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Chapter 2612: Inside the Gold Crystal Tower!


Almost at the same time as when the alarms echoed, the mental devil activated the crystal bombs that had been released from the Cosmos Rings without any hesitation. A series of gigantic fireb.a.l.l.s were immediately ignited at the edge of the energy center.

The fireb.a.l.l.s expanded nonstop like colorful, abnormal tumors that spread out tentacles nonstop, swallowing up the oxygen, the most precious thing in the underground s.p.a.ce, and unleas.h.i.+ng abundant smoke that was as dark as ink.

“Enemy incoming! Enemy incoming!”

The positions of the Imperial Guards stationed below the ground immediately fell into chaos. Officers were shouting desperately everywhere. Countless battle puppets and crystal suits rose to the midair at the same time. Mystic rays that were sharp enough to pierce through the black smoke scanned back and forth like gold daggers. Seven Colossi even leaped to the central area of the energy center. However, the mischievous mental devil and Neltharion were nowhere to be found at all.

While the Imperial Guards were in a flurry, an overwhelming vibe descended from the sky and arrived before them abruptly.

It was Li Linghai!

“Li Linghai” still had a headful of white hair that looked like a waterfall. Surrounded by the most dominating purple fire, and with a thick sh.e.l.l of ice frozen on her face, she roared hysterically, “It’s Li Yao! It’s Li Yao, that shameless thief, who has snuck in! Were you all blind to allow him to cause such huge damage? Capture him! Capture him now!”

The Imperial Guards looked at each other in bewilderment and vaguely felt that something was not right. But in the haste, they could not figure out where exactly the problem was.

“This is the moment that the destiny of the Imperium and even the civilization of mankind will be decided. His Majesty’s enterprise depends on each of us!”

“Li Linghai” bugled her eyes and gnashed her teeth as she spoke, “His Majesty is resting and preparing for the last strike. Do you really need His Majesty to attack in person in order to finish that thief Li Yao? Hurry and disperse. Find him out even if you have to dig into the ground. I’m going to mince and burn him up in person!

“Right there. I can tell that he’s up there. What is he trying to do? Is he going to blow up the rock stratum above our heads in advance?”

“Li Linghai” pointed at the rocks above everyone and shouted.

The Imperial Guards couldn’t help but get distracted by her finger, and they did sense a weak wave flas.h.i.+ng in the direction she pointed at.

Immediately, countless battle puppets and crystal suits flew toward the rocks. The three Colossi also rose to the midair. All the honeycomb-launchers around were opened and locked onto the rocks up above.

Right when everybody was distracted by the exasperated “Li Linghai” in the midair and the weird scent that was lurking in the darkness among the rocks high above, Li Yao had changed into a regular suit of the Imperial Guards and concealed most of his aura until it was similar to most Imperial Guards. He quietly approached the Gold Crystal Pyramid under the cover of the dark fog.

It was a mess everywhere. Many people were shooting at the sky, and many others were in a hurry to extinguish the fire in the energy center so that the central area, particularly the warehouse where abundant crystals were stored, would not be affected. A lot of soldiers who were weak were already blus.h.i.+ng and feeling dizzy due to the lack of oxygen. None of them noticed Li Yao.

Li Yao snuck into the back of the tractor that s.h.i.+pped the Meditation Healers more than easily.

The team of Imperial Guards escorting the Meditation Healers was in a dilemma. They wondered whether they should enter the Gold Crystal Pyramid immediately or wait for further instructions where they were.

Their commander was looking at “Li Linghai” in the midair, as if he were waiting for a clearer order.

Sparks spurted out of Li Yao’s eyes, and cracks echoed from his skull. He instantly a.n.a.lyzed the positions, visions, and biophysical parameters of the few soldiers and established twelve plans.

Three, two, one!

Li Yao counted in his heart silently. As the countdown reached zero, the mental devil happened to charge out of the fog with Neltharion and tossed the last Cosmos Ring not far away from the soldiers, detonating the dozens of crystal bombs that spurted out of the Cosmos Ring.

The battle puppets and the Imperial Guards were all knocked over. While the team of soldiers was outside of the range of explosion, they were attracted by the fire and the airwave too, and they all backed off to take shelter.

The moment the fire rose, Li Yao lunged out like a stealthy leopard, s.n.a.t.c.hing the soldier at the end of the row and dragging him to the bottom of the tractor.

He knocked out the soldier, took off his suit, put the suit on, and stuck the soldier to the cha.s.sis of the tractor with a type of special natural glue. The whole job took Li Yao only one second.

By the time the rest of the soldiers looked back, they saw that Li Yao was s.h.i.+vering next to the tractor in their suit, with his head lowered.

When Li Yao stood up again holding onto the tractor, he already looked similar to the poor soldier.

Although they were not entirely identical, n.o.body would bother to check it carefully at such a time.

“What are you waiting for?”

