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Chapter 169: Who is His Person (1)

TL: emptycube / ED: Isleidir

"It has come, it has been watched, it has exploded!"

Team Leader Park came over with light, cheerful steps.

"That's the one-line review of pop culture critic. He wrote it after seeing Making Film's second episode and the clip."

"I saw it. He wrote a positive review as well."

"You monitored reactions already?"

I shook my head.

"No, Seoyoung is updating me about the current situation every five minutes."

She wasn't in her right mind.

She had lost it when we collected the recordings yesterday, and after we posted the video clip and her name stayed at the top of the real-time search rankings, her symptoms, which made me suspect she might have ADHD, have been getting worse.

She couldn't stay put for a moment, so LJ asked me if she could just tie her up.

"Just let her be excited. She was the main contributor."

Team Leader Park said happily,

"Did you hear about this too? That Neptune's fandom chose today to be a day of harmony?"

"Seoyoung did talk about it."

"Look at this. I spurted coffee while reading this."

She handed me her tablet. I scanned it as I walked.

From Neptune's official homepage to various personal fan pages, each one had posted the same main message as if they were raising a flag. They screenshotted the clip that was released this morning. It was a picture where the Neptune members were huddled together in the living room laughing.

A caption was written above it.

'Day of harmony, Fans unite!'

I laughed the moment I saw it.

Team Leader Park said in a joyful voice,

"I think they are collecting money to donate 1 ton of rice? They want to donate it every year in celebration of today. Songha's personal fans took the lead. It seems they ended up bowing down dispiritedly."

"They've been troublesome for a while, but it's been resolved in one go. They must have been frightened after seeing the clip."

"Songha's remark was quite strong. Tell me honestly, did you make her say that?"

"No way."

I shrugged and opened the meeting room door.

The room, which was bustling like a market, instantly stopped. People quickly got up.

"Team leader, you've come!"

"h.e.l.lo, chief!"

On the left side of the table were the PR Team employees, and on the right were management employees. Their faces were haggard, but their faces were beaming with triumph like they had just obtained a huge victory. The meeting room became noisy again once Team Leader Park and I sat down in our seats.

"Seoyoung's a big hit now."

"She's the type to pull fans in. Like they say, even lookers can't beat hardcore fans."

"On top of that, fans of other idols have reacted very favorably."

The male PR Team employee showed me a tablet displaying online reactions.

-Who has seen Neptune's clip on the portal? The comment section is going crazy.

       -It's no joke. It instantly got 500,000 views and thousands of comments.

       -I thought a fight broke out or something, but it turns out that other fans have come out in full strength and are crying in the comments lol

       -I saw the hidden camera scene with Im Seoyoung when it aired, and I felt even sadder thinking about my favorite artist. I watched it with my mom, and she told me to never be a celebrity.

       -I watched it without any thought and ended up with tears and snot running down my face. I wondered if my favorite group had the same thoughts. I plan on fangirling over Neptune as my second. I wasn't interested in them besides Lee Songha, but they seem really nice.

       -I became obsessed with Im Seoyoung yesterday and I spent all night looking her up hahaha

       -Their chemistry with each other is amazing too. My image of them has risen.

-Wasn't that clearly scripted? Also, I disliked seeing Im Seoyoung hugging a doll at her age. Is it just me?

       -Just you.

       -Did you not see her doll collection in her room? You need to respect her preferences.

       -Scripted? l.m.f.a.o you think it would be scripted with Im Seoyoung's acting skills? LOL

There were a few people trying to start a ruckus here and there, but the majority had positive reactions. As someone said, Neptune's image had become much better. The biggest benefit was the popularity of the other members, who had been hidden under Lee Songha's shadow, had surged.

The PR Team employees chatted,

"A Making Film production a.s.sistant laughed like a madman when he told me the ratings."

"Of course, he'll laugh! At 11.8%, we increased by almost 3%."

"It's the hottest topic for two weeks now, so there are new viewers after getting hooked through IPTV, streaming and downloading services. I bet there'll be more people watching next week?"

