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Chapter 1791, Immortal Tree and Immortal Source Liquid

Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain &Dhael Ligerkeys

“Haha, I’m still no match for Brother Zi,” Ni Guang laughed while taking a casual glance around to understand the current situation, continuing immediately after. “While there still aren’t many people, you and I should decide how to divvy up the spoils here. There are three drops of Immortal Source Liquid, each of us will take one while the last drop…”

Before Ni Guang could finish, a voice came from afar, “Oh? So, this is Immortal Source Liquid and the rumoured Immortal Tree? Heh heh heh, it seems that this old master’s luck has still not run out. The last drop of Immortal Source Liquid belongs to this old master!”

As soon as these words fell, a cloud of black Qi rushed over, one that seemed capable of swallowing all light, and instead the cloud, Gui Zu’s figure was vaguely visible.

Ni Guang and Zi Long’s expression both turned serious as they glanced over towards Gui Zu.

Gui Zu just stood in place, meeting eyes with Ni Guang and Zi Long as he asked with a chuckle, “You two shouldn’t have any objections, right?”

Zi Long and Ni Guang glanced at each other for a moment and seemed to be discussing something, but soon, Zi Long nodded, “With Your Excellency’s cultivation, it is enough for you to be treated as an equal by this King and Brother Ni. Very well, the third drop of Immortal Source Liquid is yours for the taking.”

“I have no objections,” Ni Guang nodded and agreed.

“In that case… shall we begin?” Gui Zu grinned meaningfully.

Although both Ni Guang and Zi Long had been forced to compromise due to Gui Zu’s strength, Gui Zu himself was at a loss about how to obtain the Immortal Source Liquid, so he was in no hurry to start. Instead, he planned to observe Zi Long and Ni Guang’s movements first before coming up with a plan.

Knowing it wouldn’t be long before other Origin Kings appeared, Zi Long didn’t dare to delay and immediately took action.

Waving his hand, Zi Long summoned out a giant glowing bronze python-like object and began pouring his Saint Qi into it. The two eyes of this python lit up a moment later, as if it was coming to life.

“A puppet?” Gui Zu narrowed his eyes and immediately understood that Zi Long had prepared for this long ago. Since this puppet was not refined from flesh and blood, it shouldn’t fear the terrifying Seven Coloured Radiant Light, which made it the best way to enter the barrier and extract the Immortal Source Liquid.

But… could it really be that easy? Gui Zu was suspicious as he outwardly portrayed calm, turning his eyes to Ni Guang next.

Ni Guang also released a puppet, but rather than a giant python, this one was human-shaped. This puppet had clearly been refined by a Grandmaster and was quite lifelike. At first glance, one might even mistake this puppet for a real person and only after carefully examining it would they discover that it had no life aura.

As soon as the two puppets with different shapes appeared, they rushed towards the Immortal Tree under the control of Ni Guang and Zi Long.

The python slithered across the ground while the humanoid rang forward.

A moment later, both puppets rushed into the Seven Coloured Radiant Light and immediately slowed down, as if they had become stuck in the mud and were struggling to free themselves.

That was not all though as clear creaking sounds rang out from the two puppets. It seemed that they were under intense pressure, making movement quite difficult.

The faces of Ni Guang and Zi Long became solemn.

Although they had prepared beforehand and brought along the best puppets they could, it appeared like they had still underestimated the terrifying power of the Seven Coloured Radiant Light. While a puppet without flesh or blood did not fear being corroded by the Seven Coloured Radiant Light which could ignore all forms of defence, that didn’t mean these puppets were immune to the innate pressure the Seven Coloured Radiant Light gave off.

If this continued for too long, it was likely that these puppets would be crushed into dust by the Seven Coloured Radiant Light.

Realizing this, Zi Long did not dare to neglect and hurriedly urged his giant python puppet forward.

Instantly, the python’s speed increased and after a great deal of effort, it managed to reach the Immortal Tree.

At the same time, Ni Guang’s humanoid puppet also arrived.

The eyes of the two men burst into fiery light as the same thought occurred to both of them and they issued the same instructions to their respective puppets.

In the next moment, the giant python’s body wrapped around the entire Immortal Tree and then fiercely pulled upon it, as if trying to uproot the Immortal Tree!

The humanoid puppet’s approach was even more direct as it grabbed hold of the Immortal Tree’s roots with both hands and pulled up!

The two Second-Order Origin Kings obviously had the same plan.

As a result, the giant python puppet was being hindered by the humanoid puppet while the humanoid puppet interfered with the giant python, making it impossible for the two puppets to exert their full strength as more and more cracking sounds rang out from both of them.

When Gui Zu saw this, his eyes widened and a disgruntled look appeared on his face.

After all, one of the three drops of Immortal Source Liquid had been promised to him, so Ni Guang and Zi Long acting like this without any warning, essentially killing the chicken which laid the precious eggs, naturally made Gui Zu unhappy.

But soon, Gui Zu began to snicker because he found that rather than cooperating, the two puppets were blocking each other while the seemingly thin and weak Immortal Tree took absolutely no damage from their struggle.

