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Chapter 2743: The Truth (1)

Ye Qingtang looked up and a man in a golden robe appeared.

“Heavenly Emperor…” Ye Qingtang looked at the man thoughtfully.

“You finally appeared.” The Heavenly Emperor looked at Ye Qingtang with a complicated expression. “Ah Yao has been looking for you.”

“Sister Ah Yao…”

“I didn’t understand in the past, but later on, I understood that she would never be able to find you… Do you still remember the Black Tower when you first met Ah Yao?” The Heavenly Emperor asked.

“I remember.” Ye Qingtang nodded.

“Ah Yao told me that if I ever see you again, I must ask you to go to the Black Tower.” The Heavenly Emperor disappeared after speaking.

“Black Tower…”

Ye Qingtang was deep in thought. When she met Sister Ah Yao at the Black Tower, the two of them were rejected by the tower and could not enter. She did not expect the Black Tower to still be there.

“Ye Yue, you know the Heavenly Emperor?” The Absolute Heaven Saint looked at Ye Qingtang.

“Yes, I do,” Ye Qingtang replied.

“Ever since the fall of the Temple of Paragon’s Paragon, the Heavenly Emperor disappeared without a trace. I never expected him to appear today,” said the Absolute Heaven Saint.

“By the way, does anyone know about the Dragon Emperor Clan in the Third Domain?” Ye Qingtang asked after a while.

“The Dragon Emperor Clan in the Third Domain?”

Feng Wuyin replied, “The Dragon Emperor Clan was destroyed overnight many years ago.”

“Who did it?” Ye Qingtang asked in surprise.

“I’m not sure. It happened too quickly,” Feng Wuyin said.

“Master, I still have some things to settle. I’ll return after I’m done.” Ye Qingtang turned and left.

“Sister Ye Yue, I’ll go with you…”

“No need. I’ll be back soon.”

After Ye Qingtang left, the Absolute Heaven Saint frowned and said, “By the way, I think I’ve seen that yellow dog beside Ye Yue before…”

“Master, I remember it too… when we were in the Fourth Domain’s legacy realm, it was that demon beast who ate the sun. It looked exactly like that.” Xie Jun commented.

The Dragon Emperor Clan in the Third Domain.

The Dragon Emperor Clan, which was once one of the strongest factions in the Third Domain, had now become a dead area without any signs of life.

According to the woman in green’s information, Ye Qingtang found the secret lair. Holding up the jade pendant, she opened the secret chamber and entered.

The secret lair was extremely s.p.a.cious. As soon as she entered, Ye Qingtang discovered two eternally petrified bodies.

It was a man and a woman. The woman looked somewhat similar to Ye Qingtang, while the man was extremely handsome.

However, these two bodies had long lost their vitality. It was just that the secret lair had a longevity stone such that bodies would not rot after death.


Ye Qingtang muttered as she stared at the woman’s body. An indescribable emotion surged in her heart.

The beautiful woman in front of her was almost identical to Ye Qingtang’s disguise when she met Long Xiao and the rest in the mystic realm.

“What happened…” Ye Qingtang looked at Di Jiuyuan and the man beside her. Veins popped up on her forehead.

“Little girl, is this your relative?” The big yellow dog looked at Ye Qingtang.

“She’s my mother,” Ye Qingtang murmured.

“What about this male human?” asked the yellow dog.

“I’m not sure…” Ye Qingtang shook her head.” It’s possible… that he is my father. ”

“Do you want to know what happened? I can help you.” The big yellow dog stared at Ye Qingtang.

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