"For programs like this, it's common for there to be a hot online reaction but a subdued offline one. Yet, Making Film is hot on and offline. The ages of viewers range widely from the teens to the middle-aged. If we're lucky, the fandom will appeal to the"

"Apparently IBC brought up extending the broadcast by another week?"

"Product placements and commercials must be lined up right now, of course, they don't want to stop with a few weeks."

"I heard IBC's music broadcast is taking special care over Pretty Girls' comeback stage."

Chief Lee Taes.h.i.+n, who was listening with a slack jaw, swallowed his saliva.

"Comeback stage… But, I still can't believe it. It felt surreal thinking that the girls are gaining so much attention thanks to the broadcast, but my eyes were about to pop out when I heard the staff wanted to have an interview for their comeback stage."

"If the song does well, then an introduction scene will be added as well."

Lee Kwanwoo said while laughing.

As soon as they talked about the song's results, their gazes gathered on me.

The PR Team employees cautiously asked,

"The song will do well, right?"

"Looking at the mood, it looks like they'll rise to the top of the charts. The problem is whether it stays there."

"We are preparing a press release in case it does fall sharply."

Team Leader Park trailed her words as she looked at me.

"How well do you think the song will do?"

"First on the weekly charts."

I said with a smile. Team Leader Park licked her dry lips.

"Since they are a hot topic right now, if we're lucky it might reach first…"

Team Leader Park, who was nodding, paused.

"Wait, did you say weekly?"


I replied while twirling the pen in my hand. Now the other employees were looked at me with agitated expressions.

"Not real-time rankings, not daily, but first on weekly?"

"I think that they'll be able to stay at the top of the weekly charts for at least one week? I hope they get first on the monthly chart even."

I added as the others' expressions turned strange. If Kim Hyunjo or the team 3 leader were here, they probably would have said something.

That the crazy guy is doing it again.

I lightly tapped the back of my hand and said,

"Now that our goal is settled, shall we start the meeting?"

The employee quickly regained their senses.

On the other side, Team Leader Park had a faint smile as she said,

"Shall we, Team Leader Jung?"

A cold front descended in the team leader's office.

"The Management Business Department is going to be reorganized? Who said that?"

Chief Jo flinched under the team 2 leader's glaring eyes.

"It's a rumor that's been going around recently. It's just a rumor."

"So what kind of rumor?!"

Chief Jo said,

"That we should be reducing our investments in Hollywood and focus more here since we aren't able to get good results advancing into Hollywood. Apparently, they are planning on increasing the department by signing on more list actors currently in the free market. Also…"

"Sign other actors? If that's the case, do you think I wouldn't be aware of it? The CEO and director would tell me immediately."

The team 2 leader snorted and asked,

"And anything else?"

"That a new team will be created in the department. That team…"

Chief Jo's eyes sneaked a peek at the team 2 leader.

"The rest is completely baseless, so you don't have to…"

"Tell me the rest of it! What is it?"

"Th-that Jung Sunwoo might be the new team leader."

"Who's been speaking that nonsense?!"

The team 2 leader's eyes blazed. His well-groomed beard trembled.

"I-I told you it's just nonsense."

"Team leader? Team leader! All sorts of rumors are coming out from giving Jung Sunwoo that temporary team leader position so that it looks good for the company! It's not like the project succeeded either!"

"That's, judging by the mood, it seems like it's already considered a success. The problem is rather if the rest is a big or small hit…"

"What did you say?"

Chief Jo halted his mumblings and shook his head.

The team 2 leader chugged down a gla.s.s of cold water. Then he rubbed his belly.

"I have to be careful around the CEO and director because of that Jung Sunwoo b.a.s.t.a.r.d. My insides broil whenever I hear his name now. He and Son Chaeoyoung are the biggest contributors to my stress. What team leader. Do you think I'll…!"

Still holding his gla.s.s, the team 2 leader stopped talking when he looked towards the door.

Song Inho was standing behind the slight opening.

"Inho, why are you standing there like that?"

"I knocked, but I didn't think you heard me…"

"Come in."

When Song Inho stepped in, the freezing office began to melt.

The team 2 leader smiled like a goose nesting on a golden egg.

"What's the matter?"

"I think the independent film is going to delay its release a bit longer."


