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Chapter 4605 – Opportunity Within Crisis

Translator: Silavin & As.h.i.+sh

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys

What’s more, when fighting others, once their Small Universe became unstable, it could quite possibly lead to natural disasters, causing the many living beings inside it to die.

Therefore, Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters were extremely cautious when it came to raising living beings in their Small Universes. Being qualified to do so was one thing, but whether or not one would was another.

Zuo Quan Hui wasn’t rearing any kind of living beings in his Small Universe, so he knew his limits. A Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master wasn’t invincible, so instead of wasting his time and energy on such a risky pursuit, he might as well refine Open Heaven Pills.

Nonetheless, as a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, Zuo Quan Hui’s Small Universe had indeed become tangible.

At this moment, Yang Kai was inside Zuo Quan Hui’s Small Universe!

Yang Kai had brought over 1,000 Open Heaven Realm Masters from Void Territory all the way to the Star Boundary’s Great Territory by putting them into his Small Universe.

However, sending people into one’s Small Universe required their cooperation. The people he had placed inside could not have any thought of resisting; otherwise, Yang Kai would have had to spend a great deal of effort even if he could put them inside.

Zuo Quan Hui was obviously using a different approach because Yang Kai didn’t feel any force pulling him in.

Zuo Quan Hui had actually done the reverse, summoning his Small Universe and manifesting it into the outside world, essentially engulfing everyone and everything that was in his Small Universe’s range.

Yang Kai couldn’t help but recall some of the things the Proprietress had told him before she went into seclusion, including how Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters used their Small Universes!

The Proprietress said that once a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master used his or her Small Universe like this against an enemy, it would mean that he or she had really decided to fight with their life on the line. This was also the most powerful method a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master could use, a trump card every High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master possessed.

Because in their own Small Universe, they ruled over everything, just like how Yang Kai once ruled over the Small Sealed World.

So, when he noticed that Zuo Quan Hui had actually summoned his Small Universe, Yang Kai was both surprised and happy.

What surprised Yang Kai was that Zuo Quan Hui had decided to go all out. He might have really decided that he would not rest until either Yang Kai was dead or he was. Yang Kai was happy because if he could resolve this situation, Zuo Quan Hui would definitely die today!

This was a crisis, but also an opportunity!

Yang Kai took a long, deep breath as he immersed himself in his thoughts, carefully recalling what the Proprietress had said before she went into seclusion.

The injured Zuo Quan Hui was besieged by over a dozen Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters. Zuo Quan Hui realized that he was no match for them, so he summoned his Small Universe without a moment of hesitation. It wasn’t that he didn’t know the risks of doing so, but rather that he had no other choice.

By pulling everyone in his Small Universe, he would be able to control the battle more easily. At the very least, he had dispersed Void Land’s Masters. Now, he could fight them individually rather than as a group.

It was just like how Yang Kai was all alone at this moment. Everyone had clearly been with him, but they had all disappeared now.

However, doing so was extremely risky as well.

Firstly, by manifesting his Small Universe, Zuo Quan Hui could only use his full strength to control the various elements inside the Small Universe and could no longer interfere with the outside world. In other words, the Small Universe he summoned became a fixed target. If someone tried to attack him from the outside, he would be unable to resist and could only pa.s.sively endure.

Secondly, taking more than a dozen Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters into his Small Universe posed a huge risk. All the damage Yang Kai and his friends caused to the Small Universe would damage Zuo Quan Hui’s foundation directly. This kind of damage to one’s Small Universe was extremely dangerous.

Only if there was no other choice would a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master be willing to use such a method.

As such, Zuo Quan Hui was obviously desperate!

Yang Kai was also certain that not only had Zuo Quan Hui taken him into this place, but he had also not let any of the dozen or so Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters of Void Land escape. After all, everyone had been standing not too far away from him, so he would otherwise have to be on guard against any attacks from the outside!

Thinking this, Yang Kai couldn’t help but break into laughter. “Zuo Quan Hui, you really outthought yourself! No one can save you from dying today!”

Without any more delay, Yang Kai’s body rapidly expanded as he let out a Dragon Roar. His small body transformed into a several thousand metres tall Half-Dragon and the Azure Dragon Spear in his hand grew proportionally bigger.

He then mobilized his World Force as he thrust his spear forward, releasing a violent burst of energy that caused the world around him to collapse.

Since this place was Zuo Quan Hui’s Small Universe, Yang Kai did not have any scruples when he acted. All he needed to do was use his most powerful methods and wreck the surrounding world as much as possible.

There was also no need to seek out Zuo Quan Hui as he could come and go as he pleased in this place. Even Yang Kai, who was proficient in the Dao of s.p.a.ce, might not be able to catch him.

Zuo Quan Hui was nowhere, but he was also everywhere. All the damage Yang Kai caused to this world would cause some degree of damage to Zuo Quan Hui.

What Yang Kai could do now was try his best to attract Zuo Quan Hui’s attention. Yang Kai wanted to make Zuo Quan Hui divert at least 60% of his focus onto him; this way, Zuo Quan Hui wouldn’t be able to focus much of his strength on dealing with the other Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters from Void Land.

After all, not everyone was as strong as him. If Zuo Quan Hui were to use his full strength to deal with any one of them, the others would find it very hard to resist.

The ground split apart as huge ravines spread out like a spider web. Even the sky was riddled with tiny cracks.

Yang Kai was unleas.h.i.+ng his strength to his heart’s content, not caring about anything else. s.p.a.ce Principles pulsated violently and every time he thrust his spear out, a giant black ball would explode from its tip, transforming into a black hole that swallowed everything around it.

