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Chapter 4179 – I’ve Killed One Before

Translator: Silavin & Jon

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Following a Dragon Roar, Chang Tian opened his great maw, which was full of fangs that were as sharp as blades. As endless darkness descended as he bit into the fallen man’s head.


His skull broke apart as the headless corpse fell from mid-air and blood started spurting out of the wound on his neck.

In the blink of an eye, a Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Master had lost his life. The turn of events was so sudden that before his companion could come to his senses, he was already killed.

Chang Tian didn’t know who Guo Zi Yan was, but since he had saved him at the most critical moment, he naturally wasn’t a foe. After killing one person, Chang Tian relentlessly spat out a Dragon Breath at the other Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master.

The Dragon Breath contained a power that could destroy the Heavens and shatter the Earth. Usually, this man wouldn’t have cared about it; however, while he was being attacked by the Dragon Breath, Guo Zi Yan also hacked at him with his axe.

World Force rumbled.

This person’s expression changed slightly as he hurriedly swung his halberd to fend off Chang Tian’s breath. Then, he surged his own World Force and filled his weapon with it before parrying the attack from Guo Zi Yan.

Following a loud clang, the World trembled and appeared to be on the brink of falling apart.

Both were Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, so neither of them could defeat the other party in a frontal exchange. Guo Zi Yan shuddered slightly as his face flushed. On the other hand, the other Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Master did a backflip and turned around in mid-air before shooting towards the sky.

He was clever as he knew that he wasn’t a match for Chang Tian and Guo Zi Yan since the two of them had joined forces. If this battle dragged on, he would also lose his life; therefore, he decided to leave and inform the others on the s.h.i.+p.

As for his three other companions, he was unable to lend them a hand.

However, after he turned around, he saw an alluring woman looking smilingly at him. As their eyes met, the woman’s gaze radiated a shocking glow as though it had turned into a huge swirl that seemed able to suck his Soul into the endless abyss.

At that moment, he began hallucinating, but he could still hear the noises coming from the battlefield.

[Such a powerful Illusion Technique!] This man was stunned. He could sense that this woman was just an Emperor Realm cultivator, but the Illusion Secret Technique she used far exceeded what an ordinary Emperor could execute, which was why he, a Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, accidentally fell into it.

[She must be a cultivator who focuses on cultivating her Soul!]

“Break!” He bellowed as his Divine Sense surged out, whereupon the illusion collapsed.

Yu Ru Meng grunted upon impact. Having her Illusion Secret Technique forcefully broken, she naturally suffered backlash. Her face instantly turned ashen, and she started staggering. Furthermore, blood started dripping from the corner of her eyes.

Given her strength, even though she had the blessing of the Demon Realm, it was extremely difficult for her to deal with a Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Master using an Illusion Technique.

Nevertheless, this brief moment was enough. Although she couldn’t stop the enemy from fleeing, she managed to hold him up for a breath’s time, and in battle, a breath’s time could determine whether a person would live or die.

All of a sudden, a gigantic Dragon Claw descended and grabbed the man. As the grip became increasingly tighter, this person appeared to be in excruciating pain as cracking sounds were heard coming from his body.

Turning his head, he saw that Chang Tian, who was sent flying away earlier by his halberd sweep, came back with a blood-soaked figure and restricted him with all his might.

On the other hand, Guo Zi Yan descended from the sky like a falling meteorite and hacked at him with his axe. Feeling the rich murderous intent, the person felt as though he had fallen into an ice cave.

He wielded his halberd and slashed at Chang Tian’s arm. The attack was so forceful that it almost broke Chang Tian’s arm, but he stubbornly refused to let his opponent go as he allowed his Dragon Blood to spurt out. Some of his bones seemed to have broken but he still clasped both of his claws together to fully restrict the enemy’s movements.

There was no way this person could flee. In despondence, he stared at the axe that was about to reach him. As the weapon flashed across his eyes, he could no longer feel anything.

Since Guo Zi Yan’s appearance, two Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters had lost their lives in just over ten breaths’ time; however, Chang Tian felt as if ten million years had pa.s.sed. After the second enemy was killed before his eyes, his gigantic figure fell to the ground and shrunk as he turned back into Human form, his aura withering rapidly.

In fact, when the first Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Master was killed, the others on the battlefield also became aware of it.

The expression of the woman who was holding Bei Li Mo up changed drastically, but before she could find out what had happened, she saw a figure mysteriously appearing before her eyes.

Astounded, she quickly examined that person, but upon realising that he was just an Emperor Realm Junior, she breathed a sigh of relief.

However, the dishevelled Bei Li Mo exclaimed in surprise, “Yang Kai?”

The person who had come to lend her a hand was none other than Yang Kai. This was the plan he had come up with after a discussion with Embodiment. The reason was that Bei Li Mo’s opponent wasn’t powerful as she was only in the Second-Order Open Heaven Realm. Given Yang Kai’s current abilities, he could deal with her.

Bei Li Mo was pleasantly surprised at first, but soon the colour drained from her face as she shouted, “Leave now! This person is as powerful as Great Demon G.o.d. We’re unable to defeat her!”

As though he hadn’t heard her, Yang Kai extended his hand and summoned the Azure Dragon Spear. Following a Dragon Roar, he impa.s.sively said, “So what if she’s as powerful as Great Demon G.o.d? It’s not like I haven’t killed him before.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a Golden Crow was heard cawing as a Great Sun suddenly leaped out from his back.

