Martial Peak Chapter 5908: Sacrifice the Tail to Survive

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Chapter 5908: Sacrifice the Tail to Survive

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However, when a large number of Eighth-Order Small Stone Race Masters appeared, Mo Na Ye was shaken. He had no idea whether or not the Supreme One’s Soul Clone would still be able to protect itself in the face of such a tactic.

Unfortunately, he could not afford to think more about the situation at this moment as he had already fallen completely into a disadvantage in his fight against Mi Jing Lun. It would be disastrous if he were to allow himself to get distracted any further, so he had no choice but to push down his worries and focus on the battle at hand.

On the other side, more than 2,000 Eighth-Order Small Stone Race Masters pounced on the Black Ink Giant Spirit G.o.d on Yang Kai’s command. Though they had large, stalwart bodies, all of them were still as tiny as ants compared to the Black Ink Giant Spirit G.o.d.

This scene was just like a colony of ants attacking an elephant. Each scrambled up onto every part of the Black Ink Giant Spirit G.o.d’s body and clung on tight with their hands and legs.

Yang Kai stretched out both hands and the Great Sun and Moon Marks glowed with an unprecedentedly dazzling light. As he clenched his fists, he roared, “Explode!”

Under the influence of the Great Sun and Moon Marks, all of them Small Stone Race Masters exploded into yellow and blue lights, which seemed to gush out from within their bodies, leaving behind an extraordinarily rich and pure Yin and Yang Element Power.

Each point of light was like a droplet of water collecting into a giant pool, turning into a halo that melted into and connected with each other to envelope a vast s.p.a.ce.

In just three short breaths, the yellow and blue lights melted away, replaced by a pure white light.

The white light was not too dazzling at first, but after contracting for an instant, it spread out violently.

The entire battlefield was covered by the light in an instant. Both Armies on the battlefield, regardless of their cultivation realm, even the Royal Lords and Ninth-Order Masters, had their vision filled with white. Everything disappeared and nothing could be seen.

The noisy and horrific battlefield went eerily silent for a moment, as if time had stopped flowing.

The light that was of utmost purity exploded, penetrating the barriers of the void and s.h.i.+ning far into the depths of the Black Ink Battlefield.

Even the detonation of the Purifying Black Ink Battles.h.i.+ps was like a firefly next to the bright moon when compared to this scene.

Never once had an explosion of Purifying Light of this magnitude been seen since the Humans began using it to restrain Black Ink Strength.

Even Yang Kai had not predicted the terrifying power that was brought about by the sacrifice of 2,000 Eighth-Order Small Stone Race Masters.

Around the origin of the explosion of Purifying Light, there had been a large number of Black Ink Clansmen holding the defence line, but after the eruption, the vast majority of those auras evaporated. Those who were lucky enough to survive still suffered a large drop in their strength.

The explosion of Purifying Light brought about by the sacrifice of 2,000 Eighth-Order Small Stone Race Masters had completely collapsed an entire segment of the Black Ink Clan’s defences with just its after-effects.

Almost every Black Ink Clansman in and around the No-Return Pa.s.s was affected by the Purifying Light to some degree, compromising their strength to a certain extent.

After more than a dozen breaths, the dazzling light finally dissipated, and the eerie tranquillity was disturbed by the noise of death and slaughter. As countless numbers of Black Ink Clansmen howled in pain, Black Ink strength was constantly escaping uncontrollably from their bodies, as if they had accidentally fallen into a wok of hot oil…

Seeing this situation, the Human Race Army attacked with all their might. They would never miss such a good opportunity. The Purifying Light was a great danger to the Black Ink Clan, but it had no effect on the Humans. Originally, the Black Ink Clan Army were fighting hard to resist the Humans so it was difficult to break through their defences, but every front was given a good opportunity now to strike. In a matter of breaths, they easily broke through each defence line and routed the Black Ink Clan’s forces.

Yang Kai himself did not expect that his trump card against the Black Ink Giant Spirit G.o.d would fundamentally alter the tide of war and save countless numbers of Human Race Soldiers.

At this moment, he did not pay attention to the battlefield of the Armies and instead turned his head towards a certain place in the void. Standing there was a huge creature, one of the Black Ink Giant Spirit G.o.ds.

This Black Ink Giant Spirit G.o.d had originally come out from the Divine Spirit Ancestral Land, the same one who was restrained by the combined efforts of Xiao Xiao and Wu Qing for thousands of years. Yang Kai had dealt with it several times in the past.

It had never properly looked at Yang Kai since from its standpoint, Yang Kai was nothing more than an ant, no matter how powerful he was. Whether it was a strong ant or a weak ant, there was no difference to it.

But now, it finally had to face this ant that it had been ignoring, and it was because this ant actually had the power to wound it, even if it was through borrowing an external force.

Yang Kai’s gaze swept over the Black Ink Giant Spirit G.o.d’s figure, especially the two stumps where its arm and leg had been torn off from. Thick, viscous black blood spurted out of the huge wounds like two black fountains. It was a spectacular sight to behold.

The arm that he lost was in Ah Da’s arms while the missing leg was wrapped between Ah Da’s two legs.

The moment when the Purifying Light erupted, the Black Ink Giant Spirit G.o.d had decided to act like a lizard and sacrifice its tail to save its body! 

