in place. Glancing over, Zi Long quickly spotted Ni Guang with Xue Yue, who had landed not far away.

“Brother Ni isn’t slow either!” Zi Long snorted, feeling extremely upset. If Ni Guang had come just a little later, he may have been able to pocket this treasure without opposition.

Silavin: Official t.i.tle – Divine Bird Leaves The Nest

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