At that instant, the world seemed to be trembling.

Initially, the Second-Order Open Heaven Realm Master didn’t have any regard for Yang Kai and after he appeared, she nonchalantly tossed an artifact that looked like a handkerchief to cover him, expecting that to be enough to deal with this annoyance.

However, as soon as she saw the Great Sun, she began shuddering and exclaimed, “I-Is that… a Divine Manifestation!?”

Without hesitation, she flew backwards for several dozen kilometres.

Yang Kai had already thrust out his spear. The Sun merged with the tip of the spear and struck the handkerchief artifact. In an instant, a huge hole was blown through it and without losing any momentum, Yang Kai flew across several dozen kilometres in an instant.

At that moment, the woman’s vision was filled by the Golden Sun. With a great yell, she madly drew upon her Small Universe and protected herself with her World Force.


The Sun disappeared as Yang Kai turned pale while the Second-Order woman was sent flying away like a sack.

Bei Li Mo was dumbfounded as she couldn’t believe her eyes.

Yang Kai, an Emperor Realm Master, was able to send an enemy she could only look up to flying away, which went to show how insanely powerful he had become. It had to be noted that Yang Kai was a Great Emperor in the Star Boundary, so he couldn’t receive any of its blessings in the Demon Realm. The reason he was able to knock his opponent flying was purely thanks to his own power.

[Has he also reached the realm Great Demon G.o.d was in?]

While Bei Li Mo was in a dazed state, she heard Yang Kai yelling at her, “What are you doing standing around!? Kill her now while she’s injured!”

Then, she could see that Yang Kai had already reached the woman in one stride. As he wielded his Dragon spear, he sent out innumerable spear shadows that seemed to engulf the woman.

An excited Bei Li Mo dragged her figure forward and shot towards the battlefield. After she joined forces with Yang Kai, they put the woman in a tight spot and forced her to keep retreating.

When Yang Kai showcased his Golden Crow Casts the Sun Divine Manifestation for the first time in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, Zhao Bai Chuan commented that with it he could already battle against a Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master even though he was just an Emperor Realm cultivator.

Although Zhao Bai Chuan was just a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, he had an acute eyesight, and his remark was spot on.

‘Golden Crow Casts the Sun’ was incredibly powerful and even a Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Master wouldn’t be able to withstand it without taking serious damage, not to mention that the woman was just in the Second-Order. Upon impact, she became severely injured.

However, it took a lot of energy for Yang Kai to use his Divine Manifestation, so it didn’t last long. After the Great Sun disappeared, Yang Kai’s power also shrank significantly.

The woman dragged her injured figure and dealt with it with difficulty, but upon realising that Yang Kai wasn’t as powerful as he appeared to be, she set her mind at ease and said through clenched teeth, “d.a.m.n brat, I’ll kill you!”

Her resentful eyes seemed to suggest that she was eager to skin Yang Kai alive and drink his blood.

The fact that she had been wounded by an Emperor Realm Junior was humiliating. After sending Bei Li Mo flying away, she extended her claw towards Yang Kai.

With a pale face, Yang Kai staggered backwards, but he wasn’t able to get rid of her attack. Just as her claw was about to reach him though, Yang Kai suddenly flashed a wicked smile at the woman.

His smile was so eerie that the woman felt her chest tightening as she instinctively felt that something terrible was about to happen. The next instant, she saw the spear in Yang Kai’s hand disappear and be replaced by a bottle gourd.

After the lid was opened, a stream of multi-coloured light streamed out of the bottle gourd and came at her in all directions. The aura coming from the light made her feel horrified.

As though her neck had been clenched by an invisible hand, the woman exclaimed in horror, “Yuan Magnetic Divine Light! A Sixth-Order Yuan Magnetic Divine Light!”

No longer having the guts to fight Yang Kai, all she wanted to do was flee; however, she had just closed the distance with him, and they were now only a couple dozen metres apart, so how was she supposed to flee in time?

Moreover, as soon as Yang Kai summoned the Yuan Magnetic Divine Bottle Gourd, he pushed his s.p.a.ce Principles madly.

Near Distant Horizon!

In an instant, the local s.p.a.ce warped as the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light engulfed the woman in the blink of an eye.

A shriek was immediately heard as the Divine Light slashed across the woman, flaying her skin like a million invisible knives, revealing her red flesh.

The Small Universe’s illusory phantom appeared behind her and the woman madly surged her World Force to protect herself and fend off the attack.

Unfortunately, she was just a Second-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, so how was she supposed to resist the Sixth-Order Yuan Magnetic Divine Light? Even though the Divine Light was of a single Element, its Order was vastly superior to the woman’s Elements.

In the past, when Yang Kai used the Divine Light in Seven Wonders Land, even Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters were not able to resist it for a long time, to say nothing of the fact that this woman was only in the Second-Order.

Initially, the Small Universe behind her was vibrant and full of vitality, but it soon began withering. That was because she had expended too much World Force, which damaged the foundation of her Small Universe.

An Open Heaven Realm Master’s heritage lay within their Small Universe, so once it was damaged, the impact on them was incalculable.

Engulfed in the Divine Light, the woman was resisting with difficulty. Her Small Universe was trembling, and it seemed that it would break apart in a few breaths.

“Spare me!” The woman parted her lips and begged for mercy.

An unfazed Yang Kai just stared coldly at her though, determined to end her life.

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