The Human Emperor Chapter 2144 - The Third Batch of Yeluohe Arrives!

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Chapter 2144: The Third Batch of Yeluohe Arrives!

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Far in the west, in the direction that represented the Western Turkic Khaganate, Ishbara Khagan’s star dimmed, and at the same time, another star brightened. This was not Irbis s.h.i.+yun’s star, but Barshad’s.

Not only that, the moment Barshad was enthroned, the earthly energies and the Dragon Qi of the world changed. The kingly energies of the other countries also s.h.i.+fted. The Dragon Qi of the Great Tang to the south brightened while the Eastern Turks’ Dragon Qi fell into turmoil.

Even the clear heavens above Youzhou showed signs of disturbance.

The heavens had changed far too much, far too quickly, transforming into a stormy sea.

Even an experienced strategist like Gao Shang felt an indescribable shock at this development.

Moments after Gao Shang had finished speaking, the messenger called out.

“Your Excellency! Bad news! The Western Turks have sent a message! Fourth Prince Barshad has ascended to the throne and allied with the Great Tang against the Goguryeo Empire!

“In addition, the Western Turkic Khaganate has declared war against the Eastern Turkic Khaganate and has already begun to battle it!”




Incredible shock!

The master and his subordinates stood atop the tower, their minds blank.

Too many things had happened this day.

It was one thing for the Western Turkic Khaganate to side with the Great Tang, but why had it also declared war on the Eastern Turkic Khaganate?

Most importantly, how, despite their overwhelming advantage, with Supreme Divine, Meteor Divine, Irbis s.h.i.+yun, and Ishbara Khagan all in favor, had the Western Turks ultimately decided to side with the Great Tang?

There were still many unclear details.


As An Yaluoshan and his men reeled in shock from the news, a few seconds later, they heard the flapping of wings. Looking up, they saw a golden falcon with the emblem of the Eastern Turkic Khaganate descend toward the tower.

Cui Qianyou personally received this bird, his hand exerting a pull that drew the falcon into his grip.

As he opened the letter, his tough face paled.

“Your Excellency, Ozmish Khagan has sent word that the army of the Western Turkic Khaganate just mobilized and a.s.saulted the khaganate. The two sides are engaged in a fierce battle at the border!

“The Eastern Turkic Khaganate was caught off guard and has suffered heavy losses! They’re requesting reinforcements!”

The wall tower fell silent. Even the hardiest of the generals was somewhat at a loss, somewhat panicked.

As for An Yaluoshan, his face had twisted into a nasty scowl.


An Yaluoshan clenched his fists in anger.

“The Western Turks shouldn’t have joined the Great Tang so easily. What in the world happened?”

An Yaluoshan stood atop the tower, coldly staring at the messenger below.

Even though the weather was cold, the prostrate Youzhou messenger had broken out in a cold sweat.

“It was a sudden development, so we don’t know the details, but there are rumors… that the Great Tang’s King of Foreign Lands appeared in the Western Turkic Khaganate!”


Everyone on the tower grimaced.

w.a.n.g Chong?!

Wasn’t he at the steel fortress in the Cang Province? How could he have crossed that vast distance and arrived in the land of the Western Turks?


“I heard that, in the battle at the capital, four people attacked Genesis Supreme,” Tian Qianzhen suddenly said. “Besides w.a.n.g Chong, there were three people who looked exactly like him. It now appears that this rumor was true. It seems that man in the capital has cultivated some sort of cloning ability.”

He had a force under his command specifically meant for gathering intelligence, and he had read this in one of the reports.

A clone!

This was an almost mythical ability that surpa.s.sed the bounds of martial arts. Thus, none of them had believed this news when they first read about it. As for Genesis Supreme, he had remained aloof, disdaining to speak with mortals, so they had never gotten the full story on what had happened in the capital.

But it now seemed that they had to believe that rumor.

“Your Excellency, what do we do now?” A voice broke the oppressive stillness.

The Western Turkic Khaganate had been an extremely important part of their plan.

Once they recruited the Western Turkic Khaganate, the countries of the alliance would be like a steel monolith, and their combined powers would be enough to crush the Great Tang.

But now, the Western Turks had joined the Great Tang, completely upsetting their plans. Even worse was that not only had the alliance essentially had an arm hacked off, the powerful Ü-Tsang Empire was now isolated from the rest of the alliance.

For the alliance, this was the worst news possible. It had essentially lost an extremely formidable strategist in Dalon Trinling.