His Rupture Secret Technique was the best method Yang Kai had to destroy the foundations of Zuo Quan Hui’s Small Universe.

Coupled with his enormous Half-Dragon Form, the entire s.p.a.ce around Yang Kai had been shattered after a dozen or so strikes. But much to his surprise, Zuo Quan Hui did not even try to counterattack.

Yang Kai clenched his teeth and coldly snorted. “You dare ignore me? Zuo Quan Hui, you’re quite courageous!”

Yang Kai hadn’t encountered any obstructions up until now. Obviously, Zuo Quan Hui hadn’t paid any attention to him. Zuo Quan Hui also knew that Yang Kai was the strongest among the Sixth-Order Masters from Void Land, far surpa.s.sing what should be possible for an ordinary Sixth-Order Master. He could not possibly kill him in just a few moves.

As such, his intentions were clear. He was planning to deal with the others first, then he would slowly handle Yang Kai.

How could Yang Kai allow Zuo Quan Hui to do as he wished? He used his entire strength to cause as much damage as possible here in order to draw Zuo Quan Hui’s attention as the more he could cause Zuo Quan Hui to divert his focus, the safer the others would be.

Seeing that ordinary methods weren’t effective, Yang Kai decided to go all out. A Golden Crow let out a cry as a Great Sun rose into the sky, followed by a round silver Moon. The Sun and Moon began cycling as a gold and silver wheel expanded and s.p.a.ce and Time Principles spread into the surroundings.

The Sun and Moon Divine Wheel had appeared again!

This time, he did not have to worry about Zuo Quan Hui blocking or dodging. This was the latter’s Small Universe, so Zuo Quan Hui was everywhere and had nowhere to hide!

Originally, Yang Kai had expended a great deal of his energy, so he was unable to display the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel again, but after consuming a Low-Rank World Fruit, he was simply br.i.m.m.i.n.g with energy, allowing him to use it once more.

The strange s.p.a.ce-Time Strength filled the air. Wherever the Divine Wheel pa.s.sed by, everything cracked, crumbled, and withered away. Not only did the solid ground become like this, but it was even true for the empty sky. Moreover, the s.p.a.ce-Time Strength was crazily spreading in all directions, forming a crystallized world wherever it pa.s.sed by. It looked beautiful, but it was also filled with endless murderous intent.

Right then, the surrounding World Force started surging before transforming into a series of Divine Abilities that flew straight towards the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel, intercepting it.

Since Zuo Quan Hui had pulled the Void Land Masters into his Small Universe, he naturally wouldn’t sit back and wait for death. Once Yang Kai displayed the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel, he had no choice but to stop him no matter how unwilling he was.

He had been affected by this s.p.a.ce-Time Strength before, so he was well aware of how terrifying this strange energy was. If he allowed Yang Kai to do as he pleased, his foundation would be greatly damaged even if he managed to escape this time.

Boundless Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques blotted out the sky and earth. Furthermore, Zuo Quan Hui did it with just one thought. As the ruler of his Small Universe, he naturally had many advantages in this place.

After spending a great deal of energy, Zuo Quan Hui was finally able to completely block the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel, but the battlefield was already a mess and the strange s.p.a.ce-Time Strength had begun corroding his Small Universe’s foundation.

Zuo Quan Hui had no choice but to use even more of his strength to seal this s.p.a.ce-Time Strength, hoping to slowly eliminate it after this battle was over.

Elsewhere, Hui Gu stood there with cold sweat dripping down his forehead and blood dripping down his nose.

Just now, he thought he was going to die, but for some reason, the might of the sword wave attacking him had greatly reduced at the critical moment, allowing him to survive.

He vaguely guessed that someone else must have pulled Zuo Quan Hui’s attention, saving his life.

Without delaying for even a single moment, he promptly pushed his strength to the limit and destroyed everything around him.

Since Yang Kai could figure out that this was Zuo Quan Hui’s Small Universe, naturally everyone else understood this as well, especially the veteran Sixth-Order Masters like Hui Gu. Even if they had never fought with a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master before, they had at least heard of their unique methods and could match them with their current situation.

Similar to the Hui Gu, Luan Bai Feng’s figure kept moving like a nimble snake. She never stopped at one place to avoid being targeted by Zuo Quan Hui.

She was holding a bunch of Array Plates in her hand and was continuously throwing them out. These Array Plates would form Killing Arrays one after another after they were activated, wantonly destroying everything around them.

She had used up all of the Array Plates she had ama.s.sed over nearly 1,000 years in no time, causing her a great deal of heartache.

Ever since her name had been put on Yang Kai’s Loyalty List, the Array Plates she had ama.s.sed were being rapidly consumed one after another. Previously, she had used up many Array Plates to set up a number of Illusion Arrays and Bewildering Arrays in the Star Boundary's Great Territory. Now, she had expended most of her Killing Array Plates.

The wealth she had gathered over these years was all gone.

She secretly made up her mind that after this was all over, she would make Yang Kai compensate her ten times or even a hundred times over.

Mao Zhe, Geng Qing, Zhou Ya, Hua Yong, Shu Mu Dan, Qing Kui, Su Ying Xue, Mo Mei, and Yue He were all separated, but each of them was simultaneously launching their strongest attacks.

Zuo Quan Hui’s Small Universe instantly became unstable as his World Force churned. Even with his Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm cultivation, he still ran himself haggard, dealing with everyone.

One figure in particular, clad in Demon Qi, stood atop a tall mountain. After entering this Small Universe, Wu Kuang’s eyes lit up as he sensed everything around him.

The surroundings were filled with extremely rich World Force. It was like a mouth-watering feast was spread before him, exuding a delicious scent!

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