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Chapter 3130 - 3130 Figuring Out A Way

3130 Figuring Out A Way

They saw a young man in a Blue Star Immortal Sect robe standing among the branches atop a large tree surrounded by dense foliage, but they were unable to make out his face because the sunlight from above was so dazzling. Then, with their hands s.h.i.+elding their eyes, they saw the young man’s inconspicuous face.

“You will waste energy if you launch too many attacks without first identifying their weak points.” Feng Jiu said faintly, still watching the scene at the front. Even if she saw that the three of them were being besieged by those ferocious beasts, she didn’t help.

Weak points? What were these ferocious beasts’ weak points?

Lin Chengjin’s eyes flashed slightly as he locked his gaze on one of the ferocious beasts. He had a sudden idea, jumped up, and sat right on the back of the beast’s back. No matter how hard the beast hit or shook, he clamped his legs tightly. He drew his sword and stabbed the beast in the head.



When the sword sliced through, wailing screams pierced the dense breath in the air and echoed in their ears for a long time.

Blood sprayed as he drew his sword. The beast tumbled forward, twitching on the ground until its body stiffened and died.

Seeing this, Mu Ling and Pei Zixuan also attacked the spot above the beasts’ heads. Not long after that, several ferocious beasts died and others fled. When the crisis was over, the three of them took a deep breath, surveyed the dead ferocious beasts on the ground and put their swords away.

Those few disciples were stunned as they watched this scene. When they came to their senses, they quickly said, “Thank you, Senior Brother Mu, Senior Brother Pei, and Senior Brother Lin, for saving us.”

Their eyes flickered as they heard this. “Do you recognize us?”

“We are also disciples of the Blue Star Immortal Sect, so we know the three senior brothers.” Several disciples responded. They looked down at their blood-stained robes, the original colour no longer visible, and all they could do was cry as they remembered this journey where they had narrowly avoided death.

When they noticed several disciples in front of them crying silently, the three of them were taken aback. “What are you doing?” It’s normal for female disciples to cry, but why were these male disciples also tearing up?

“Senior Brother, there were twelve people in our team. Now only a few of us are still alive, and the rest have died at the hands of ferocious beasts.”

They choked up as they looked at the three people in front of them. “We lost our teleportation jade tokens while we were in a haste to escape. We’re trapped here and can’t leave until the time for gaining experience has ended, but with all the powerful ferocious beasts around, we’re worried we won’t make it.”


The three of them frowned after hearing this. They didn’t have their teleportation jade tokens? That was very troublesome. The three people stared at Feng Jiu on the tree for a while, as if asking it for advice on how to handle the situation.

When she met their gaze, Feng Jiu took out the wine gourd and drank wine, her expression slightly languid. “Why are you staring at me? I can’t get out either.”

After hearing this, the three men thought it over and then told the disciple, “Sit down and get some rest first. Treat your wound quickly and let us figure out a way to solve this problem.”

“Alright, we listen to you, Senior Brothers.” They replied. They treated their wounds and bandaged them, sat and rested under the tree, and occasionally looked up at Mu Ling and the other two as well as the strange young man on the tree.

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