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Ashen Crown Prince and the King of Sahaja

※ Maximilian warning is in effect. Reader discretion is advised.

―― Hmm. So it didn't go well.

I confirmed s.h.i.+nigami left and slowly came out of the hidden room.
Perhaps having heard it, my father turned to me.
I showed him a faint smile.

"So s.h.i.+nigami went home. How regrettable. I was sure he'd do it, but it seems I miscalculated."
"Ah! Maximilian!"

Seeing me appear, my father showed an expression of surprise and disgust.
I hate my father, but so does my father hate me.

"Why are you here? You didn't even come to the court council today, saying you are sick."
"Even if you ask me why…"

I simply didn't come because it wasn't necessary. There's no value in the court council that only follows my father.

However, I observed my father again. As usual, he looks like an unsightly pig. I'm sick of being connected with this by blood.
No, perhaps I should be grateful that thanks to it I can succeed the throne.
The only thing I feel from seeing my father's immoderate appearance is nausea.
Aah, I want to finish it quickly.

"I was sure s.h.i.+nigami would kill you, Esteemed Father. I thought of then accusing Wilhelm. Your country killed my father. We have a just reason to go to war… Like that. I could then wage war and demand compensation freely. It sounds like a fun endeavor, right? That's why I was waiting… Is there something strange about it?"
"… s.h.i.+nigami, you said? Were you watching the whole time?! Moreover, did you intend to let me die?"
"Yeah, of course. Esteemed Father, you'd also be satisfied by becoming a just cause for war, right?"

When I nodded naturally, my father glared at me.
I endured the whole time. I was subservient to this pig. However, it's the end of that.

"It was an excellent opportunity. Regrettably, s.h.i.+nigami didn't kill you, but I will have you exit the stage, Esteemed Father. If possible, I wanted to blame it on Wilhelm, but it can't be helped. I will make it an unexpected accident."
"… Do you intend to kill me and become the king?"
"Yeah. That's the plan, Esteemed Father. If I waited, on the contrary I would be killed, right?"

And anyway, my father would never give me the throne until he died. There's nothing advantageous by having this pig on the throne anymore.

"Esteemed Father, thank you for your long service. Please entrust the rest to your excellent successor and rest in peace."

Forever, in the world of darkness.
When I gave a courteous bow, while drawing back my father said.

"…. Don't think you can get away with harming me. I have Black's guild master under me. Someone like you…"
"Aren't you a sore loser? You couldn't call for anyone when s.h.i.+nigami cornered you, so what are you saying now? Besides, if you like, I don't mind if you call for someone… I don't think there's anybody in the world who'd listen anymore though."
"… What?"

When I called the name, from behind me appeared a man wearing black priest clothes.
Black Apostate - Scheat.
I sent a glance to Scheat, who was playing with the inverted cross rosary with one hand. He tilted his head and hummed, "Nn?"

"Have you finished what I ordered? Is Black's guild master dealt with?"
"I'm not in charge of that. But certainly, I heard a while ago that she had been dealt with."
"That's excellent."

As I got the response I wanted, I nodded. I again turned my gaze to my father and said.

"That's how it is. Esteemed Father. Black will no longer accept your orders. I intend to make Scheat Black's guild master."
"Eh, that's a bother. Why not let her do it? I'm sure she'll be happy to accept."
"Your ability should be superior. Are you going against my order?"
"That isn't it… Tsk, I got it."

Although he looked fed up, Scheat accepted my order.
Watching our exchange, my father said in shock.

"… Apostate. You… should be under my command. Since when have you betrayed me…?"

I laughed at my foolish father and told him.

"It wasn't anything like betrayal, Scheat has been my subordinate from the beginning. Esteemed Father, you were the one who used him without knowing anything."

Scheat agreed to me in a light tone.

"Right, right. I've never betrayed you. Really, if it wasn't the order, I'd never obey you. I couldn't help it because he'd told me to do so."
"It was convenient for manipulating information. Esteemed Father, thank you very much for cooperation."
"That's how it is."

Shrugging his shoulders, Scheat made a troubled face.
Then he pointed at my father and asked me.

"Hey? I think I've endured quite a lot. ―― Isn't it enough already?"
"Yeah. ―― Do it."
"Ah! Maximilian! I'll remember it!"

Not grasping the situation, my father began running towards the door.
But, having received an order, Scheat won't let go of his prey.
Inside Scheat's hands something flashed. A thing like a silver thread wrapped around my father's neck. With a dark smile, Scheat mercilessly pulled his hands clad in black gloves.

"―― Say your prayers. Farewell, Your Majesty the King. I hate you. I'm happy to finally kill you."

The next moment, my father's head was cut off cleanly.
With his eyes wide open, my father lost his life.
Fresh blood spouted out.
My father's head tumbled. It finally stopped moving when it hit the wall, but a lot of blood flowed on the carpet.

"Nn, it's over."

Scheat said in a carefree voice. He wound the string and put it back in his breast pocket like nothing happened.
Then he trotted to me.
While watching my father's corpse, I said.

"… Beheading is dirtier than I imagined. This room is no longer usable."

When I grimaced, Scheat nodded in agreement.

"Of course it is. Usually I put the head in a leather bag as a souvenir for mom… Hey, this head can't be used as a souvenir, right?"
"Yeah. He's still the former king. It would be problematic if he had no head at the funeral service. Be that as it may, if his corpse is seen, it'll get exposed that you are the culprit. I intend to make arrangements so that doesn't happen."

Those who were told the plan in advance will handle it.
There are over one hundred collaborators. It's simple to fake the cause of my father's death.

"I don't think mom would be happy to receive his head anyway. Ah, hey. It seems he withdrew the army from Wilhelm. Is it okay to ignore it?"
"It doesn't matter. Prince Friedrich returned, right? Then they won't win. The fighting must've begun already, but it's still correct to withdraw."

Prince Friedrich's strength is abnormal. If he partic.i.p.ates in war, only crus.h.i.+ng defeat awaits those who don't withdraw immediately. It's better to minimize the damage.

"I see, if you say so, then it's fine. It's busy though. I was in Wilhelm until a while ago. And now I'm in Sahaja like this."
"I had you use the special transfer gate for royalty for that. To an extent you can buy time with money and authority."

Author's note.

Thank you very much.

This time, to avoid spoilers I purposely wasn't clear about the warning.
There are depictions of cruelty, so I hope you can understand.

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