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Tania watched the s.h.i.+p sail off from view. She knew that they both would now be safe from her scheming uncle.

Tania stayed there with the vision and then slowly started to come out of her trance like state.

As she became aware of her surroundings, her sharp nose became active and her tummy started to rumble. She smiled and got up to get out of her room, descend the stairs and she headed straight to the kitchen.

The fragrance was like when her father would be cooking puri alu (Potato gravy with flat bread fried in a wok) for the family. He had been an expert in cooking. While he was studying, he had told her that he had kept a hidden treasure of a rolling pin, a wok so that he could cook Indian food. The hostel boys were not allowed. Once, while checking was going on, his prized possessions were found and confiscated. After that he looked around for a place to stay outside the university. He had found a good family where he stayed as a paying guest. They let him use their kitchen. He would cook puro alu sometimes and his landlord would praise his cooking to the skies.

Indeed, when she landed up, her Dadi ji was cooking the same dish for breakfast. Tania was so excited that she was hugging her Dadi ji for cooking this meal which she really liked.

In the afternoon, there was the appointment with the psychiatrist.

Her Dada ji asked her Dadi ji to keep any eye or Igor while he and Tania were at the psychiatrist's clinic for the session.

"Don't worry," Mira had replied.

As when they had gone last time, Dada ji took the driver's seat and insisted he would drive with Tania's guidance. She could drive her car on the way back and that he had got the hang of driving on the right side of the road.

Within an hour they reached the clinic of Dr. Viktor Demetrius After parking the car, they went to the office of the Doctor.

Dr. Viktor Demetrius was waiting for them. There was no patient. It seems he was waiting for them.

"Namaste, Good afternoon Sir. How are you feeling Tania? I think you are not having any more frightening dreams since your sessions?" He said.

"No Sir."

As last time have a look at your chart to see if anything more needs to be added."

Tania and her Dada ji went through it, they knew that it was the written statement of the recordings.

Since they knew the procedure, both went into the hypnotism room to get ready. Tania knew the the drill and drank a gla.s.s of water as well as used the washroom since the session would take 2-3 hours.

They both occupied their respective positions.

Within a few minutes the Doctor came and started to place her in the first stage of trance by suggestions that she was relaxing her body and mind. He started the relaxation slowly, from her toes to her heels and ankles then the lower limbs then the torso, the upper limbs, the neck and the head as well as the various organs of the body.

As was done in the previous sessions, he checked the movement of her eyes. He took her through the first stage of fluttering of the eyelids, to the next stage into the deep trance where the eyes were moving side to side and then to the deepest trance state characterized by rolling upwards of her eyes. Now he could give suggestions.

He asked her present name and her age as well as where she was at present.

Tania gave the same replies as she had given in the earlier sessions.

She told him the same facts that occurred when she was in her mother's womb. She then told him about her previous life as Saroj Verma a medical student and Intern who was murdered in 1978.

The murder was committed by a professor who did not like her for a flimsy reason that she was more intelligent than his daughter in the medical college and was proving to be a competent Intern in the hospital whereas his daughter was a work s.h.i.+rker. He himself had died after being hit by a speeding vehicle.

She also informed that she was born again in 1981 and her name was Anastasia. She lived with her parents on a farm in a village near Kiev in Ukraine. The name of the village started with the letter 'K'. She died along with her parents in a fire due to a short circuit. People thought it was done by the neighbours as there was enmity between her father and the neighbour regarding land. The neighbours had the surname as Gagarin.

She further described the old man as mean, but his wife was OK. Their son Fedor and his wife Nikita were nice and recently married. Nikita would call her and give her sweets and cakes that she had baked. But the old man would get to know and would chase her away.

She recollected that the old man had chased her out of his house with a stick saying that her family were thieves and were stealing his crops.

She had asked her father who had informed her that the old man was always picking fights with our family. In addition, her father told her to avoid the Gagarin family. She also recalled that the old man would let his goats and cows into her father's fields to eat up their crops.

Then she went further back into another past life and recounted that she was on a s.h.i.+p sailing to India from England. The year was 1867. She said that she was a botanist, who along with the team and her father heading the team, were on their way to study the rich herbal plants in the Himalayas which can be used to make herbal medicines. The place was called Pushpawati Valley. The news had traveled that there were exotic and rare plants as well as flowering plants in abundance in this valley.

At that time India was directly administered by the United Kingdom and called British India or the British Raj, It includes areas ruled by indigenous rulers, but under British tutelage called princely states.

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