Dalon Trinling would not forsake the Ü-Tsang army and run off to Youzhou alone.

The air grew more stifling, An Yaluoshan’s heart cold.

Everyone knew what he was thinking, but they also knew that deploying their men to a.s.sist the Eastern Turkic Khaganate in pus.h.i.+ng back the Western Turks would do little to salvage this terrible situation.

The mood was heavy.

An Yaluoshan slowly closed his eyes.

After a long period of helpless silence, a voice finally spoke.

“Your Excellency, what’s done is done. The Western Turks are attacking the Eastern Turkic Khaganate to show their loyalty to the Great Tang. Thus, it will be impossible for the Western Turkic Khaganate to join the alliance.”

Gao Shang had gotten to his feet now.

His expression was grave, but there was still some energy in his voice.

“There is only one final chance to break out of this situation.”


Gao Shang’s words took everyone by surprise, and like a drowning man clutching onto a piece of rope, they all turned to Gao Shang.

Gao Shang was a scholar through and through, but everyone had to confess that he played an increasingly important role in Youzhou’s operations, surpa.s.sing the likes of Cui Qianyou and Tian Qianzhen.

“What’s the way?” An Yaluoshan quickly said.

“The s.h.i.+fting of the heavens and changing of dynasties are all decided by destiny. Fate has ordained that the Central Plains will face a calamity. No one can change this. And Your Excellency is the man who will deal with this calamity.

“I have gathered several sorcerers from the surrounding countries and the Central Plains, including several priests, and we have determined that it won’t be long before the world falls into chaos. The Dragon Qi of the Central Plains will experience great turmoil, and Your Excellency is the black dragon, the future True Dragon, Son of Heaven, and Youzhou is Your Excellency’s dragon den. When the great s.h.i.+ft occurs, we will follow the will of the heavens and guide the Qi of the Black Dragon to fuse with Your Excellency.

“At that moment, Your Excellency and the commanders of the other countries will be bolstered by the fortune of the world, your soldiers endowed with divine might. As for the Great Tang, it will encounter numerous obstacles and hindrances. This will be Your Excellency’s best chance.

“This is what it means to comply with the Mandate of Heaven! If we do this, Your Excellency will be able to lead the other countries in defeating the Great Tang!” Gao Shang sternly said.

‘Complying with the Mandate of Heaven’ was not an empty phrase. Whenever dynasties changed, the master diviners always had their ways of a.s.sisting the hidden dragons that were fated to deal with calamities grow stronger and defeat their rivals.

Gao Shang had discovered this method from an ancient text that he had paid an enormous price to obtain.

“I leave this matter to you!” An Yaluoshan finally said after a few moments of silence.

An Yaluoshan had no idea what method Gao Shang spoke of, but after stealing some of the Sage Emperor’s Dragon Qi in the feast of all countries, An Yaluoshan knew that many mysterious and enigmatic things that he had never believed in really did exist, and they possessed far more power than a human could imagine.

In his current situation, he had no choice except to trust Gao Shang.


Gao Shang nodded and said no more. Some things would only be understood when the time was right.

An Yaluoshan quickly turned to his generals.

“Cui Qianyou, Tian Qianzhen, immediately deploy your men to a.s.sist the Eastern Turkic Khaganate against the Western Turks.”


Cui Qianyou and Tian Qianzhen bowed.


Just when they were about to leave, a great rumbling came from the northeast. A boundless energy erupted out of the snowstorm and began to approach Youzhou.

Everyone immediately turned to see what this was.

At first glance, they couldn’t see anything, but a moment later…


A horse that seemed to be halfway through the decay process, its body covered in rusted armor, emerged out of the snow. Atop this horse was a muscular warrior. At this moment, all of them could see the crimson eyes of that rider that were like burning flames, br.i.m.m.i.n.g with madness, brutality, callousness… All sorts of negative emotions were contained in those crimson eyes.

And none of them could sense any life from that human-shaped rider.

“The Yeluohe! It’s the Yeluohe!” someone nervously called out. It wasn’t any of the generals on the wall, but a nearby soldier of the Andong Protectorate army.

The army around the Andong Protectorate headquarters had been quiet and orderly, but now, it was like a herd of sheep beset by tigers, a scene of utter chaos.

All the Youzhou cavalry, including the drilling recruits, stopped whatever they were doing and hastily retreated as if they were running from the plague.

The Yeluohe!

The third batch of twenty thousand Yeluohe, the one that Genesis Supreme had promised, had finally arrived.

No one had expected such a pleasant surprise!

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