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Chapter 479 – A Typical Chance Encounter

I almost choked on my drink, “Why do I have to travel abroad with Winnie?”

I couldn’t help but think of an overseas marriage. I felt like if anyone was going to have an overseas marriage with Xiong YaoYue, Hawaii would be the most suitable destination.

Ai Mi changed my thoughts, “I say a vacation, but it’s mainly to send you guys to learn. The School for Butlers & Hospitality in Brussels is about to start and you guys can get a crash course during your summer vacation. You can actually start working properly for me once you finish your education or are you guys going to keep being amateurs.”

A butler school? Isn’t that just extra lessons over summer? Who would go and study more over summer break?

“The registration fee is 7000 euros per person. I hope you and Winnie don’t fail to live up to my expectations.”

7000 euros, isn’t that equivalent to ¥50,000? If both Xiong YaoYue and I go, then it would cost ¥100,000. I don’t think you can find any summer lessons that expensive in China.

“That’s expensive?” Ai Mi shook her head, “7000 euros is only for one term. It takes 12 terms to finish the course.”

12 terms, then wouldn’t that be ¥1,200,000? If you had that much money, why would you be a butler when you can just hire one.

“The training location is held at Hotel Le Plaza in Brussels. If you guys finish all the work for the day, then you can go sightseeing in Brussels. It’s the place where the EU council is located and also known as the most beautiful city in Europe. There’s also the battlefield where the Battle of Waterloo was held…”

Sigh, I’m slightly moved. I heard the famous Manneken Pis is also in Brussels. As the capital of Belgium, Brussels also holds the Belgian Comic Strip Center. Tintin and his dog stands at the entrance of the museum and it was also referenced in an information section in The Adventures of Tintin.

No, Xiong YaoYue might be eager to go if she learns she can travel abroad for free, but I’m not falling for Ai Mi’s tricks.

The butler t.i.tle might sound better than manservant, but it’s not something a normal person can become! From the moment you become a butler, you can to throw away all your common sense. You can see from various anime that butlers have to run faster than bullets and be able to pierce tanks by throwing cutlery. If you can’t drive a giant robot, then you have to be able to tear them apart with your bare hands!

I’m not afraid of any challenge as a Spartan, but a student’s break is sacred. Even if I like becoming stronger, I still won’t head to Brussels for h.e.l.l training during my summer break!

Ai Mi clicked her tongue when she heard I was not going.

“If that’s the case, then I’ll ask if Winnie wants to go. Hmph, you can stay here and be a manservant forever.”

In the end, Xiong YaoYue wasn’t willing to go to butler school either, her reason was: I don’t have a good head and can’t remember many things. If I became a butler, I would make a mess of daily scheduling. I would rather stay as Miss Ai Mi’s bodyguard.

Don’t look down on bodyguards, they have to remember things too! Like the time you forgot Gong CaiCai in the metal cabinet, if you made a mistake like that as a bodyguard, you would be told to pack your things and leave.

On night, I stared at the words my dad taped under the gla.s.s coffee table ‘Important Matters First’ and decided to focus all my attention until next Wednesday on the basketball game.

I got up early on Sunday morning an planned to head to 28 Middle to practice basketball. I already heard the other members of cla.s.s 2-3 would be there, but they didn’t call me. Niu s.h.i.+Li’s injury was already healed, so he was leasing the training session. He prohibited the other team members from telling me.

But I still heard about it from Loud Mouth. Anything that happens in cla.s.s 2-3 will pa.s.s by Loud Mouth.

I arrived at the school gates early in the morning and was thinking how I should pretend it was a coincidence, but then I saw Xiao Qin along with a girl wearing a pleated skirt.

Isn’t the girl with the skirt He Ling? She’s supposed to be her senior, so why she is dressed younger?

“Sis Qin, I did as you said and dressed like this…” He Ling was ashamed of the bow knot on her head and she tried to cover it with her hand.

“Not bad.” Xiao Qin was holding a manga book and compared the cover to He Ling, “The cute type has the highest chance of succeeding. I’ve already arranged your chance encounter with Niu s.h.i.+Li, so all you have to do is follow my script.”

So she still didn’t forget to force He Ling to be Niu s.h.i.+Li’s girlfriend? I hid behind a car and wanted to see what Xiao Qin wrote for her script.

Xiao Qin told He Ling to put on a red backpack, then she pulled out a slice of bread and put it in front of He Ling.

“Open your mouth and bite onto it, but don’t actually eat it, understand?”

He Ling followed along and her speech became muddled with a piece of bread in her mouth.

“Then…. wut?”

