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Chapter 3269 - 3269 Worry

3269 Worry

Xuanyuan Mo Ze glanced at her before moving his gaze to the sleeping child in her arms. “Give him to me!” he said, looking at the sleeping Hao’er. “Go take a look at them and tend to their wounds.”

“Yes.” Leng Shuang replied, then handed the child to him and quickly went to where the others were.

When she arrived at the front, she noticed the Shao family were helping to remove dead bodies as well as cleaning inside the manor. She went over and talked to Patriarch Shao. “Patriarch Shao, tidying up this place isn’t a priority right now. Please return after removing those corpses!”

When Patriarch Shao heard this, he nodded. “All right. Miss Leng Shuang, are the others seriously injured? Ghost Doctor is not here. Should I call in two physicians to help?”

“I’ll look for you if that’s needed.” Leng Shuang finished her sentence and went to her brother’s courtyard.


At this time, Leng Hua was lying down in the room. Even though he took the medicinal pill, his wounds were so severe that he was unable to get out of bed for some time.

He was curious about what had happened to the others. The manor must have been in disarray right now, but he couldn’t do anything while lying here.

“Brother.” When Leng Shuang walked in and saw her younger brother lying on the bed with wounds, her heart was tense.

“Sister.” Leng Hua called weakly. “Where is the little master? What about the others? Are they all alright?”

“Don’t worry, the little master is fine. Gray Wolf and the others have been treated, but they are all severely injured.” Leng Shuang replied as she helped clean his wounds.

“Let me bandage the wound for you first.” She took out the medication, bandaged all of his wounds, and gave him another pill. “Take rest first. I’m going to help bandage their wounds.”

“Yes.” Leng Hua replied. Because of his severe injuries, he became gradually drowsy. He closed his eyes and went to sleep.

When Leng Shuang saw this, she covered him with a blanket and then rushed to treat the others’ wounds and give them medication. She only went to the main courtyard after she had finished treating their injuries.

“h.e.l.l’s Lord, their wounds have been bandaged, and they have been given pills. No lives should be lost. However, they are all severely injured, and I’m worried that they won’t be able to leave bed for a while.”

She reported to Xuanyuan Mo Ze. However, he was contemplating something while holding Hao’er. She waited for a very long time before receiving his response. Finally, after a long time, she heard him ask, “What about Elder Mei?”

“Elder Mei is in a coma and he hasn’t woken up yet.”

“Take a look. Notify me when he is awake.” He instructed her and then took the child to the room.

Seeing him walk into the room with the child. Leng Shuang just stood there for a moment and then left. When the battle ended, the manor was in shambles. Now that the Shao family had all left, besides Green Dragon and Fire Phoenix, only the two gatekeeper beasts remained, sitting off to the side with their heads tucked.

Before her eyes, the once-beautiful manor was in shambles, and everyone inside was seriously injured except for her, h.e.l.l’s Lord, and the little master. She had no idea where her master and her people would arrive. She couldn’t help but worry at that moment.

She feared that those people would return. If they did, there would be another fierce battle, which they could no longer withstand…

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