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Chapter 1792, Compet.i.tion

Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain &Dhael Ligerkeys

Although Xu Wei’s sneak attack caught Xue Yue a bit by surprise, her reaction was extremely fast. Pus.h.i.+ng her s.h.i.+ as soon as she noticed something was wrong, she managed to alleviate some of the pressure she felt. At the same time, a bright flash emerged from her figure as she summoned a jade-like artifact that created a light barrier around her body.

This light curtain greatly reduced the impact of Xu Wei’s Domain on her.

The jade pendant in her hand was obviously a powerful artifact that could offset the power of an Origin King’s Domain, similar to the Bright Sea Domain Dividing Mirror worn by Sword Union’s Young Master Gu Jian Xin.

Such artifacts were impossible for ordinary people to obtain as they were extremely difficult to refine and the materials required to make them were incredibly rare and expensive. An ordinary cultivator simply could not afford something like this.

But for characters like Xue Yue and Gu Jian Xin, carrying one or two such artifacts was necessary, in case of emergencies.

After all, they were just Origin Realm cultivators, and if an Origin Returning Realm cultivator wanted to contend with an Origin King, the greatest difficulty would be the suppression of their s.h.i.+ by a Domain. As long as this difficulty was relieved though, an Origin Realm cultivator would have a much greater chance to survive the a.s.sault of an Origin King.

This kind of artifact was a life-saving treasure for them.

As soon as the jade pendant came out, the pressure Xue Yue felt was greatly reduced and she straightened herself up again, turned her head, and glared coldly towards her attacker.

“Xu Wei!” Xue Yue shouted as a look of surprise appeared on her face. She did not understand what Xu Wei was thinking, attacking her at this time.

After all, this was of no benefit to him at all and would thoroughly offend Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce.

Had something gone wrong with Xu Wei’s head?

“Third Young Master, pardon my offence!” Although Xu Wei was unwilling in his heart, under Zi Dong’s despotic power, he had no choice but to obey and rushed out towards Xue Yue. Since his Domain was unable to completely suppress Xue Yue, he had to personally take action. Waving his hand, Xu Wei summoned a dagger artifact and poured his Saint Qi into it, causing it to tremble slightly.

“Go!” Xu Wei flicked his wrist and the dagger in his hand shot out like a stream of light towards Xue Yue.

Xue Yue’s beautiful face changed colour. Facing the blow of an Origin King, she did not dare to resist head-on. Twisting her body quickly, she hurriedly dodged while at the same time she summoned her own bracelet artifact, transforming it into two copies of itself, then four, then eight…

In an instant, the sky was filled with phantom clones of her bracelet, making it impossible to tell which was the original and which ones were immaterial.

The countless bracelets floated around Xue Yue, forming an airtight protective net.

*Ding ding dang dang…*

A series of crisp metallic impacts sounded as the bracelet shadows were impacted by the dagger light. Many of the illusionary bracelets were destroyed and dispersed but the dagger’s power was also slowly being consumed.

“Xu Wei, you court death!” Ni Guang also noticed this movement and could not help becoming enraged.

Xu Wei grit his teeth and held his tongue as an extremely bitter taste filled his mouth and heart.

He knew that he would be in serious trouble after this incident.

“Brother Ni, this King’s previous proposal is still valid. You might as well reconsider it,” Zi Long’s call came out in an unhurried manner, as if he was completely confident of grasping victory.

Others did not understand why Xu Wei attacked Xue Yue, but Zi Long understood that it was his son’s idea. Only Zi Dong could force Xu Wei to take action here.

Zi Long felt very satisfied with Zi Dong’s decision.

Ni Guang’s expression sank greatly as he controlled the humanoid puppet to compete with Zi Long for the Immortal Tree while also paying attention to Xue Yue’s situation. Soon, he ground his teeth and shouted, “If this old master cannot obtain it, neither will you!”

“What are you trying to do?” Zi Long’s expression changed after hearing this.

Ni Guang did not answer with words but with action and in the next moment, the humanoid puppet released a dazzling light, lifted its arms, and fiercely attacked the giant python puppet.

A loud cracking sound rang out as sparks flew from the spot where the python was struck.

“Ni Guang!” Zi Long roared, his expression turning savage. Inside the Seven Coloured Radiant Light, his puppet was already under great pressure and had suffered significant damage, so now that it had been attacked by Ni Guang’s humanoid puppet, that damage only became more serious; to the point where the python puppet began to show signs of failing.

“Hahahaha!” Ni Guang laughed loudly as he took advantage of the moment when the giant python puppet was repelled by having his humanoid puppet grasp a leaf that had a drop of Immortal Source Liquid on it and violently pull it down.

The next moment, the humanoid puppet rushed out without looking back.

However, as the humanoid puppet was returning, cracks echoed from its body and some pieces even fell off it.

The puppet had obviously reached its limit!

Its speed was getting slower and slower and it seemed it might collapse at any moment.

At the same time, Zi Long’s giant python puppet was not doing much better. After being fiercely attacked by Ni Guang’s humanoid puppet, the python’s body had been deformed and it was unable to move freely; there were even pieces of beginning to break off.

Seeing this situation, Zi Long immediately understood that he would not be able to complete his primary objective and could only back down. After controlling his giant python puppet to bite a leaf with a drop of Immortal Source Liquid on it, Zi Long hurriedly had it return.