The smile was wiped from the team 2 leader's face. A bone-chilling breeze blew.

"What a mess. Does that director even plan on releasing that movie this year?"

"The extra shoots will be done soon."

"How many times have you brought extra shoots up? Once you start promoting your project, you'll be so busy you'll have to make use of every second. How long do you plan on being bogged down by that? You're good overall, but you're stubborn about the oddest things."

"I'll make sure that it doesn't affect my schedule. For sure."

The team 2 leader's expression relaxed after Song Inho begged him for a while.

He sat Song Inho closer to him. Then he scanned his face.

"Are you going to the esthetician regularly?"


"You need to take care since you'll be in front of the camera every day once Director Yoon's movie is released."

The team 2 leader patted Song Inho's cheek.

"You just need to follow me from now on."

The meetings were packed as much as Neptune's schedule during event season. I only picked out the most important ones, but the lunch meetings overlapped so I would have to lunch several times today. I went down to the parking lot to go to my first meeting destination.

I checked the time in front of my minivan.

Someone pulled my arm from behind me.

Was it one of Blackout's stalker fans?

Thinking this, I turned around. I saw a face that could be considered too handsome underneath his baseball cap. He was Song Inho. When I relaxed, he pulled my arm. He crammed his long limbs into the security cameras' dead spot and greeted me,

"Hyung, it's been a while!"

"It has been a while. But what are you doing?"

It wasn't like we were a celebrity couple hiding from reporters.

"If I get caught talking to you, I'll be in trouble. The team 2 leader isn't in a good mood right now."

"What happened today?"

"Because of you."

Song Inho's voice became quieter.

"I think the company is in a frenzy because of your project team. That's why there are two names you should never bring up in front of the team 2 leader. Son Chaeyoung sunbae and Temporary Team Leader Jung Sunwoo."

I was on the same level as Son Chaeyoung?

Laughing, I placed my hand on Song Inho's shoulder.

Song Inho laughed refres.h.i.+ngly. Soon, his eyes met mine. It had only been a few months since he came over and cried, saying that he felt like he was suffocating to death, and I didn't have the opportunity to talk to him much after because I was so caught up with Pretty Girls.

"How are the two movies going?"

"We are doing extra shoots for the independent film. Director Yoon's film is being released. It'll be in theatres soon. I think they are rus.h.i.+ng it because of the distribution company."

The movie the team 2 leader picked.

The scenario wasn't bad, but how did he pick it? How well would it do?

"I'll go to the premiere."

"Thank you. But, hyung."

Still crouched, Song Inho came closer.

"I heard about this just now, but there is a rumor that the management team is being reorganized and that they will create a new team."


"There is also a rumor that you might be the team leader of the new team."

I recalled the time I had a private conversation with CEO Baek Hansung.

So a rumor was spreading?

It seemed he saw something in my expression as Song Inho's complexion brightened.

"If, that really is true, hyung."

Song Inho grabbed both my arms.

"Could you bring me to your team?"

What the heck? Was this a dream?

I was definitely talking to Song Inho just now, but I saw the blue sky in front of me. Clouds were trailing on behind the gla.s.s wall. It looked like I was looking down from a plane.

I felt a strange sense of déjà vu. Where did I see this before?

Ah, I was in my office. My office approximately twenty years later.

As soon as I realized this was the future, my future self raised his head. Devoid of static, I could clearly see Director Park Woojeong, the middle-aged version of Reporter Park Woojeong. I perked my ears and listened.

Director Park said,

"That person retired at the peak of their popularity, right?"

Retired? Who?

Was she talking about Song Inho?

Reporter Song asked the question that was on my mind.

"Why did that person retire?"

"There were only rumors. That the person married into a Chinese conglomerate. That the person was being treated for anxiety. That the person was pregnant. That the person retired in Korea and went on to do theater in the States. There were all sorts of rumors."


Director Park, who replied in a mumble, shrugged.

"No one knows the truth."


"She started when she was a child, so she was great at acting."

Director Park looked at me and added,

"I wonder what Son Chaeyoung's doing now."


{TL/N: Tried to keep it gender neutral until the 'she was pregnant' part.}

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