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Chapter 575 Committing Murder with a Borrowed Knife!

Li Yundong knew that Wan Zhenyuan's alchemy room contained a large number of magic circles, which could resist the siege of external magic and magical items for a long time. However, external alchemy needed to guide Earth Qi and be led straight to the nine heavens. Therefore, the alchemy room would no doubt be connected to the nine earths and the nine heavens, which were the two worst-defended places.

Those who could get in from the skylight had to be top masters of the Yang Spirit, and those who could get in from the medicine pool had to be masters of earth-style magic.

In the whole cultivation world, only the Jinshan Sect was strongly proficient in earth-style magic. Therefore, as soon as Li Yundong entered the alchemy room, he shouted tentatively, "You dirty thief from the Jinshan Sect, where are you going to run to?"

Sure enough, the person who had stolen the Diyuan Jindan suddenly trembled, and his speed of escape slowed down a little. In the blink of an eye, he was caught up to by Li Yundong.

With a sneer, Li Yundong slapped the man's back.

But the man could clearly feel the gust of fierce wind as the palm rushed toward him, as if someone was wielding a big hammer at his back, the momentum of which was frightening. He shrugged slightly and spread his limbs, turning his whole body into the Tuo shape, like he was a giant, tail-less crocodile.

Almost every cultivator who had attained the Tao was a martial arts master. Although the Jinshan Sect's master who had stolen the Diyuan Jindan did not use the above-board methods, this move in the Tuo shape allowed him to gain the essence of the Will-Shaping Fist!

"Huh? The Tuo shape of the Will-Shaping Fist?" Tao, the Yangtze alligator, used the back as its toughest part, which could not be cut by a knife or get burnt. Li Yundong was shocked at first sight. He knew that even though the man looked defenseless, his Gang-strength was surging over his back. On the one hand, the man could detect his opponent's strength, and on the other hand, when Li Yundong hit him in the back, his strength would immediately dissipate and he would run away, even hitting back in an instant!

Li Yundong thought about the situation quickly. He sneered and thought to himself, "I'd like to see how good your Tuo shape is!"

After that, not only did he not stop, he even slapped his opponent's back harder than before.

His palm was as fast as lightning and as fierce as thunder. With a m.u.f.fled bang, it collided with the man's back.

With a shake of his whole body, the man let out a cracking sound from his spine. It was obvious that the bones couldn't endure under Li Yundong's horrible attack. For a moment, his muscles and bones subconsciously tried to transmit scattered strength to the limbs to avoid the spine being smashed by Li Yundong.

After being hit by that fearsome palm, the man's body plummeted, unceremoniously falling into the thick pile of pill dregs in the medicine pool.

He wanted to continue burrowing away, but Li Yundong had slapped him so hard that his bones had almost been shattered and his body was so paralyzed that he couldn't move.

In the blink of an eye, Li Yundong rushed over to him again. He slammed his knee into the man's body and firmly pressed against the Lingtai acupoint on his back.

The man felt like his back was heavy and his heart had gone cold. He knew that something bad was going to happen. "I am in mortal peril!"

He reacted quickly and shoved the Diyuan Jindan into his mouth. Obviously, he would rather swallow it than give it to Li Yundong.

Li Yundong was furious!

After taking the Renyuan Jindan, he had gone into a coma for a long time to work on accepting the Jindan Fati. If he took the Diyuan Jindan, he would definitely have to sit in meditation for an even longer time. At this time, taking the Diyuan Jindan was no different from taking a suicide pill!

However, this person would rather commit suicide than let the Jindan fall into others' hands. If he couldn't have it, no one could.

Li Yundong was so angry that he immediately reached out his hand and pinched the man's cheeks. With the force of his fingers, he dislocated the enemy's chin with a crack. Then, he grabbed the man's arm that was holding the pill with one hand and twisted it back violently!

The man knew that his arm would be broken by Li Yundong. When his arm was grabbed, he struggled with his five fingers and flicked the three Diyuan Jindan over the medicine pool!

Immediately, the Diyuan Jindan returned to its original state. The alchemy room was once again filled with colorful divine light.

Li Yundong looked up and saw another person quickly slipping into the alchemy room. This new intruder stared at the Diyuan Jindan with amazement and greed, then rushed toward it.

Li Yundong grunted and flicked his hand downwards, plunging his fingers toward the man's spine, while the lightning flashed around him and the Liuhe Sword instantly flew out, stabbing towards the man who was diving for the treasure.

The man who had broken into the alchemy room saw that it was empty and that the Diyuan Jindan was close at hand. In his ecstasy, how could he have imagined that there was actually a terrifying enemy hidden in this medicinal pool?

The Liuhe Sword flashed, and he felt a chill at his waist followed by a sharp pain. With a scream, he fell involuntarily, his finger less than an inch away from the Diyuan Jindan.

But the man had just been physically wounded. Soon, the Yang Spirit shot out of his body, and his hand suddenly extended an inch, and at once he fished the Diyuan Jindan into his palm again.

This person had s.n.a.t.c.hed the Diyuan Jindan. Writhing with a wild joy, his Yang Spirit quickly escaped from the skylight. However, his Yang Spirit was not very dense. It was unable to hide the dazzling light of the Diyuan Jindan. In an instant, this colorful divine light pa.s.sed through his palm and immediately attracted everyone's attention.

"The Diyuan Jindan! It's with him!" some cultivators cried in alarm.

Before the man could enjoy his victory, he saw the other cultivators hurling their powerful magical weapons at him.

