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GDK 744: Breakthrough

Soon, surely enough, Han Shuo's avatar that cultivated in the edict of destruction had successfully breakthrough to midG.o.d realm with the help of the wonderfully bizarre energy.

But what made Han Shuo even more excited was that his avatar was only halfway through in a.s.similating the bizarre energy!

The energy continued to fuse with Han Shuo's avatar even after it had become an early-stage midG.o.d of destruction. The divine energy in his body continued to soar as more and more enlightening information about the true essence of the edict of destruction fused with his avatar's soul.

As his happened, the shattered veins and bones in Han Shuo's main body were rapidly being reconstructed. His body would rattle and crackle, as though firecrackers were set off inside his body. If anyone else was there, they will surely be shocked and unsettled.

Han Shuo would usually lose track of the pa.s.sing of time while under such a state. Series of loud crackling noises would jolt every part of his body, causing him to involuntarily jerk and move with the crunchy noise. Han Shuo at that moment appeared freakish, to say the least.

"Congratulations, Master! You body has been strengthened once more. From the looks of it, you should have mastered the second level of Invincible Omen Body!" Cauldron Spirit's voice sounded in Han Shuo's consciousness.

Han Shuo was roused from what he felt to be ages of deep sleep. He shook his head and tilted his neck from side to side.

Gradually, no crackling noises could be heard from his body. Han Shuo cracked a grin and asked, "You mean that even when I'm not borrowing your energy, Invincible Omen Body will automatically deploy when I'm attacked?"

"Correct. On top of that, as your body has become stronger, you can now use my energy for a longer duration!" explained Cauldron Spirit.

"Haha, wonderful. Wonderful!" cheered Han Shuo.

Han Shuo's avatar of destruction was still in deep meditation inside the Cauldron of Myriad Demon. His main body has fully recovered from all the havoc and damages the energy made. He raised his head and looked all around. He saw that he was alone in this enormous underground palace.

There were large chunks of shattered rocks everywhere. They were dark purple in color, which in the dark underground, appeared as dark as coal. The energy towers all around had collapsed. The palace at the center was riddled with holes after being struck by broken rocks. It had lost its dignified and solemn appearance

Blightsoar and Aobas.h.i.+ must had checked and examined the area before leaving. There likely wouldn't be any important or significant item left behind. Han Shuo did not find anything valuable after circling the chamber multiple times. Other than the palace and energy towers made of stony materials, there were only scattered fragments of rocks on every surface.

Seeing that he couldn't find anything valuable and that his injuries had completely healed, Han Shuo decided to fly up and exit the cave.

After ascending through the pitch-dark vertical tunnel, Han Shuo returned to the energy crystal cave. His demon generals were still wandering about the nearby caves as Han Shuo had previously instructed. The cave network was now completely empty. Neither divine guards nor G.o.dhunters could be seen.

Han Shuo exited the cave and proceeded with flying across the chilling lake. The gravity above the lake had returned to normal and therefore Han Shuo had no problem traversing it. After he landed on the ground safely, he spent a moment in contemplation while staring at the deep and dark water. He then took out a medicine bottle and collected a sample of the water.

"Huh?!" Han Shuo let out a soft cry of surprise after he carefully examined the jet-black sample he collected. His eyes were filled with astonishment. 

Originally, Han Shuo a.s.sumed that a large amount of corrosive poison was dumped into the lake to make it so corrosive. But now that he thought about it carefully, he felt that his a.s.sumption didn't make much sense.

This lake was enormous and deep. Just how many bottles of poison would it take to turn the large volume of liquid to become so corrosive?

From Han Shuo's observations of the G.o.dswamp Pharmacy, he could tell that this kind of poison was very precious to them, as though it took them a lot of effort to produce these poison. Han Shuo guesstimated that they must dissolve at least a few tons of poison into the lake in order to make it so corrosive.

However, to throw tons of such costly poison into this lake just to form an ineffective defense, surely the G.o.dhunters wouldn't be that stupid?

Puzzled, Han Shuo split up a strand of his consciousness to carefully examine the liquid he collected in the medicine bottle. Han Shuo was rather wary of this immensely corrosive dark liquid that could dissolve a midG.o.d in no time.

He discovered that although there were indeed components of the poison in the lake water, it wasn't as concentrated or potent as those produced by G.o.dswamp Pharmacy. After spending some time in deep thought, Han Shuo reached a baffling conclusion - the poisons produced by G.o.dswamp Pharmacy were made using the lake water!

After a moment of hesitation, Han Shuo extended his left index finger, and carefully with his right hand, poured a single drop of the dark liquid he collected on his fingertip.