In the end, the two puppets each brought back a leaf from the Immortal Tree, as well as a drop of Immortal Source Liquid.

Ni Guang and Zi Long rushed forward, not daring to take the situation lightly.

If Gui Zu suddenly struck at this time and robbed them, everything they had just fought over would become meaningless.

On the other hand, Xue Yue’s situation was gradually becoming precarious. Ni Guang was unwilling to give up the Immortal Source Liquid and the Immortal Tree’s leaf that he would soon obtain though, so he could only have Xue Yue hold on for a moment longer.

Ni Guang believed that because of Xue Yue’s background, Xu Wei would not easily kill her.

And Xue Yue did not fail to live up to his expectations. Powerful artifacts and various Secret Techniques emerged in an endless stream, and even her Symbiotic Monster Spirit Xie Zhi was summoned, but the gap between Great Realms was not something that could easily be overcome.

“Boy, using your strength to bully the weak? Utterly shameful!” Gui Zu, who had been standing to the side silently, suddenly snorted, stretched out his hand, and struck towards Xu Wei.

A ma.s.s of black Qi swiftly condensed above Xu Wei’s head as countless Yin Souls converged into a giant palm print that released a terrifying howl.

Gui Zu suddenly making a move nearly caused Xu Wei’s soul to leave his body. Screaming in terror, he did not dare attack Xue Yue and quickly summoned all his defensive artifacts while pus.h.i.+ng his Saint Qi towards the sky.


With a loud bang, the giant black hand trembled slightly under Xu Wei’s counterattack, but it soon continued its descent and directly covered its target.

The ground shook and Xu Wei let out a pitiful snort. After the giant black hand vanished, Xu Wei remained standing, pale-faced and with blood leaking from his lips.

He had obviously been injured by that blow.

The gap between Second-Order Origin King and First-Order was clear!

After one blow, Gui Zu did not continue; after all, although he was stronger than Xu Wei, it was not easy to kill an Origin King. What’s more, there were more important things waiting for him to deal with, so how could he bother with Xu Wei any longer?

The entire reason he took action was because of Yang Kai.

In his opinion, Xue Yue was Yang Kai’s woman, and as High Heaven Sect’s Supreme Elder, how could he just sit back and watch while Xue Yue was bullied by an Origin King? If he had feigned ignorance here, he would not have been able to explain himself to Yang Kai later.

“If you dare act any further, this old master will kill you!” Gui Zu gave Xu Wei a vicious look as he threatened.

Xu Wei broke out in a cold sweat.

Xue Yue panted heavily as she glanced over at Gui Zu and nodded slightly to express her grat.i.tude, while Zi Dong wore an angry expression mixed with a bit of confusion on the other side, extremely upset with Gui Zu’s interference.

He did not understand why someone like Gui Zu would help Xue Yue.

After such a delay, Ni Guang and Zi Long had already collected their respective Immortal Tree leaf and drop of Immortal Source Liquid. Both took out pre-prepared containers as quickly as possible and sealed these treasures inside before stuffing them into their s.p.a.ce Rings. Only once this was completed did the two masters breathe a sigh of relief.

Regardless of anything else, being able to obtain a leaf from the Immortal Tree and a drop of Immortal Source Liquid had made this trip worthwhile. As for the Immortal Tree itself…

Both of their puppets had essentially been destroyed so they had no method to penetrate the Seven Coloured Radiant Light.

“Hey, Little Yang Kai is here!” Gui Zu suddenly looked over in one direction as he sensed something.

Hearing this, Xue Yue smiled happily and followed Gui Zu’s gaze to see a ray of light flying over rapidly. From that ray of light, Xue Yue felt an aura that filled her with warmth.

A moment later, Yang Kai appeared and was shocked to see so many people gathered already.

He had rushed over as fast as he could but now it seems he was late.

Glancing over at Xue Yue, he nodded lightly before rus.h.i.+ng over to Gui Zu’s side and asking in a low voice, “Supreme Elder, am I late?”

“En, a bit,” Gui Zu nodded, “But it doesn’t matter, the biggest treasure is still here and none of them can take it away, hahahaha.”

Yang Kai heard this, and his gaze immediately fell upon the Immortal Tree, his eyes narrowing slightly as he observed it before a look of shock gradually appeared on his face.

He could feel that there was an unimaginable vitality radiating from this weak-looking sapling and the milky white drop of dew on one of its leaves was definitely an invaluable treasure as well.

“Immortal Tree, Immortal Source Liquid?” Yang Kai called out in shock.

“Oh, you recognize this thing?” Gui Zu looked at him in surprise.

If it had not been for Ni Guang and Zi Long speaking about it just now, Gui Zu would not have recognized the Immortal Tree, but it seemed Yang Kai was able to identify it at a glance.

“Only the Immortal Tree could possibly possess such astonis.h.i.+ng vitality,” Yang Kai’s face was filled with delight. “There is actually an Immortal Tree! No wonder the Divine Bird made its nest here…”

The Immortal Tree was a supreme treasure that was even higher in value than Yang Kai’s Seven Coloured Soul Warming Lotus. After all, while the Soul Warming Lotus could nourish one’s Soul, the Immortal Tree could grant a cultivator an immortal and indestructible body. Which was more valuable was apparent.

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