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s.h.i.+nigami and His Wavering Heart 3

When I spoke of my worry, Scheat tilted his head, unsure.

"I wonder? As one would expect, I can't foresee that. But, isn't it better than doing nothing? Besides - I don't understand why you're worried. After all, we're, right? I said direct negotiations, but naturally you're not really thinking of talking, are you? I've killed hundreds until now, and you too should be the same. I don't feel pangs of conscience now. Isn't it the usual to kill promptly? Or rather, the fact that talking is an option for you is itself astonis.h.i.+ng. Even though if he died, he couldn't pay the request fee so the request would be automatically withdrawn…. You really retired as an, huh… It doesn't suit you."
"… Shut up. However, are those words to say about the King of your own country? Surely he's the client."

I'm certain Scheat's client is the King.
For all that, I couldn't understand his att.i.tude as if he wanted the King killed.
But Scheat laughed.

"Even if he's the client, it's natural to have likes and dislikes. I'm a tool, but tools have pride in their own way. Of course, I'll do my job properly for my valued client. Because I'm a pro. But, outside of work I don't care about what happens to him outside my sight."
"I didn't hold any feelings toward my employers."

I was doing my duty indifferently. I had no interest in the clients.
That's why, I found Scheat hating the client mysterious.

"Is that so? Cain, you're amazing. I can't do that. Whenever I see him, even though it's not work I want to behead him. In that sense, I'm disqualified as a tool."

Scheat showed a smile that sent s.h.i.+vers down my back.
I remember that dark smile. I always showed it when I was an active
However, I thought.
Scheat is a man who earned himself the name Black Apostate. He should be a professional too.
Especially regarding work.
And yet, why is he particularly talkative today?
I couldn't help but find Scheat mysterious as he told me one confidential information after another that he mustn't talk about. That's why I unconsciously asked him.

"… You're considerably talkative today. Even though you usually answer that it's a secret to my every question."
"I told you at first, right? It's a present for you."

Come to think of it, he did say that.
As if he recalled it, Scheat took out a silver watch from his breast pocket. He checked the time and with "Ah, it's already so late." he frowned.

"Sorry. I have to go soon. Cain, because it's our precious meeting, in truth I wanted to invite you for a meal, but it seems slightly impossible. A shame."

I unconsciously frowned at his jesting words.

"Ha? Why would I have a meal with you? Even if you had free time, I'd absolutely decline."
"Is that so? I wanted to invite you though. I want to talk about various things with you. It will surely be fun."
"You're imagining things."
"I wonder."

There's no way a meal with Scheat would be fun.
When I grimaced imagining it, Scheat said "Don't make such a displeased face" with a wry smile.
Then he slowly turned his back to me and looked back over his shoulder.

"Then I'm going. I have to go… Can we meet again?"
"The next time we'll fight for sure."

It's strange we've met face to face so many times and not once fought.
Black and Red. Apostate and s.h.i.+nigami. Normally we'd draw swords the moment we met.
Hmm, while looking up at the ceiling, Scheat said.

"I wonder… It's just a maybe - but I don't think I'll have a chance to face you seriously. It's… very regrettable."
"Just a while ago I believed we could fight. However, the situation changed, so it can't be helped… Later."
"Oi, Scheat."

Bothered by the suggestive words I wanted to stop him, but he quickly put his hands on the window frame and jumped outside. I hurriedly chased after Scheat, but he'd already disappeared behind a corner in the alley.

"… What does it mean?"

Left alone in the hideout, I let out a small breath.
Suddenly I had various information crammed into me, and my head was in turmoil.
Scheat, who usually doesn't tell me anything saying 'it's the rules', only today he talked non-stop willingly even though he wasn't asked.
Wilhelm and Sahaja. Going to war means hostility, and yet for some reason he told me that we wouldn't fight with conviction.
Everything is strange. That guy surely is hiding something important. There's no mistaking it, I think.
I tightly clenched my right fist.

"… I have no choice but to get on it."