Fizzz…  Light wisps of smoke immediately emanated from the tip of his index finger. Intense corrosive energy immediately invaded the cells and bones on his index finger, trying to dissolve them into liquid.

The Invincible Omen Body, sensing the terrible destructive power of the corrosive energy, automatically a.s.sembled the demonic yuan in Han Shuo's body. On the instant his skin made contact with the liquid, layers upon layers of defensive energy s.h.i.+elds were deployed to resist the corrosion. His demonic yuan was being rapidly consumed.

Fizzzsssss…. The light wisps of smoke turned intense and jet-black.

Under the protection of his Invincible Omen Body, the corrosive energy was neutralized, though it consumed some demonic yuan. His cells that were damaged and broken down were rapidly reconstructed. His finger was as good as new in no time.

Such intense corrosive power! This is hundreds of times more horrible that the fiercest acid! thought Han Shuo, startled.

Those divine guards and G.o.dhuntes who fell into the lake, as the entire surface of their bodies were exposed to the onslaught of the corrosive energy, it didn't take long before the divine energy they had be exhausted. That was the main reason they would be reduced into skeletons. As Han Shuo had taken precautions, on top of the miraculousness of his Invincible Omen Body, just one drop of the liquid couldn't cause him harm.

What a perfect tool for destroying bodies! remarked Han Shuo in his mind. Following that, he took out an enormous medicine container the shape of a barrel and started filling it with the lake water. He intended to do some proper research with it. The corrosive power of this water was not just perfect for destroying dead bodies, if applied on some malicious demonic weapons, it would greatly increase its destructive power.

Han Shuo felt no qualms about using such a foul poison. After all, he had been devouring other's divine energy. If it wasn't for the fact that G.o.dswamp Pharmacy had made a move against him, not only that he wouldn't bother about exposing their crimes, but he might even secretly purchase the malicious poison from G.o.dswamp Pharmacy.

It has always been Han Shuo's core motto that he would achieve his goal by all means necessary, by hook or by crook. He delightedly filled several large medicine containers with the lake water. He felt happy that he could obtain the poison without buying it from G.o.dswamp Pharmacy!

But what made the lake so corrosive? 

Han Shuo was at a loss. He knew that a lake wouldn't turn into corrosive liquid without a cause. There must be a reason for it!

After a moment of hesitation, Han Shuo decided to examine the condition under the lake!

The lake water had formidable corrosive power. After testing its power by placing a drop on it on his hand, Han Shuo felt that he did not have enough demonic yuan to allow his entire body be submerged under the liquid safely.

Han Shuo then threw rocks, gla.s.sware, and even crystal coins into the lake. He discovered that the corrosive power only act upon flesh and tissue. Non-living things like gla.s.sware were only slightly affected by the corrosive power of the lake water.

Han Shuo had also tried using demon generals to probe under the water However, it seemed that the lake water could corrode demon generals as well. Although the corrosion wasn't as obvious as towards physical flesh, the demon generals were very terrified of touching the lake water. It seemed that the corrosive power of the lake water could act on all living things!

After thinking for a while, Han Shuo took out the Cyano Demonblaze. With one thought, the Cyano Demonblaze was sent flying into the lake.

The Cyano Demonblaze was one of the demonic weapons Han Shuo refined. It carried no aura of life. Although it would still receive some corrosion, it wasn't enough to destroy the demonic weapon.

Without any demon general attached to the Cyano Demonblaze, Han Shuo couldn't observe the condition under the lake. All he could tell was that the lake was extremely deep. After maneuvering the Cyano Demonblaze underwater in random directions for some time, seeing that he wasn't making much progress in learning anything about the lake, he decided to take the demonic weapon out from the depth of the lake.

"Master, let me do it," suddenly, Cauldron Spirit's voice sounded in Han Shuo's mind.

Han Shuo was startled. He replied in a worrying tone, "I have tested the water. The corrosive energy in the lake water seems to act on all living things. Even demon generals dare not enter. Are you sure you'll be alright?"

"As the ultimate demonic weapon, this puny corrosive power can do nothing to me. Also, if I have more demon generals, I wouldn't fear energy a hundred times more corrosive than this lake water.

"Alright then, you be careful. Help me find if there's any peculiar things under the lake. I feel that there must be a unique reason that caused this lake water to be so corrosive. No lake would turn so corrosive just like that!" Han Shuo agreed after thinking for a moment.

Then with one thought, the Cauldron of Myriad Demon slowly flew out from Han Shuo's body and it automatically went underwater.

Hedonist's notes:

Translator: Hedonist
Editor: Emily 

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