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Chapter 690: Master I Want It

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The Great Elder of the Yin-Yang Demon Sect, the famous Mrs. Fanghua, curled up in Yang Chen’s arms like a kitten. Her body was covered with no clothes, her delicate naked body formed an exaggerated body curve, which made people’s hearts flutter at a glance.

Yang Chen’s big hand roamed freely on the delicate skin that attracted countless people’s attention. Every time the palm touched, it would cause an exaggerated reaction, as if Yang Chen’s hand was electrified.

On Mrs. Fanghua’s face, there was an expression of grievance, and she was about to burst into tears, which was indescribably lovable. Mrs. Fanghua’s tone seemed to be acting like a baby to Yang Chen.

That’s right, the Great Elder of the Yin-Yang Demon Sect who could decide the death of countless lives with a single word, and the most ruthless female devil in the Demon Sect in recent decades, was now acting like a spoiled child to Yang Chen. If anyone can see this scene, they can definitely smash their jaws on their feet.

“Master, why can’t you sell the map of the Demon Sealing Formation to the disciples of the Demon Sect?” Mrs. Fanghua’s coquettish content is of course related to the most sensational topic recently.

Yang Chen had already announced that he would sell the formation diagram of the Demon Sealing Formation two years ago, and now the Pure Yang Palace has built a Demon Sealing Formation, thoroughly proving the authenticity of the formation diagram. When she arrived with a large sum of wealth waiting to be enjoyed, she was. .h.i.t head-on by the news from the Pure Yang Palace and was dizzy.

“I’m also a dao sect disciple after all, so of course I can’t collude with you devils.” Yang Chen said with a smile, but his big hands didn’t stop at all. They kept walking on Mrs. Fanghua’s delicate body, enjoying with the most wonderful elasticity of smooth skin, it was indescribably comfortable.

“Master, I don’t care about it, you have to give me the Demon Sealing Formation Map.” Mrs. Fanghua’s body twisted for a while, her charming tone and the stimulation of physical contact brought Yang Chen supreme enjoyment.

Mrs. Fanghua’s fame has spread far and wide, it was not known how many people have given her their heart and soul. If it were an ordinary person, with just a look and a little pleading, they would have already agreed in haste. However, Yang Chen seemed to have a heart of stone, just enjoying it with a smile, but never spit it out.

“Master, the Demon Sealing Formation is really important, we want it!” Of course Madam Fanghua knew that this trick of hers was useless to Yang Chen, but the joy of being able to reunite with Yang Chen and the fact that she wanted to try her best to make Yang Chen happy, she couldn’t help but make such a move. Likewise, she herself enjoyed it too.

“If I gave it to you, the Greatest Heaven Sect can destroy the Pure Yang Palace.” Yang Chen slapped Mrs. Fanghua’s b.u.t.tocks lightly and softly, making a soul-stirring slap, and then caressed Mrs. Fanghua again. Being in the same position, Mrs. Fanghua couldn’t help closing her eyes and moaning.

Yang Chen never felt sorry for Mrs. Fanghua from the very beginning. She was born in the Yin-Yang Demon Sect, the largest sect with dual cultivation of Yin-Yang. In matters of men and women, even Tao Junqi, Wushuang and the five Murong sisters were not Mrs. Fanghua’s opponents alone. Madam Fanghua was also the only woman who can make Yang Chen happy by herself.

Reunited after a long absence, and still talk about what to do with those unpleasant things, of course, the first is to be gentle first. Mrs. Fanghua took out all the tricks, and paid the price of being soft into a puddle of mud, so that she also climbed to the peak of joy.

As for Mrs. Fanghua herself, she has already gone through countless peaks, and she can barely maintain Yang Chen’s mixed spiritual power by picking up yang, nouris.h.i.+ng yin, and not fainting, she was at Yang Chen’s mercy. At this moment, Mrs. Fanghua could not say a word other than stay limply in Yang Chen’s arms enjoying the aftertaste of happiness.

Yang Chen has never been stingy with his women, two fifth grade body refining pills were delivered to Madam Fanghua’s cherry mouth, along with a large cup of purple and fluorescent four seas mysterious coral Liquid, for her to swallow the pills.

Seeing the obvious five pill lines on the pill, Madam Fanghua opened her mouth without thinking, letting Yang Chen put the pill into her mouth, and then drank the four seas mysterious coral liquid that Yang Chen fed over with satisfaction, feeling satisfied and happy. In happiness, she entered dreamland.

Among Yang Chen’s women, only Mrs. Fanghua’s spiritual root apt.i.tude seems to be inferior. Yang Chen will not let her lag behind others like this. The two meritorious body refining pills may be able to raise her acquired spiritual roots to a higher level, and her future cultivation will not be too bad.

When Mrs. Fanghua was asleep, it was also the day when the Pure Yang Palace sold off the Zhao family’s property at a marked price. Countless people from the dao sect gathered in the Pure Yang Palace, some were buyers, some were inquiring about news, and so on.

It is said that the price is clearly marked, but the five major sects are obviously different from other sects. Now there are female disciples from the five major sects who have a close relations.h.i.+p with Yang Chen, and Yang Chen doesn’t take it too seriously and gave them a 20% discount on top of the specified price.

The Demon Sealing Formation Diagram, this is a precious material that can be compared with the secret of a fifth-grade alchemist. The difference is that this can be built as long as there are materials. The Pure Yang Palace is a clear proof of the array that can completely see the effect within a few years.

A map of the demon sealing formation would cost ten kinds of seventh-grade fire seeds, or a thousand catties of top-grade spirit stones that are equivalent in value. It was not known how many years it took the Zhao family to collect cultivation method suitable for dao sect disciples to cultivate, and the package price was 500 catties of top-quality spirit stones. The quant.i.ty and quality of the cultivation methods suitable for the disciples of the demon sect are similar to those of the disciples of the dao sect, and the package price is also five hundred catties of top-quality spirit stones.

The spirit controlling formation diagram for controlling super powerful spirit beasts, the formation method used by the Zhao family to control the black tortoise, had the same price as the demon sealing formation method, ten kinds of seventh-grade fire seeds. But relatively speaking, the demand for this formation was much smaller. After all, mortal spirit beasts beyond the level of human Immortals can be said to be rare. It is no such thing as a demon sealing formation, as long as you get the formation map and materials, you can see immediate results.

In addition, some less important alchemy formation methods were also summarized by Yang Chen and sold separately, with a package price of 500 catties of top-quality spirit stones.

The above are the wholesale prices for bulk transactions. In addition, the Pure Yang Palace also provides individual retail services for certain kinds of cultivation methods, pill recipes and formations. As long as you are a fellow dao sect cultivator, as long as you have spirit stones, you can buy them at different prices. Anyway, it’s just something the Zhao family has collected, not the inheritance of the Pure Yang Palace sect, so Yang Chen doesn’t have any psychological pressure to keep them.

Of course, the good things must be collected by the Pure Yang Palace, but even so, the Pure Yang Palace’s move won a lot of applause. Especially for those rogue cultivators, they have never thought about it since they started cultivating, they can simply buy advanced cultivation techniques with only spirit stones.

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