After Li Yundong had rushed into the alchemy room, Zi Yuan and Zhou Qin had immediately left by the top of the room. This was because once he moved, the Fixed Fundamental Palm around them would disappear immediately. If they had still been standing there, they would have been targeted by the public and would have immediately become sitting ducks.

Unfortunately, this cultivator who had just won the Diyuan Jindan had just gotten out of the alchemy room before being hit by the countless magic weapons and magic arts.

Unlike Li Yundong, a top master with strong cultivation, he could only manage to dodge a few times before he was smashed by the countless magic treasures and spells.

Zhou Qin and Zi Yuan saw that even though the man was blown to pieces, the Diyuan Jindan was still floating intact, blown upwards by the strong wind.

For a time, all the cultivators around stared at the colorful Diyuan Jindan with crazy greed flas.h.i.+ng in their eyes. Suddenly, they fell into a terrible silence.

It was like the calm before the storm, or a moment of peace before the flash floods, the moment of stillness before a volcano erupts!

All of them seemed to be frozen like ice sculptures. Only the three Diyuan Jindan were rolling through the air, and the colorful lights they shone with were dazzling. Almost everyone's eyes were dazzled and their hearts were in disorder!

Suddenly, almost everyone began fiercely rus.h.i.+ng towards the Diyuan Jindan in unison!

For a time, the figures on Tiandu Peak were in chaos and a storm of powerful magical weapons were flying about!

Zhou Qin and Zi Yuan just wanted to grab it, but they had already seen that the brilliance of the Diyuan Lingdan was obscured by the thick crowd, and only small traces of colorful light were struggling out of the gaps in the crowd that filled the sky.

They were dumbstruck to see these cultivators fighting for the Diyuan Jindan: The first to grab the Diyuan Jindan was killed mercilessly by those who came after him. The second to get the Diyuan Jindan was much smarter, grabbing it and shoving it into his mouth!

As soon as he put it in, he was ready to swallow it down, but suddenly a sharp blade pa.s.sed through his chest, tearing his whole upper body into two pieces from bottom to top and splitting his head into two parts. The Diyuan Jindan in his mouth also jumped out of his skull, stained with blood, glowing with a ferocious light.

Zhou Qin was dumbfounded, and she was utterly frightened by the horrific scene of carnage before her. Although she had thought that sometimes she could be ruthless, it was the first time she'd seen the horrible ma.s.sacre motivated by the chance for a Jindan. She was now feeling the cruelty and indifference of the cultivation world!

n.o.body knew who the masked cultivators were or what kind of relations.h.i.+ps they had with each other. However, no one had to worry about it too much at that moment.

Due to the sudden development, many people who had received the news had no time to prepare or even contact their own friends. They were just afraid that they would not be able to catch up with the detection of the Diyuan Jindan from the physical world.

But what even fewer people had expected was that Tiandu Peak, where the Diyuan Jindan was, would become their final resting place!

"Oh my G.o.d..." Zhou Qin shuddered in horror. "Are they crazy?"

Zi Yuan was also extremely shocked by the scene before her and she suddenly muttered in a low, chilling voice, "I finally know what the h.e.l.l Wan Zhenyuan is up to!"

Zhou Qin widened his eyes, turned her head and asked sharply, "What?"

A rare expression of intense anger flitted over Zi Yuan's face. She gritted her teeth and said word by word, "To murder a person with a borrowed knife! Use the three elixirs to kill the group's greed!"

Zhou Qin was trembling. She was no fool, so she quickly figured out the key point and could barely speak from the shock. "Could it be that... Wan Zhenyuan wants these sects to fight against each other and start a blood feud? So he can profit from the chaos?"

Zi Yuan said angrily, "It won't be easy for the cultivation world to rise again. Some people don't care about the overall situation, consumed by their own selfish interests! After this battle, it's very likely that our Chinese cultivation world will decline for the next ten years!"

"Something's wrong..." As soon as her voice fell, a figure flashed over to their sides. It was Li Yundong, who had already come out of the alchemy room with his eyes flickering, looking at the cultivators who were fighting.

"What's wrong?" Zi Yuan frowned.

He shook his head slightly. "Although Wan Zhenyuan has led me into a dangerous situation, I think he wasn't the person who spread the news of the Diyuan Jindan. It must have been someone else..."

Zi Yuan was stunned. She suddenly seemed to recall something and her eyes quickly searched for someone among the crowd. When she fixed her eyes on Zheng Yuan, her heart suddenly trembled and her face turned pale. She said in a trembling voice, "I know! It was Zheng Yuan. No, I accidentally allowed him to guess the news! d.a.m.n it, it's all my fault!"

Zhou Qin also quickly figured out what was going on. She said with a pale complexion, "No, it was me. If I weren't here, then..."

Li Yundong looked gloomy as he immediately snapped, "Stop it, this isn't the time to point fingers. No one can be free from fault!It's really hateful for Zheng Yuan to have used another's hand to kill people! However, the immediate issue putting an end to this turmoil!"

"What do you have in mind?" Zi Yuan asked, calming down.

Just as Li Yundong was about to speak, he suddenly heard a familiar sound ringing through the air. It was a high voice exclaiming, "Yundong, I got it! I got it!"

Li Yundong was greatly shocked. He looked up and saw Su Chan suddenly appearing from within the crowd. Relying on her own dexterity, she had grabbed three Diyuan Jindans!

The moment she s.n.a.t.c.hed them, the cultivators around her immediately began to lunge toward her. Like countless wild animals, they would tear her into pieces if they got their hands on her!

At this time, Kris, who had been chasing the colorful light, finally set foot on Tiandu Peak.

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