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Published at 11th of September 2019 05:59:24 AM Chapter 48
The Spring’s Appearance (17)

“And that’s done?” I looked at my hand but didn’t notice anything strange .

Mom nodded: “It’s done . Of course, for the sake of protecting you, I specifically set an insurance measure . If she tries to forcibly take over your conscious, she’ll immediately be reduced to ashes . In other words, she is only allowed to wake up under the condition that you allow her to . That way, there won’t be any risk . That said, Son, do you really think that this is a good idea? It’s dangerous . After all, she almost killed us using your body . ”

I softly responded, “I can’t bring myself to kill her when she bears such a striking resemblance to you . She may have committed unforgivable deeds, but I’ve desperately searched for reasons to forgive her . I feel this way precisely because she resembles you . It appears it’s impossible for me to become a fair and just King, as I can’t be ruthless to you all . ”

Mom giggled . She gave me a light hug and stroked my head . Tone tender, she said, “It’s all right, Son . It doesn’t matter what sort of King you are . In Mommy’s opinion, you just need to be a kid . Son, Mommy is truly afraid of losing you . I guess that’s Mommy’s weakness . If somebody controls you, Mommy could hand over everything; therefore, you must remember to never allow yourself to become a bargaining chip . ”

“Of course I won’t, Mom . I know not to . ”

Mom’s eyes resembled glowing gems under the candlelight . Mom gently clasped my face with her long and slender fingers . She looked back into my eyes . I gently pulled Mom into my arms and leaned over . Mom gently kissed me . She slid her hands on my face around to the back of my head and hugged me back . The two of us didn’t say anything while our surroundings were silent . It was as if nothing happened before, and we weren’t mother and son but two people in love .

I felt the warmth and gentleness of Mom’s body . It was the familiar fragrance and warmth that put me at ease . Everything Mom had to offer could put me at ease . One will always be most relaxed when they’re at home . As for me, I could feel the warmth of family as long as I was with Mom . She was my family, after all .


Our tongues intertwined . My hands slid down to Mom’s b.r.e.a.s.t.s on their own . I grabbed the b.r.e.a.s.t.s that once fed me . Mom shuddered and then pressed her body more firmly to mine . I gently rubbed her b.r.e.a.s.t.s . Mom grabbed my hands with a firmer grip .

“Stop for a moment, Son . ”

Just as I was about to go to the next step, Mom gave me a firm push away . I was baffled . She touched her lips . There was a faint red tinge glimmering in her eyes . She started to get a little aroused but managed to control herself in the end .

Mom She stood up and fixed her blonde hair . She smiled: “It’s not that we can’t do this now, but this isn’t the time for it . Shouldn’t you go and see Lucia, Son? Lucia definitely needs you very much at the moment . She is your wife, Son . Mommy no longer has the right to compete with Lucia for you . You’re her husband and her children’s father . When Lucia needs you, I hope that you’ll be there for her . ”


“Mommy doesn’t feel lonely . Mommy will be fine as long as Mommy can see you . Mommy is aware of what you’re thinking . While Mommy will… feel a teeny bit lonely, it really is just a teeny bit . Mommy understands this is something Mommy has to bear with as a mother . ”

“Mom, I won’t let you feel too lonely . I swear that I won’t . I… I…”

I attempted to hug Mom again, but she backed up and avoided me . She shook her head with a smile” “Go on, Son . You don’t need to continue wasting time here with me . Making your wife wait for a long time isn’t what a good husband would do . ”

I stopped in my tracks . I couldn’t find it in me to smile when I saw the smile on Mom’s face . I couldn’t read minds as she could, therefore couldn’t tell what hid behind her smile . Despite that, I couldn’t feel a hint of joy behind her supposed smile . But nonetheless, I knew Mommy was no longer willing to keep me .

I pulled the door open and turned around to look at Mom one last time . She waved with a smile: “If Lucia is experiencing any physical problems, have her come see me . ”

“Uhm, Mom, you should turn in early . Goodnight . ”

“All right . ”

Mom shut the door with a smile .

Inside the room, Vyvyan maintained her posture and demeanour from when she shut the door . The light outside and her son were locked outside . She heard his steps go further away one step at a time . She lowered her head and gently leaned on the door . She shut her eyes . His afterimage still lingered to her .

Vyvyan silently bemoaned, “How could I forget? He has always been by my side . I live for him . What does that shadow know? I’m just a shadow of my brother . It’s because of my brother’s inferior mana that I am what I am . I’m a mana replenishment tool . I’m just a shadow and a counterfeit, but I found a purpose in life from my brother . When I gave birth to my son, I learnt what the beauty of life was for the first time . I learnt how blissful it was to give birth to a life . It was the first time I felt that I was alive . I live for my son .

It’s so lonely . Henceforward, my son will have someone else by his side… He has Lucia and his children . My son is still by my side in this palace now, but I’ve come to understand that it’s just a dream that I’ll soon wake up from . I’ll never get to feel my son’s breaths again…

It really is… so lonely…It’s so lonely… I no longer have anyone by my side . Everybody has left with those footsteps, and they’ll never be back . Sometimes a long lifespan can be a curse . ”

Present time at Lucia’s room .

“Your Highness?”

“Why are you so surprised?”

Startled, Lucia jumped to her feet . She wiggled around as she explained, “I thought you’d stay with Her Highness until the morning . After all, you will always stay with Her Highness until the next day…”

“You’re my wife, Lucia . It’s a given that I come back to see my injured wife . Are you hurt anywhere, Lucia?”

“Umm, Your Highness, I heard that a kiss will fix up any pain…”

“I’ve heard that before . ”

“Then… then… Your Highness, my entire body hurts .

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