Xiao Qin patted He Ling on the back and caused her to stagger, “Next is a cla.s.sic scene in shoujo manga. You have to yell ‘I’m late, I’m late’ with a piece of bread in your mouth, then collide into Niu s.h.i.+Li to begin your romantic life.”

Late for what, it’s Sunday! And He Ling doesn’t even go to our school! Also, how is she going to yell out she’s late with bread in her mouth?

He Ling had a complicated expression, “Sis Qin, do I really have to do it, it feels embarra.s.sing…”

Xiao Qin answered with a smile: “You don’t have to do it. As long as you can beat me, you can go wherever you want and do whatever you want.”

He Ling’s face darkened, “Then I guess I’ll go embarra.s.s myself…”

At this time, Niu s.h.i.+Li came striding forwards towards the school gate wearing his sports goggles and carrying a clover basketball bag.

“He’s Niu s.h.i.+Li?” He Ling was a bit astonished, “Why is it someone even more buff than Ye Lin, I thought he would be a bookworm?”

“Is it love at first sight?”

He Ling’s face stiffened, “No, he’s not my type. He looks too serious.”

“No worries.” Xiao Qin said, “You don’t need to like him, it’s fine as long as he likes you.”

“Why? Sis Qin, why do you have to force me to be his girlfriend?”

Xiao Qin still had an innocent smile on her face, “As an apology! I once mistook Niu s.h.i.+Li for Ye Lin and gave him a beating. If I don’t introduce him a girlfriend, Ye Lin cla.s.smate won’t forgive me.”

I never said that, don’t try to push the blame to me. I only wanted you to apologize directly to Niu s.h.i.+Li.

“Even if that’s the case, what’s the rush. At least wait until summer break…”

He Ling wanted to delay time.

“Summer break would be too late.” Xiao Qin frowned, “Your main task is to make sure Niu s.h.i.+Li can’t concentrate on basketball, otherwise Ye Lin cla.s.smate would be forced to drink Fu Yan Jie.”

So she wanted to sway the basketball team member’s heart? Of course it lowers the chance I have to drink Fu Yan Jie, but it will also make cla.s.s 2-3 lose miserably.

Then wouldn’t my dream of getting free food at the cla.s.s leader’s home disappear?

I knew Xiao Qin wasn’t trying to be a matchmaker, she only wanted to stop me from eating at the cla.s.s leader’s home.

Regardless if it’s to achieve victory or eat at the cla.s.s leader’s home, I have to stop Xiao Qin’s evil plan. Besides, He Ling doesn’t even want to be Niu s.h.i.+Li’s girlfriend.

The automatic gate began to open after Niu s.h.i.+Li greeted the security guard. Xiao Qin patted He Ling’s backpack and said:

“Now’s the time. After you rush over and knock down Niu s.h.i.+Li, you have to fall backward. Don’t forget to reveal your underwear or your first encounter would be ruined.”

He Ling had an awkward expression, “With Niu s.h.i.+Li’s figure, even if it’s a surprise attack, it would be hard for me to knock him down. And you also want me to fall backwards after I knock him down, I think that’s going against the laws of physics…”

“d.a.m.n it, I could only think about Friday’s Physics homework I didn’t know how to do at all when you mentioned laws of physics. Remember, as long as there’s love, the laws of physics is irrelevant. Also, don’t forget to show your underwear.”

He Ling was still a bit too cowardly to advance, “The problem is I don’t love him at all. The strange way of falling would tire me out and as for showing my underwear… unless I lift up my skirt, there’s no way my underwear would be revealed.”

“Is that so?” Xiao Qin buried her face in a manga, “But girls in manga can do it…”

Based on He Ling’s expression, she must have wanted to say: “Sis Qin, you just read too much manga.” But she was afraid of Xiao Qin and stayed silent.

“Little strawberry…”

Xiao Qin called He Ling with the nickname she gave her. He Ling doesn’t like the nickname but was too afraid to say anything.

“I don’t care if you kick him down with Taekwondo or sit on his face, but you have to let him see your underwear. Your mission is complete as long as you fill his head with thoughts of your underwear before next Wednesday.”

After Xiao Qin urged her again, He Ling didn’t have a choice but to close her eyes and run at Niu s.h.i.+Li.

She was holding a slice of bread in her mouth as she tried to yell out ‘I’m late’ with a m.u.f.fled scream.

It was a matter of life and death, so I ran out from behind the car and stood between Niu s.h.i.+Li and He ling. I yelled: “Stop, don’t attack my teammate!”

He Ling was too excited. She wasn’t able to stop in time and ended up colliding into me.

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