“Brother Ni, you should stop your puppet first,” Zi Long suddenly called out, “This King promises that if he can obtain the Immortal Tree, you will get a fair share!”

Saying so, Zi Long continued to urge his giant python puppet.

Ni Guang simply sneered and shot back, “Brother Zi, why not let your puppet quit first? This old master can also guarantee that if he can obtain the Immortal Tree, you will get a share!”

The two men looked at each other and saw clear distrust in each other’s eyes, snorting in unison as they then proceeded to ignore one another.

The situation instantly became a stalemate.

At this time, Kong Fa from Galaxy Ridge also rushed over, and when he saw the situation in front of him, he could not help feeling a bit stunned. But after noticing Xu Wei, Kong Fa grinned happily and moved to join him.

After all, these two were both scoundrels, so them allying at times like this was only natural.

However, he only moved slightly before Xu Wei shook his head at him stealthily.

Kong Fa stopped immediately and observed Xu Wei thoughtfully before turning his gaze to Zi Dong next to him with a dignified expression.

He also discovered that Xu Wei had lost an arm and was now standing together with the people of Purple Star for some unknown reason.

Before Kong Fa understood the situation, he did not dare act rashly. Instead, he observed his surroundings and flew over to Meng Tong’s side a moment later, cupping his fists, “Brother Meng, could you explain what’s going on here?”

Meng Tong glanced over at him and after a brief pause informed him of the situation without trying to conceal anything.

Meng Tong had always been a loner, so he had no hatred for Galaxy Ridge and would sometimes even patronize Abandoned Lair and Galaxy Ridge to look for the cultivation resources he needed. He had some past dealings with Kong Fa, so they could be considered acquaintances.

Therefore, facing Kong Fa’s inquiry, Meng Tong didn’t feel compelled to conceal anything.

“That’s really the legendary Immortal Tree and Immortal Source Liquid?” Kong Fa’s body shook as fanaticism filled his face, his eyes turning towards the centre of the field as many thoughts seem to be churning in his head.

“It would be best if Brother Kong calms down. There are three Second-Order Origin Kings here, and if you act rashly, the consequences will be serious,” Meng Tong reminded him with a smile.

Kong Fa heard this, and his enthusiasm immediately deflated as he nodded lightly, “What Brother Meng says is true, but… from the looks of the situation, it seems none of them will be able to easily succeed.”

“This is an opportunity,” Meng Tong said in a low voice, “We should wait, and when things become more chaotic, perhaps we’ll have a chance to obtain something.”

Kong Fa thought about it and nodded, immediately falling silent while continuing to observe intently.

On the other side, Zi Dong stared at Ni Guang, who was in a stalemate with his father for the Immortal Tree, and his face grew sullen. He felt that if it were not for Ni Guang’s obstruction, his father would have already obtained the Immortal Tree. Because of Ni Guang, his father was locked in a stalemate, it was simply too hateful.

Suddenly, he saw Xue Yue standing alone not far away and could not help grinning as he thought up a good idea.

“Xu Wei.” Using his Divine Sense, Zi Dong signalled to Xu Wei.

“What are Young Master’s orders?” Xu Wei s.h.i.+vered slightly, seemingly somewhat alarmed, and quickly replied.

“Do you see Xue Yue?”

“Old servant naturally sees him.”

“Good, go and kill him!” Zi Dong ordered lightly.

“What?” Xu Wei’s face changed wildly, “Kill… Kill him? But Young Master, he’s…”

Xue Yue was the future successor of Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce, so not even a desperado like Xu Wei would dare attack Xue Yue easily. Otherwise, even if he hid inside Abandoned Lair’s headquarters, President Ai Ou would find a way to get to him and make him experience a fate worse than death!

“What’s wrong? Do you dare disobey your Young Master’s orders?” Zi Dong’s face sank.

“Old servant wouldn’t dare! Please forgive me, Young Master!” Xu Wei quickly admitted his mistake, his face extremely pale.

“Good,” Zi Dong coldly snorted, thought about it, and followed up. “Actually, I don’t want you to kill him; after all, with his background and heritage, you may not even be able to! All you have to do is act aggressively.”

Xu Wei heard this, and suddenly understood, “What Young Master means is… to attack Xue Yue to interfere with Ni Guang’s concentration so he cannot focus on fighting for the Immortal Tree?”

“En, exactly,” Zi Dong nodded lightly.

“Old servant understands,” Xu Wei calmed down and acknowledged the order. As long as he didn’t really have to kill Xue Yue, it was a simple matter. Xu Wei even remembered to add some flattery, “Young Master is wise!”

“Alright already, go now.” Zi Dong urged impatiently.

Xu Wei nodded faintly before turning his eyes towards Xue Yue and released his Domain without saying a word.

Xue Yue never imagined that someone would sneak attack her in this kind of place and at this time, much less an Origin King. Caught off guard, she was instantly engulfed by Xu Wei’s Domain and could not help gasping from the pressure.

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