At this moment, “Li Linghai” happened to lower her head and roar at the soldiers who were escorting the Meditation Healers, “Hurry and send them in. Don’t delay His Majesty’s moment of victory!”

The officer responsible for escorting the Meditation Healers trembled. In cold sweat because of Li Linghai’s roar, he hurried to ask his subordinates to drag the unconscious Meditation Healers into the Gold Crystal Pyramid.

Just like that, Li Yao pa.s.sed a ma.s.sive bronze gate at the pedestal of the Gold Crystal Pyramid at the end of the line, entering the “stellar-level magical equipment”!

They pa.s.sed through a cold and deep pathway, whose wall was as smooth as a mirror and showed no joint. However, a mist that could swallow the sounds and spiritual waves of the outside world was spreading out of nowhere. Very soon, the noises outside couldn’t be heard again, and the intense battle was beyond reach. They seemed to have entered an independent world.

Most of the species in the Pangu civilizations’ alliance were multiple times greater than human beings. Therefore, the pathways and the rooms were also as huge as empty palaces. The density and hardness of the building materials were also far higher than the specifications of the strengthened armor that were used by the human beings.

Li Yao had once seen similar materials in the Kunlun relic and ran tremendous experiments on the materials. They were extremely difficult to break. While they were extremely tough, they also boasted the effect of energy absorption, similar to “Super Bendable Steel”, which made it hard to burn or detonate them.

In other words, even if he were to summon his Colossus and bombard the Gold Crystal Pyramid from inside, the best he could achieve was to leave a few minor holes on it. It would be difficult for him to trigger a serial explosion that could completely ruin the Gold Crystal Pyramid.

The part of the Gold Crystal Pyramid above the rocks was already hundreds of meters high. Like an iceberg floating on an ocean, nine out of tens of the buildings were buried below. Judging from the length of this pathway, its size was beyond estimation.

Li Yao was not confident that he could blow up the core of the Gold Crystal Pyramid in one attack. He did not even know where the core of this thing was!

“If this Gold Crystal Pyramid was truly the last trump card of the zealots of the Houyi Clan, they must’ve imposed unprecedented defense on the Gold Crystal Pyramid in case of the sabotages from the Pangu Clan and the Nuwa Clan. Even a Colossus might not be able to destroy it easily.”

Li Yao thought to himself calmly, “Therefore, I have to get closer to its heart…”

Neltharion and the mental devil that had entered the stealth state floated above his head and scanned everything around.

Suddenly, Li Yao heard feeble squeaks from both ears.

It was the noises when some sort of ubiquitous magnetic field was attempting to invade his brain.

He was not wrong. Wuying Qi had indeed deployed very powerful mental attack weapons at the center of the Gold Crystal Pyramid, regarding brainwas.h.i.+ng as the most brilliant defense.

No wonder Wuying Qi did not set up any other traps in this place but simply allowed the soldiers to walk in.

If it were common warriors, they would’ve been captivated by illusions as they reached the place, wouldn’t they?

Li Yao’s soul was unique, and it had generated a powerful mental devil. Also, he had resisted Wuying Qi’s mental attack once in the Seven Seas Grand Market, which granted him some sort of an “immunity”. Such petty tricks could not affect him.

The soldiers ahead of him, however, started to walk slowly and heavily. Their movements were more and more rigid too, as if they were pulled by a certain mysterious force.

Li Yao learned after them and dragged the unconscious Meditation Healers to move forward mechanically.

After the mist ahead was cleared, however, he was astounded by the weird picture unfolded before his eyes.

It was a black temple. On the floor whose edge was beyond his eyesight, ma.s.sive, mysterious patterns had been carved. The center seemed to be a star that had grown thousands of tentacles, surrounded by countless tiny round spots that also had flagella or tentacles. There was no telling whether they represented planets or the beetles, the origin of the Houyi Clan who liked to dart at fire.

Among the patterns, however, countless black pillars rose all the way to the dome that was also filled with mysterious patterns. The pillars were also connected by horizontals beams, making the place look like a huge, complicated city.

Li Yao knew that the black, cubic city was an array of super crystal processors of the primeval age.

He once saw similar things in the c.o.c.kpit of the Nuwa wars.h.i.+p. Long Yangjun once taught him some ways to activate and utilize them too. Xiaoming and Wenwen had also a.n.a.lyzed and studied part of the secrets of the primeval crystal processors before.

Although the Pangu civilization was thousands of years more advanced than the civilization of mankind, the gap of the two parties in terms of crystal processor technologies was not so huge.

It was because the Pangu civilization was scared that advanced crystal processors and cyber technologies would give birth to the virtual information lives like Xiaoming and Wenwen. Therefore, they restrained, castrated, and even destroyed most of the technologies of crystal processors and Spiritual Nexus that they had, making them several hundred years more advanced than mankind at most.

What surprised Li Yao, however, was not the super crystal processors of the Pangu civilization, but the things around them!

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