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Chapter 1844: Cross-Dresser (2)

“Sister Qing… please listen to my explanation…” Jiang Shaobai looked at Ye Qingtang aggrievedly.

Ye Qingtang leaned against a branch, crossing her arms as she looked at Jiang Shaobai calmly.

“I’m listening.”

She sounded calm and collected but when Jiang Shaobai had gooseb.u.mps all over as he grabbed the pieces of cloth to cover himself as much as he could.

“Sister Qing, do you know the saying ‘born at the wrong time’?” Jiang Shaobai carefully continued, “I was supposed to be a girl…”

Was this how born at the right time was supposed to be used?!

The corners of Ye Qingtang’s lips twitched slightly.

“Sister Qing, even though I’m like this… I’m actually a shy girl inside…” Jiang Shaobai tried his best to blink innocently, trying to convince Ye Qingtang that even though he had a male physique, he was really a girl inside.

“You’re really…. Extremely! Shy! I! See!”

She punctuated each word with a jab at his chest. She had never met anyone this shameless.

If Jiang Shaobao really was a shy girl, why would he stick so closely to her once he saw her?

When she thought about how pretended to be a woman in front of her, Ye Qingtang couldn’t help but feel like beating him up. She always let him have his way all because he’s a ‘young girl’. If she had known that he was a chap, she would have kicked him far away!

“Sister Qing, don’t praise me like that. I’ll feel really shy.” Jiang Shaobai lowered his head, behaving coy.

Praise? At that moment, all Ye Qingtang wanted to do was give him a kick in the face.

It was only then Ye Qingtang finally recalled that when Jiang Yisheng and the other saw Jiang Shaobai, they had complicated expressions on their faces. Even a young man like Jiang Qi didn’t avoid Jiang Shaobai whenever Jiang Shaobai held his arm.

It must be that…

Everyone in the Jiang family knew of Jiang Shaobai’s gender, except herself!

Ugh! She only had herself to blame, she was too naive and had not realized.

“Put on your clothes properly.” Ye Qingtang had to take a deep breath to stop herself from strangling him to death. “I’ll take your young age into account and forget about it this time. If you’re any older and still dare to dress up a female, you’d better get the h.e.l.l out, otherwise people would take you for a pervert…”

Right after Ye Qingtang finished her words, Mu Feiruo, who had just woken up, was utterly confused.

Dressing as a female…


Mu Feiruo was stunned, but he didn’t have much of an expression on his face. He thought that his ident.i.ty hadn’t been exposed yet, but it was only till he saw that he only had a layer of outerwear covering his body and was totally naked inside, all the color drained from his face.

What the f*ck, where are his clothes?!

“Mu Feiruo, you’re a man too?” When Jiang Shaobai saw Mu Feiruo get up, he noticed that Mu Feiruo had the same ‘fetish’ as him and he quickly dragged Mu Feiruo down with him.

Mu Feiruo, “…”

He was wrong, he shouldn’t have woken up.

“Ah, I know. The pervert that Sister Qing is talking about, those who are not young anymore but still cross-dress… it’s you!” Jiang Shaobai had no reservations, he completely pulled Mu Feiruo under the bus.

Ye Qingtang, “…”

She didn’t mean that.

Mu Feiruo’s face flushed red. He quietly pulled the outerwear together to cover his flat chest.

“Sister Qing, don’t worry. I will never learn from him, I won’t become a pervert. If you don’t like this, I can change back to dressing as a male.” Jiang Shaobai said with an obedient expression on his face.

His words completely embarra.s.sed Mu Feiruo, making Mu Feiruo feel like he was stripped naked in front of them.

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Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor Chapter 1844 - Cross-Dresser (2) summary

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