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Chp 77: A Great Show (3)


Upon a closer inspection, the Great Elder was stunned. The letter was indeed written by himself and it even turned out to be exactly the one which he had ordered to be sent to Qin Luo's Pavilion, for Ye Ling's previously. But now…. why was Ye Qingtang specified as the target instead?

The Great Elder was shocked by a sudden realization, his eyes shot daggers at Ye Qingtang in the next moment.

That night, those he hired turned against him in the midst of their mission. Something felt off ever since and after taking a closer look at these intruders now, they shared the same physique as those back then…

Could it be that those were bought off by Ye Qingtang and everything that happened then and now, was all orchestrated by her?!

But even after discerning all that, the Great Elder had no way to speak up for himself, since the source of the letter and its original content were all unspeakable.

Regardless of the target being either Ye Ling or Ye Qingtang, any attempt would be considered a heinous crime punishable by death!

"The Great Elder had attempted to the heir to the household! Guards, seize him now!" Ye Ling shouted out the order in the next instant.

Once the order was given, the Second Elder directed his fists towards the Great Elder immediately.

The Great Elder could never have expected things to end up this way. He had no choice but to defend himself from the Second Elder's attacks.

From this moment on, the situation spiraled out of control. The invited guests could never imagine encountering firsthand an attempt on the young lady of the house, not to mention the horror of witnessing the Great Elder being exposed as the mastermind!

Everyone could not help but to a.s.sume, based on the Great Elder's recent actions, that his ambition to lead the Ye household was the catalyst. Given Ye Ling's deteriorating health and Ye Qingtang being the only heir to the household, the Great Elder might have become all too eager to achieve his goal.

Duan Tianrao shared the same sentiments as the others, but could never believe the Great Elder would actually perpetrate an, and could only gawk at the ensuing chaos.

The Great Elder, when compared with the Second Elder, had always been slightly inferior in terms of strength. He being able to gain an upper hand over the latter the other day, was only due to his advantage in numbers. Now, in a one-on-one, the both of them managed to fight on par.

The Great Elder was exasperated over his own incompetence for falling into Ye Qingtang's trap. Even if the Second Elder was still recuperating from his previous injury, given his superior prowess, it would only be a matter of time before the Second Elder would defeat him.

While crossing their fists, the Great Elder turned his attention discreetly towards Ye Qingtang amongst the crowd. When he managed to gain some distance from his opponent, he dashed towards the crowd all of a sudden, attempting to grasp Ye Qingtang as a hostage.

His sudden move was unexpectedly fast, like a lightning struck out of a blue sky. Even Ye Ling, who stood guard beside Ye Qingtang, had no time to react.

Ye Qingtang, having discerned the Great Elder's presence closing in on her, managed to evade his grasp in the nick of time, but at the same moment, his grasp happened to tear off a piece of her coat.

From within the torn coat, dropped the egg of the lightning drake, which Ye Qingtang had held close to her bosom ever since its discovery, and with a thud, the egg crashed mercilessly onto the floor.

Ye Qingtang furrowed her brow as she watched the egg suffered its fate in vain. Before she could even grief over its loss, the Great Elder had already continued to come after her.


The fallen egg suddenly crackled on its own in the midst of all the commotion. More cracks surfaced across its sh.e.l.l in the interim and began falling off into pieces. Before the crowd could even react to the strange spectacle, a small shadow darted out from its remains, heading straight towards the Great Elder!

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