Yang Kai’s brows knitted into a frown. From the wounds on the Black Ink Giant Spirit G.o.d’s arm and leg, it was evident that they were severed voluntarily. Unable to break free from Ah Da’s grip, it had no other choice but to regain its freedom through such a decisive method.

Yang Kai was glad that he made the Small Stone Race Masters cling to the Giant Spirit G.o.d’s body when he summoned them; otherwise, it might have actually been able to evade a direct hit from the Purifying Light.

Even though Yang Kai wasn’t able to fully unleash the Purifying Light’s might against his foe, the Black Ink Giant Spirit G.o.d still lost an arm and a leg. Moreover, Yang Kai could clearly sense that its aura had weakened significantly.

It managed to break free from Ah Da’s grip by sacrificing an arm and leg, but the Purifying Light still played a significant role, which could be seen from the Black Ink Strength leaking endlessly from its body.

This Black Ink Giant Spirit G.o.d was no longer the same Master that inspired fear and despair in people’s hearts from before.

Yang Kai raised his hand and summoned his Azure Dragon Spear. Dao Strengths shook and the s.p.a.ce-Time River manifested. The long river coiled around the spear, giving the Azure Dragon Spear an indescribable sense of spirituality.

“Ah Da, let’s go!” Yang Kai shouted. Lifting his spear, his aura rose steadily. After feigning weakness for so many years, he could finally unleash his full power without any restraint. Yang Kai was cheering in joy inwardly. It felt like he had finally broken free of the shackles that bound him and regained his freedom.

“Yeah!” Ah Da responded with a resounding voice.

Immediately, Ah Da grabbed the arm and leg that his opponent discarded and began using them as weapons, swinging and smas.h.i.+ng them fiercely, creating violent shockwaves and displaying his imposing power!

Yang Kai turned his head with difficulty and saw Ah Da getting further and further away, causing his battle aura, which had risen to a peak, to nearly collapse.

“Where is it? I can’t see it!” Ah Da’s thunderous voice shook the void, his vision still completely white.

Though being enveloped by the Purifying Light at such a close range did not cause any real damage to Ah Da, it temporarily blinded him, so how could he still see where his opponent was?

Before Yang Kai could call out to him, he was already engulfed in a sense of great crisis. When Yang Kai turned around, he saw that the Black Ink Giant Spirit G.o.d had already raised its remaining hand and swung it down in the direction where he was located.

The hand that covered the void appeared slow, but it was actually extremely fast. The moment when this giant hand was about to smash him, Yang Kai could even feel s.p.a.ce solidifying around him.

The power of this attack was absolutely terrifying and Yang Kai could clearly see the void shattering wherever it pa.s.sed.

With no way to escape, Yang Kai let out a roar and thrust his spear out. Around his spear, the s.p.a.ce-Time River shook and myriad Dao Strengths burst forth, breaking through the confines of s.p.a.ce. Yang Kai became one with his spear, transforming into a stream of light and rus.h.i.+ng straight towards the approaching hand.

Before he even truly collided with the palm, Yang Kai was met with an overwhelming force. Yang Kai felt like he had run into an invisible blockade that was as st.u.r.dy as any metal. His body shook violently as he blocked the thunderous attack, coughing up Golden Blood in the process.

In the next instant, the large hand that covered his whole vision suddenly closed, seemingly trying to squash him to death.

The palm closed into a fist, but a stream of light emerged from between the cracks of its fingers. It was Yang Kai who was able to escape in time before disaster struck.

World Force surged and Dao Strengths shook. Yang Kai turned into a thunderbolt, sweeping upwards along his opponent’s extended arm like a Thunder Dragon.

Yang Kai had not exerted his full power since cultivating with the help of the Star Boundary and Myriad Monster World. He had been hiding his true power all this while so as to keep Mo Na Ye from catching any clues about him. Thus, even he himself had no idea just what would happen if he were to use his full power.

Today, the world would bear witness!

Facing off against a Black Ink Giant Spirit G.o.d alone, Yang Kai no longer held any reservations.

From his Small Universe, a majestic power began pouring out endlessly. The rise in cultivation seemed to make it even easier for him to manipulate his Dao Strengths, and he had never felt such a powerful force before. This power even gave him the illusion that if Mo was standing in front of him, he would still be able to punch its body full of holes…

Yang Kai was fast, so fast that it was hard to say just how fast it was.

In an instant, Yang Kai had already reached the Black Ink Giant Spirit G.o.d’s neck by flying up its arm. After a moment of hesitation between deciding on transforming into his Dragon Form or remaining in his current state, Yang Kai chose the latter. Thrusting out the spear in his hand, a towering spear shadow came down on the Black Ink Giant Spirit G.o.d’s neck.

An angry howl erupted and the pain in the Black Ink Giant Spirit G.o.d’s eyes grew even more intense.

It was already in great agony from being wounded by the Purifying Light and sacrificing its arm and leg. To receive Yang Kai’s frenzied attack now made it even more unbearable.

When the spear shadow dispersed, the Black Ink Giant Spirit G.o.d’s neck was covered in countless wounds. Black blood was flowing out of each wound and its flesh was completely flayed. Dao Strengths even lingered in its wounds, making it a miserable sight to watch.

However, Yang Kai could not help but click his tongue. His attack was in no way weak. Any Royal Lord would likely have been killed on the spot if they were to receive such a blow, but for a behemoth like the Black Ink Giant Spirit G.o.d, it was simply not enough.

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