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Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor summary:

Past life, her spirit root was dug out from her body. She had wholeheartedly dedicated herself to the just path, but she was sentenced as an evil demonic cultivator. Returning back to her juvenile years, she turns the tide. Against natural order, she had been reborn. Those who had deceived and humiliated her, she would return it to them a hundredfold with additional thanks. Studying her own blood vessels, she recasts the best quality spirit roots. She destroys those rascal clansmen and returned home with glory! The rules of the world do not hold her down; this time around she kills through the righteous path. He is the universally admired spirit emperor, high above others, cold, proud and aloof. But every night he sneaks into her room and takes liberties. “Little runt, won’t you think it over?” “Do I have a choice?” “You can choose from giving birth once or giving birth twice.” “Why must I?!” “Because you stole my heart.”

Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 89 Jan-30-19
Chapter 88 Jan-30-19
Chapter 87 Jan-16-19
Chapter 86 Jan-16-19
Chapter 85 Dec-06-18
Chapter 84 Dec-06-18
Chapter 83 Nov-28-18
Chapter 82 Nov-28-18
Chapter 81 Nov-22-18
Chapter 80 Nov-22-18
Chapter 79 Nov-14-18
Chapter 78 Nov-14-18
Chapter 77 Nov-09-18
Chapter 76 Nov-09-18
Chapter 75 Oct-31-18
Chapter 74 Oct-31-18
Chapter 73 Oct-24-18
Chapter 72 Oct-24-18
Chapter 71 Oct-17-18
Chapter 70 Oct-17-18
Chapter 69 Oct-09-18
Chapter 68 Oct-09-18
Chapter 67 Oct-03-18
Chapter 66 Oct-03-18
Chapter 65 Sep-26-18
Chapter 64 Sep-26-18
Chapter 63 Sep-18-18
Chapter 62 Sep-18-18
Chapter 61 Sep-11-18
Chapter 60 Sep-11-18
Chapter 59 Sep-04-18
Chapter 58 Sep-04-18
Chapter 57 Aug-28-18
Chapter 56 Aug-28-18
Chapter 55 Aug-22-18
Chapter 54 Aug-22-18
Chapter 53 Aug-14-18
Chapter 52 Aug-14-18
Chapter 51 Aug-07-18
Chapter 50 Aug-07-18
Chapter 49 Aug-07-18
Chapter 48 Aug-07-18
Chapter 47 Aug-07-18
Chapter 46 Aug-07-18
Chapter 45 Jul-18-18
Chapter 44 Jul-18-18
Chapter 43 Jul-11-18
Chapter 42 Jul-11-18
Chapter 41 Jul-04-18
Chapter 40 Jul-04-18
Chapter 39 Jun-26-18
Chapter 38 Jun-26-18
Chapter 37 Jun-19-18
Chapter 36 Jun-19-18
Chapter 35 Jun-12-18
Chapter 34 Jun-12-18
Chapter 33 Jun-05-18
Chapter 32 Jun-05-18
Chapter 31 May-29-18
Chapter 30 May-29-18
Chapter 29 May-22-18
Chapter 28 May-22-18
Chapter 27 May-15-18
Chapter 26 May-15-18
Chapter 25 May-08-18
Chapter 24 May-08-18
Chapter 23 May-01-18
Chapter 22 May-01-18
Chapter 21 Apr-24-18
Chapter 20 Apr-24-18
Chapter 19 Apr-17-18
Chapter 18 Apr-17-18
Chapter 17 Apr-10-18
Chapter 16 Apr-10-18
Chapter 15 Apr-03-18
Chapter 14 Apr-03-18
Chapter 13 Mar-27-18
Chapter 12 Mar-27-18
Chapter 11 Mar-20-18
Chapter 10 Mar-20-18
Chapter 9 Mar-14-18
Chapter 8 Mar-14-18
Chapter 7 Mar-06-18
Chapter 6 Mar-06-18
Chapter 5 Feb-23-18
Chapter 4 Feb-23-18
Chapter 3 Feb-20-18
Chapter 2 Feb-19-18
Chapter 1 Feb-19-18
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