There's nothing I can do aside from that.
A week from now. Until then, I have to obtain the floor plan of the Royal Palace, carefully prepare, and carry out the operation in the early morning of the very day. I'll enter the Royal Palace and talk with the King.

"I wish he'd withdraw the army while at it…"

I might as well do that too.
While thinking this, I muttered.

"The King of Sahaja… huh."

That name is my current objective and at the same time my - Hiyuma clan's enemy.
Can I really manage to be calm in front of him?
Can I really make him withdraw the army and stop the plan?
Won't I kill him before? Honestly, I'm not confident.

Scheat said.
We are
I agree with that view. Until now, to live I've killed a ridiculous number of people.
Killing a person is easier than breathing for me, so――.


I recalled my dad's back eight years ago.
What would my dad do? Could he suppress his rage and achieve his aim?
Would he not swing his sword at his brethren's foe?

While I was troubled, Red s.h.i.+nigami inside my head whispered like a devil.

―― There's no need to waver. You're s.h.i.+nigami. You can give him a death sentence.

It's just like that. It's so just like that I have no words to retort.
However, I have to at least accomplish my objective.
Make him stop the plan and withdraw the army.
For my master's sake I have to do at least that no matter what it takes.
Especially the army will take a long time to withdraw if he's killed.
―― But, once it's finished?
Even if I take revenge for my clan, it won't be a problem. That's right, while laughing, s.h.i.+nigami pointed out.
It's your desire, he encouraged me.

It's an extremely enticing temptation. Sweet revenge.
The moment I'd desired but given up on might have come.
Dad - maybe he'd avenge everyone.

Of course, I understand. Haphazardly killing the top of a country is a wrong thing to do.
The regular me would never do it. For me who has a master, the risk is too high.
I'd only accomplish my objective and leave.
However, what about the current me? Will I be able to calmly return when I have my enemy in front of my eyes?

Deeply pondering for a long time, I couldn't move from the spot.

After taking enough distance from Cain, I received telepathic communication I expected. Like usual, the timing is good. Enough to make me think I'm watched from somewhere.

"The outcome?"

I heard a calm, low voice.
My mouth broke into a smile a little at the person who only asked the necessary minimum.

"―― Yup, it's done. Everything went as planned."
"I see. The answer?"

Those words reminded me of Cain's state.
The light in his eyes he showed at the end.
The dark stagnating light unique to seemed to fully reveal his feelings.
He keeps his fury to himself. Moreover - he's waiting impatiently for the time and place to spit it out.
Offered that, will he stay still? Can he stay still?
The answer is no. Because, he knows more than anyone that his hands are dirty.
With that confidence I spoke.

"It's alright. He'll surely move. Because, he's a genuine professional killer - s.h.i.+nigami."

Everything is as planned――.

When I said so, I was issued next order together with laugher. I nodded to it and ended the telepathic communication.

I remembered his red eyes. Red, clear red like fresh blood. When I'm stared at by those eyes, my whole body s.h.i.+vers. Are they cursed? Perfect. There's no way I'd be afraid of curses now.
If we're talking about curses, this body has been cursed since long ago.
On that day when everything started.

"Hey, Cain. As long as you're s.h.i.+nigami, you can't escape from this fate. ―― You are the start of everything."

The fate has begun to turn.
It's making a spinning sound.
While skipping, I headed for the main street.

Fun. It's so fun I can't help it.
Because, finally the era I've wished for will come. Sacrificing him whom I like very much, everything will begin.

"Finally… At last…"

My voice resounded with joy.
I want to see the despair he'll show once he learns everything.
That person decides everything, so supposing that person deems it unacceptable, I'll obey.
I'm a tool. I'm a tool who only exists to be used by that person.

"Goodbye, Cain――."

Whether he'll be the sacrifice for the coming day.
Whether he'll choose this path. I still don't know that.

I know.
He's certainly 'Red s.h.i.+nigami'.
That's why he'll surely come to the expected place.
It's unthinkable he wouldn't.

That's why, I'm not worried.
While whistling in a good mood, I headed alone to the designated place.

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