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Chapter 628

Magi Craft Meister 628

18 King Klein’s Treatment Arc

19-15 Crossing Over Obstacles

“Well, with our current method, it’ll be nothing short of a ‘gun barrel’.”

Jin returned to the meeting room in his laboratory and started over once again.

“It’s just a matter of setting it off after choosing a direction, so it’s essentially the same as a gun barrel indeed.”

Toa spoke with a strange hint of admiration in his voice.

“But it won’t be able to make humans fly, right?”

This was Saki.

“Living things are unaffected by Engineering Magic. Jin has already proven this to be true in the past.”

Physical phenomena caused by magic can affect humans, but humans themselves are almost immune to the direct applications of magic. The only exception to this rule was Healing Magic.

“It would seem that the mana circulating in our bodies hinders the direct influence of magic.”

“That’s right. I’m interested in that too, but let’s leave that for another time.”

They couldn’t spend too much time digressing, or they would never find a solution to the matter at hand.

“Uhuhu, that’s a shame.”

“Well, putting aside the matter of humans for the time being, it turns out that Golems can indeed be affected by this force. Now, I want to take this one step further.”

Jin finally started talking about the core of his research.

“Would it be possible for the Golem itself to fly? …Using its own power?”

“Is that your ultimate goal, Jin?”

Jin nodded at Reinhardt’s question.

“Yes. If this becomes possible, it’ll change the world.”

Elsa was the first to understand what that meant.

“The propulsive power of an airplane…”

“Exactly, Elsa. And it could also apply to other things, like s.p.a.ces.h.i.+ps.”

The attempt at launching a satellite using Gravity Magic had failed. Jin wanted to develop a new propulsive power before trying again.

“If this can be put into practical use, people may be able to fly by themselves.”

“Jin, are you talking about people being able to move their own body with telekinetic power? …I don’t think anyone has ever thought about humans being able to do something like that.”

Jin couldn’t help but nod at Stearleana’s words.

“Well, who knows. But it’s a dream I want to think about.”

No one disputed that. Being able to fly freely in the sky is an unfulfilled dream for humans.

“But first things first. We’re not gonna make humans fly, we need to start with Golems.

Jin then said that things needed to be done one step at a time.

“But even making it so that Golems can fly by themselves… Can we actually do that?”

Stearleana tilted her head in confusion. Her point was that Golems couldn’t elevate themselves on their own.

“Yeah. But I think that’s because we’ve been mistaken about a thing that we may call the ‘starting point’ of magic.”

Elsa answered Stearleana’s question. This is the great discovery that she had stumbled upon while in the hot springs with Hanna.

“In other words, I think that the people who tried to move themselves, definiely placed their starting point in their own ‘inside’.”

“Hmm… What do you mean?”

This time, Jin jumped in to explain this theory to the confused Stearleana.

“You can’t elevate yourself on your own. That’s because the point where the force is applied and the point where it’s originally generated – that is, the ‘starting point’ – are all inside your body. But magic is different. You can consciously place the starting point outside your body.”

As Archimedes once said: “Give me a place to stand on, and I will move the Earth”


“I see!”

Stearleana and Reinhardt spoke almost simultaneously.

Both of them had realized what would happen if the starting point of the force was outside the body.

“But that kind of thing… No, it should be possible for you, Jin.”


Jin answered with a serious face.

“There aren’t many mages who can a.n.a.lyze Magi Formulas, so I don’t think anyone ever thought of that until now.”

“Y-yeah! Let alone even trying to combine science and magic!”

At any rate, it was true that there were no precedents to these theories.

“Don’t you think this is worth trying?”

With that preface, Jin began preparations for a demonstration experiment.

It was already quite late, but no one wanted to finish this meeting. They were that interested in the experiment that Jin was planning to do.

“Here, like this”

Jin started by engraving the Magi Formula that generates the power to shoot stones with “Stone Bullet” into a small Magi crystal.

But if it were to be sent flying in this way, the Magi Crystal would spin out of control, so Jin instead attached it to a simple model airplane.

It was a type of model airplane that would typically be hand-thrown into gliding, aptly named “hand launched glider”.

Jin was very good at making those since he had made many of them for the other children back when he was living in the orphanage.

“This should do it.”

Everyone left the laboratory once again. The light s.h.i.+ning from the window of the laboratory was too feeble, so they made an artificial light using the “Light Ball” spell.

“Okay, let’s try this out. ‘Activate’.'”

Once Jin chanted the activation keyword, he noticed that the model airplane in his hand, or rather, the Magi Crystal attached to the model airplane, had started to generate propulsion.


With those words, Jin let go of the model airplane. The airplane lost alt.i.tude for a moment, but as it picked up speed, it raised its nose, and before long, it reached a high alt.i.tude before disappearing into the darkness.

“It worked…”

Those words escaped Jin’s mouth as he stared at the darkness where the model airplane had disappeared. Then, inspired by the experiment’s success, the others voiced their praises.

“You did it, Jin!”

“Congratulations, Brother Jin.”

“Jin, you are amazing!”

“This is a huge discovery, Jin!”

“Thank you…”

So far, it could only make the model airplane move in a straight line, and there was no way to change its speed, but it could still be used as a propulsive force for an airplane. It was safe to say that this problem’s biggest obstacle had been crossed over.

After that, since it was already late at night, the second “Recoil Elimination Magic Study Meeting” was brought to a close.

* * *

Reinhardt and the others had left, leaving Jin and Elsa alone in the mansion. Hanna was also there, but she had tired herself away from playing outside and was fast asleep.

The time was 1:00 AM, and the moon had just crossed over the highest point in the sky and was already starting to move towards the west. The autumn moon stood tall, illuminating the land from overhead.

In the quiet surroundings of the mansion, the autumn insects were once again chirping at each other.

“…This is so peaceful.”


Although it was late at night, Jin and Elsa sat on the porch and listened to the insects.

Incidentally, the sounds of the insects chirping on Hourai Island were similar to those of a cricket – more precisely, the chirping of blue pine crickets and bell crickets. There were several other types, but Jin didn’t know their names.

“Thank you, Elsa.”


Elsa tilted her head in response to Jin’s quiet words of appreciation.

“Thanks to the clue you gave me, I think I’ll be able to put an end to the problem I’ve been struggling with for so long.”

“…Ah. I’m happy to be of help, Brother Jin.”

“Oh, you were very helpful. Well, there’s still a lot ahead of us. But I’m sure we’ll make it work somehow.”

“…I am looking forward to it.”

“Yeah, please look forward to what we’ll create.”

After saying that, Jin let out a big yawn.

“…Whoa, well, I guess it’s time for bed.”

“Same here.”

Elsa also let out a yawn of her own.

“Good night, Elsa.”

“Good night.”

Soon, the lights in the mansion went out, and the only light left was the one from the moon, s.h.i.+ning from the sky.

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